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Paul Mampilly Predicts Dow 50,000

Paul Mampilly is one of the most highly rated stock analysts on Wall Street. Paul, who has an MBA from Fordham University, began his career with Deutsche Bank. Paul’s twenty years of successful experience looking at stocks and forecasting their trajectories gives him nothing but credibility with investors. Mr. Mampilly has been a portfolio and fund manager to an impressive list of institutional clients. If you regularly watch television shows such as CNBC, Fox Business or Bloomberg television, you may have glimpsed his advice.

These days Paul Mampilly no longer works on Wall Street per se. He is now making his talents available to individual investors as the senior editor of Banyan Hill’s Profits Unlimited newsletter. Through the newsletter, Mr. Mampilly calls attention to stocks which are poised to shoot up in value due to anticipated developments in technology.

He intends to direct his readers to the next big thing. The next Amazon or Google is out there today according to Mr. Mampilly. He asserts this belief with confidence based on certain parallels between today and the early 80’s when the personal computer changed our lives. In that instance, it was the baby boom generation which embraced all the productivity enhancements which sprung from the PC. That is what propelled the Dow from 2,000 to well above 15,000 over a short period.

Nowadays it is the internet and the coming internet of things (IoT) which will lead the way according to Paul Mampilly. He predicts that the millennials will be the generation which will open up whole new industries in the IoT supply chain. Many of the businesses that will benefit are here already while others are about to be born over the next few years. Getting in early on the ground floor is the key. Paul Mampilly predicts the Dow will achieve levels above 50,000 in the next couple of decades. With that objective, Banyan Hill’s “Profits Unlimited” newsletter is a resource which can be of great benefit to investors who are seeking long-term growth.

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Lori Senecal’s Journey of Success

Lori Senecal is a higher achiever, and the combination of a robust personality, diligence, and dedication to succeeding in every project she commits herself to undertake have made her a world admirable leader. Her skills and knowledge in marketing and advertising are incredibly remarkable. Years of experience in the industry coupled with extemporary talents have made her an icon when it comes to developing ground-breaking advertising techniques. Among the most notable characters of Lori Senecal that she acquired over the years is never to settle in her comfort zones. She is an ambitious woman who settles for nothing less than the best, and she is always pushing to go beyond the limits. Aiming for higher has always been the main ingredient that fuels her passion for success.

Her journey of success has inspired many and have helped her become the current CEO of the Crispin Porter + Bogusky, a global agency that serves well reputable and recognised companies such as PayPal. Besides her expertise in advertisements, she is also an accomplished management specialist. Her speciality in the advertising industry is the creative use technology and invention of a wide array of products on the international arena. In fact, she is the pioneer of the innovative use of technology in advertisements. Check out for more.


Since she Joined Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the company’s business and culture have benefited immensely from her resourceful inputs. Her transformational leadership and many years of experience have helped her spur growth to the agency. She has transformed CP + B into a highly reputable modern and international company that integrates dynamism and corporation. Among Lori Senecal’s contributions is introducing a leadership that embraces creativity, taps and integrates talent across various disciplines and geographical boundaries as an integral part of the company’s growth. You can visit to know more.


Lori’s Journey to success started at a very tender age. It was nurtured by family values that included setting the bar high for oneself as well as upholding the highest level of integrity and honesty in all her undertaking. As she was growing up in Montreal, Lori Senecal already knew what she wanted in life, and even before graduating from McGill University, excellence was part and parcel of her livelihood. This is clearly evidenced by the chain of accomplishments she leaves in every company she finds herself working. For more you can check out their website



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Paul Mampilly Compares The State Of Cryptocurrency To The 1999 Tech Market

Tech stocks may be some of the most powerful on the market today, yet author Paul Mampilly recalls when they were going through troubled times back in 2000. The tech bubble, or dot-com crash as it was also called wiped out many companies and nearly even took down today’s most powerful e-commerce store, Amazon. It happened because people invested in tech companies and their stocks grew a little too popular too quick. Mampilly says now a similar thing is happening with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Paul Mampilly wrote in one article that he believes cryptocurrency is a good concept and that at some point it will have a good future in the mainstream. But it’s become too high in demand right now at a time the economy isn’t ready for it, and as a result its prices which reached record highs in 2017 are coming down in 2018. Mampilly says Bitcoin has to hit a bottom pretty far down before it can recover and become stable again. He shares information on more stable digital currency investments in his newsletters at Banyan Hill, a financial digital publication website.

