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Guilherme Paulus: The Hotelier Guru

Guilherme Paulus is a well-known Brazilin businessman. He has nurtured the dream from his childhood memory. Guilherme was offered a deal at CVC by Mr. Cerchiari who had the idea of bringing tourism to Brazil. He was in charge of the tour company (CVC).

A Recap of the Interview

The brain behind CVC was Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Paulus says that he met him while he was on a ship trip and they conversed about Mr. Cerchiari desire to come up with a tourist Agency in Santo Andre. During that period, Guilherme was still young and could not afford to start such an investment, and so Mr. Cerchiari suggested a project, which later on led to the initiation of the project.

During an interview, Guilherme Paulus says that his day to day routine includes writing the week’s schedule. The habit makes him more fruitful, work and brings in a state of being orderly. The rate at which technology is used, has enabled Paulus to act as fast as possible to clients’ needs and bring into market the goods that are trending.

Guilherme Paulus advices people who are still amateurs in business is always to heed the elder’s advice and be willing to perceive more. According to him, any person who desires to make their dreams come true, loving what you do should come first, work hard to attain what you want and be keen to what your clients are comfortable.

To grow in business, Guilherme says that for a case of him, he not only focuses on international tourism but also domestic tourism. Visiting other companies, talking to the customers and also knowing the needs of his employees.

The exchange of employees within companies has also helped in the growth of the business says Mr. Guilherme Paulus as different institutions do things differently, and as they mingle, it is possible to acquire new ideas.

During the interview, a Guilherme Paulus’ piece of advice to people is to use Google. Google happens to be software that offers a solution to everything. He says that CVC was the first organization to install Google terminals. He has always been keen to bring technology to his company.

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Why Peter Briger is a billionaire with a golden heart

Currently one of the billionaires on Forbes list and a principal at Fortress, Peter Briger is an individual who the world has watched rise from a place of humble beginnings to a place that most dream of every day. His success can be attributed to the stable foundation that his education helped set for him and a little push from his mentors. This is perhaps why he always goes out of his way to help budding entrepreneurs through the Princeton entrepreneurship program, a charitable initiative which he, together with two other alumni of the facility helped form a few years ago.

About the Princeton entrepreneurship program

Through this program, Peter Briger and the other two associates go out of their way to help young entrepreneurs who graduate from Princeton and who have impressive business ideas but lack the funds to make them a reality. For one to qualify, he/she must have graduated from Princeton within the last five years. Depending on their startup ideas, those who are eligible get funds of up to $100,000. Besides being funded, the qualifiers also benefit from one on one mentorship programs organized by Briger and his other associate. Since its inception, the third associate has always insisted on being anonymous. Check out to learn more about Peter Briger.

Other charities that Mr. Briger supports

As noted, Peter Briger always goes the extra mile for his community, which is why besides the Princeton Entrepreneurship program, he also supports a string of other charitable programs. For instance, he is part of Silicon Valley leadership council’s global fund for children, a platform created with the primary aim of bettering the lives of kids who hail from disadvantaged backgrounds. He also donated to the Central Park Conservancy management team to facilitate the conservation of the park. Peter also serves as a board member at Tipping point, a non-profit organization known for offering assistance to low-income households.

A glance at his academic profile

As noted, Peter Briger is an alumnus of Princeton University which is where he pursued his BA. He also holds an MBA from the University of Penn’s school of business. Mr. Briger has been in the finance arena for over two decades now. He kickstarted his career in this realm at Goldman Sachs where he worked for 15 years, before moving to Fortress in 2002, where he has been serving as principal since then.

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Wes Edens, a financial expert, a successful businessman and a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is an American national. Wesley was welcomed into the world in 1961, October 30th. Many people recognise him as a family man. He is married to one wife and has four lovely children. His youngest daughter is called Mallory. He likes to emulate the dad especially in the field of business. Wes Edens resides in New York together with his family.

Academic wise, Edens is well educated as his qualifications speak for him. He joined the University of Oregon. He enrolled, pursued and graduated with a bachelor’s of Science in Finance and business administration. Wes Edens graduated in 1984. After finalising his University studies, he never immediately searched for a job vacancy. Three years later, he chose to start his career. He was fortunate to land a job at Lehman Brothers firm in 1987.

He served at Lehman brother’s organisation for seven years. He worked as a managing director and partner. He held the positions till the year 1993. Edens quit Lehman brothers and joined BlackRock’s. At this moment, the firm was still a private entity. He offered the same services at BlackRock’s. He was made the managing director and a partner of the firm.

After three years at the firm, he decided to quit and pursue something different. Wes Edens career has been faced with several milestones. The two companies gave Wes Edens the necessary experience that he needed to thrive in the financial industry. While still working for the two institutions, Wes got the opportunity to meet and mingle with his senior financial experts in the industry. These social interactions served as a bonus to him. He got to understand how the market functions. This was enough to give him the confidence he needed to face the milestone that was ahead of him. To know more about him click here.

He joined Fortress Investment Group in March 2002. Since then, he has been involved in most of the Organisations success. Edens was the brains behind the purchase Springleaf shares back in August 2010. He bought the shares for $125 million. This greatly assisted the Fortress Investment group to be the major shareholder of the corporate services.

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Shiraz Boghani Among The Visionary Persons In The World

Shiraz Boghani is a Kenyan born who has been living in United Kingdom. He was born in 1969. His accounting profession has landed him the top most work at Thomas McLintock & Co now referred to as KPMG. Shiraz Boghani is one of the few individuals in the world who have managed to grip on the future despite a lot of individuals having struggles to do so.

Shiraz Boghani’s current positions in a few firms has helped him acquired vast experience in management. These positions also have enabled him convey a lot of sanity to those benefiting from his leadership. Find out more about Shiraz Boghani at Bloomberg.

Shiraz Boghani is the managing partner and the director of The Splendid Hotels. He is also the co-initiator and the chairperson of the Sojourn Hotels LLP. He has been in the Hotel industry for many years. Despite realizing a lot of achievements in this industry, he has also witnessed a lot of challenges that this sector encounters. He supervises business portfolios and deals that over the years have proven to be successful. These deals have not only benefited Sojourn Hotels but also the companies where he serves as the manager, director and partner has benefited.

Shiraz Boghani also partners Sussex Health care Limited together with other well-known persons. Across Europe and in England he enjoys a good collateral rapport with several individuals. Most of the firms and persons he affiliates with include Splendid Hotels, Sojourn Hotels and Sussex Health Care. These associations clearly describe the major reason why he is a famous investor and a hotelier in England and Europe at large.

Wins Awards

Shiraz Boghani’s efforts in ensuring that the hotel sector remains a thriving business in Europe have been perceived wide and far in different parts of the world. He was awarded the Asian Business Honor In 2016 in ensuring that the hospitality sector remains strong. The aim for this admired award in the hotel arena was due to his leadership skills and the willingness and ability to bid the firm’s visitor as expected. Due his generosity, he participates in various philanthropic activities across the United Kingdom. The Aga Khan Foundation is among many charitable institutions that have profited from his contributions.




How Anil Chaturvedi Became a Seasoned Banker

Anil Chaturvedi is a proficient banker and the present Managing Director at the Hinduja Bank, Switzerland. The Hinduja Bank is a private bank. Anil graduated from the University of Meerut in India with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. In 1973, Anil graduated from the Delhi University with a Master’s in Business Administration. He later started working at the State Bank of India where he was a branch manager. Anil later moved to North America where he worked at ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York as the Vice President and Chief Representative for the United States processes.

Anil has four years of experience working as a professional banker. This made him gain proficiency from the prominent international banks. He is handling cross-border trades that are going on in India and the European Union, thanks to his experience. Anil has an experience in both commercial and private banking as well as investment banking.

For individuals who seek to invest in the banking industry, Anil is utilizing his inspiration in the banking sector to support a better working prospect. Anil is famous for focusing on banking transactions like private banking, corporate advisory business, and banking for commercial purposes. Before working for Hinduja Bank, Anil worked with various other financial institutions. The longest that he has served in his banking career was at the Merrill Lynch Bank, where he served for 18 years.

Anil has proudly transformed the banking sectors of various countries in different continents. He is also responsible for the growth of corporate advisories that guided corporates and businesses to create a robust coalition and partnership with one another. Companies that involved in mergers and acquisitions also greatly benefited from the banking style he introduced.

At Hinduja Bank, Anil led the bank’s initiative to concentrate in the Middle East and the South Asian markets. Anil contributes his international and Wall Street knowledge to the group which has resulted in the firm’s extraordinary progress. Anil has worked in many banks culturing beneficial ideas from topmost financiers. He is a famous professional banker experienced in investments and businesses industry due to his broad exposure to the banking industry.

William Saito Relies On His Vast Experience To Navigate Startup Turmoil

With the type of experience that William Saito has accrued, it is no wonder why he has been able to serve as an adviser to so many different companies and businesses. He got his start at a very young age and began his very own computer security company when he was only in junior high school.

His authentication technology would prove to be popular enough to be adopted by Microsoft and was incorporated into future Windows releases. William Saito has since worked with a number of different companies in an advisory capacity and offered key IT support to the National Diet committee in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.


From there, he also developed a relationship with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and advised him on cyber security related issues. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology have also sought out his advice.

Saito has contributed to the technical task force that was established for the 2020 Summer Olympics as well. All of this experience has provided Saito with a unique and interesting perspective regarding startups in Japan. With the financial turmoil that takes place in Japan, it can be tough to get a startup off the ground.


Since Japan lacks a strong foundation for their startup culture, there are many who find themselves nervous about investing. The culture has yet to progress to a place where startups can be launched with relative ease. This is where visionary thinkers like William Saito come into play.

The time has come for Japan to create their own Google or their own Facebook. The fact that such a thing does not exist yet does not deter Saito. He is able to go back to his days as a teenager who was attempting to find his own way as a means of providing advice to those who wish to navigate modern day turmoil.

He believes that corporations are allowing their fear of failure to dictate their decision making processes and that is what causes the turmoil to worsen. Japan’s current climate does not help matters because of the rampant deflation that is taking place. In Saito’s estimation, there is a direct correlation between the amount of money that a company spends on socialization and their stock price.

Japanese companies often communicate best at the bar over beers. With a greater emphasis on open communication and a more open minded approach regarding investments in companies that have experienced past failures, he believes that startups can easily overcome any turmoil placed in front of them. With the amount of experience that Saito has collected over the years, it would be foolish to ignore the insights that he has to offer.


The Value Of Architecture As Advocated By The American Institute Of Architects

Over the history timeline, AIA has developed and grown to be an institute to be emulated by every architect all over the world. The institute was founded by only 13 architects in 1857 that had a vision of enhancing the value of architecture over the world. It is amazing how the membership of the institute has grown to more than 90,000 strong and active members. It has its headquarters in Washington DC and has expanded to other countries globally with over 260 branches. The man behind this grown is none other than AIA EVP and CEO Robert Ivy.

Architect Robert Ivy was born and grew in Columbus, Mississippi and later obtained his Bachelor of Arts in English at Sewanee University and later joined Tulane University where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Architecture. Before joining American Institute of Architects, as the CEO in 2011, he served the McGraw-Hill Construction from 1996 to 2010 as the Vice President, Editorial Director and also an Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. In this job, he was privileged to oversee 33 publications in both print and digital editions. He has been applauded as the best person who has made architecture more accessible to the public in Mississippi and hence he has received various rewards from different institutions and organizations.

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When at Architectural Record, the company became so much widely known and popular because of the architectural journal it produced globally. This made him receive numerous Awards like National Magazine Award for general excellence. Some time ago, in 2010, he was honored by Alpha Rho Chi which is the national architecture fraternity as Master Architect. He was honored because of his effective communication on the value of designs. Recently in 2017, he was awarded the Dean’s Medal from the School of Architecture at the University Of Arkansas Fay Jones.

The heroic Robert Ivy was also recognized and awarded by Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) with the Noel Pork Lifetime Achievement Award in April 2018. In 2009 he received Crain Award for his great contributions to business media. In his contribution to the AIA, he has ensured that the institute follows their ethical standards which include compliance to antitrust, credit attribution, code of ethics, terms, and conditions set and following the bylaws. The institute continues to advocate for the value of architecture by giving the necessary resources to architects. They uphold their values like diversity, equity, inclusion, infrastructure, climate change, health conditions and sustainability

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Incredible Entrepreneurial Prowess of Sheldon Lavin

Success in business is not that easy, but calls for a lot of dedication and passion in order to make it. It is such passion and dedication that has seen Sheldon Lavin succeed over and beyond his peers. He has proven his critics wrong with impressive success in all that he does. It is for this reason that he remains a great mentor for young people, who look up to his success. Sheldon Lavin has taken leadership roles throughout his career life, where many have benefited from his impressive leadership skills.

Sheldon Lavin started off his career as an entrepreneur and a banking executive. It was then that he formed a consulting firm, where he would offer sound financial advice. These many years of consulting ensured that he gained a lot of experience, which has seen him excel at positions assumed later on. Sheldon was requested by OSI Group to take up an ownership position, where he could offer financial support to the company. Even if he was interested in his engagement as a consultant, Sheldon agreed to take up the position of CEO with OSI Group.

OSI Group is a company that supplies meat. Sheldon’s input to this company was immense, especially as he was able to help them expand internationally. He literally took the company to another level. His great leadership skills saw him take advantage of opportunities to the companies benefit. It was through him that the company was transformed from just a simple burger supplier into a respectable worldwide food products supplier. These supplies were to various retail brands as well as foodservices. McDonalds has gained amazing reputation in America and worldwide, with everyone walking in for a quick meal, thanks to the effort of Sheldon Lavin.

The entrepreneurial successes of Sheldon have seen him being awarded various awards. He has received an award for community involvement, business production, his integrity, and much more. Sheldon received the Global Visionary Award because of his strength and passion as an entrepreneur. He also believes in giving back to the society, especially considering how his life is blessed. He actively supports and takes part in Ronald McDonald House, where he has been able to assist many families leave the streets. It is acts like these that make Sheldon a real role model to many. People not only gain from his entrepreneurial skills, but also from his philanthropic deeds.

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The Avid Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a lettered man. He is an alumnus of the University of Michigan. He attained his Juris Doctor from the Michigan University School of Law. Lefkofsky is married to Liz with whom he coordinates in the majority of his projects. He has a passion for getting the antidote or cure for Cancer. Lefkofsky has put numerous measures in place to ensure that his dream materializes. Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus which is a technology company that is mandated with the development of the software of the operating system that is a boon is battling cancer. Lefkofsky partnered with other individuals and came up with Lightbank Company which is a venture that is involved in disruptive technologies.

Lefkofsky co-founded Uptake Technologies which is charged with undertaking predictive analytics for the leading industries in the globe such as Mediaocean, ECHO Global Logistics, and Inner Workings Lefkofsky initiated the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which charitably helps in advancing the high-impact initiatives by spreading love in the respective communities. Lefkofky is a Chairman of the Board of Trustee of the Steppenwolf Theatre of Chicago. Lefkofky is an adjunct professor attached to Chicago University. Lefkofsky has authored Accelerated Disruption.

The milestones undertaken by Eric Lefkofsky in the development of the operating system software that helps in cancer screening has exacerbated the discovery of noble concepts that help fill the missing links as to what causes cancer. Tempus has become a vital company that has taken a critical role of delving deep into the research realms in order to shed light on the causative elements of lung cancer. The research conducted by Dr. Yafang Li on the gene-smoking links brought a good deal of insight into the lung cancer case. The universal notion that only tobacco smokers are more likely to contract lung cancer was superimposed since tobacco nicotine serves as the prerequisite to lung cancer etiology.

There were three genes that were discovered to be the predisposing factor to the acquisition of lung cancer. Two polymorphs of single-nucleotides and one squamous cell lung cancer were established. They served as the lung cancer biomarkers that could be used for screening and intervention. The study was limited to the Caucasian population based on the smoking habits of individuals. The phenotype and genotype data were utilized in the analysis. The information obtained helps in classifying lung cancer according to the smoking habits. The team is aiming at expanding their test to other ethnic setups. The strategies put in place are bound to contribute monumentally in the struggle to combat cancer.