Paul Mampilly moved into writing investment blogs and email newsletters after deciding to leave his old life on Wall Street. Holding a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from Montclair State University and an MBA from Fordham, Paul  Mampilly has worked for some of the world’s top banks and advised millionaire and billionaire clients while doing so. He was featured in Barron’s magazine in 2006 when he joined Kinetics International Fund, a big Wall Street hedge fund that he grew from $6 billion to $25 billion in AUM. Mampilly often shared his insights with analysts on CNBC and the Fox Business Network, and he bought stocks that he sold for huge profit after they hit high levels including Olympus Corporation, CEMEX, Facebook, and Sarepta Therapeutics which gained over 1,000℅ in a very short time.

Paul Mampilly didn’t like working long hours as a hedge fund manager, so he stopped working for big name executives and decided to work for himself. He realized with his newsletters he could show people who knew very little about buying stocks how to get into the market without making large of investments. What he does is offer a close-up look at his portfolio and other tips for stock picking. Mampilly spends more time now with his family such as going to school events, youth sports and going on vacation.


The Fortress Investment Group entails of investment management, and it was created in 1998 by Wesley R. Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. It experienced continuous growth and eventually in 2007, it started trading publicly in the New York Stock exchange, becoming the first significant private organization to do so. It currently has assets worth $43 billion for nearly 2000 private investors, permanent capital vehicles, and hedge funds. Peter Briger who is an alumnus of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and Princeton University, joined the group in 2002. He came in alongside his former accomplice and former Goldman Sachs’ member, Michael Novogratz who worked there as a Fund Manager. He, however, left Fortress in 2015 to pursue other interests. It was from this group that he got most of his wealth from.

This happened after the company sold their shares to Soft Bank, a Japanese multinational, for $8.08 a share, all amounting to $3.3 billion. Peter Briger is the current President, Principal, and Head of Credit and Real Estate Business in the group. Peter started off as a director for the group back in 2006 and was later appointed as the Co-chairman of the board in 2009. He has also was at Goldman Sachs & Co. for 15 years which is what led to him joining the Fortress Investment Group. He is currently number 317 in the Forbes list which gauged his wealth at 1.5 billion dollars. Fortress Investment Group has experienced significant growth for the past two decades. Between 2006 and 2007, the group acquired the largest ski resort in North America, Intrawest, which is a Canadian Company. Other purchases it made were Penn National Gaming, RailAmerica, and Florida East Coast Industries.

Fortress Investment Group sought to create US’s first Bitcoin regulated exchange which Peter Briger was the one who headlined this project. Peter Briger explained that Bitcoin was a new way to make transactions online safely and securely which was also simple. He stated that Wells Fargo would be inclusive of the pursuit of the Bitcoin project since this new form of currency was capable of challenging the already existing payment methods. He said that both Wells Fargo and Fortress Investment had the capability of providing America with a regulated exchange for Bitcoin. This project didn’t stop Wall Street from going forward with their intentions of using Bitcoin as a mode of currency exchange.

Vijay Eswaran – A Globally Known Entrepreneur And Author

Vijay Eswaran, a well-known entrepreneur, was born in Penang, Malaysia. He founded a direct sales company, the QI Group of Companies, where he is currently the Executive Chairman and has affiliates in thirty countries. QI manages investments in education, hospitality, retail and real estate and employs 1500 people. Its headquarters is in Hong Kong, where Vijay lives. His company thrives on high values and ethics.

Even though Asia was in the middle of a serious economic crisis, Vijay was able to build a prominent, growing company. The key to his success is his personal philosophy of keeping a positive attitude, even though the world around you may be falling apart. He did this by:

  1. Accepting failure as part of growing
  2. A clear plan for achieving success
  3. Pushing through obstacles encountered
  4. Staying motivated in every aspect of the business
  5. Having an “anyone can be successful” attitude

His personal philosophy spilled over into his business philosophy, which also made him successful globally.

Vijay is not only a great businessman, but a giving man. He gives ten percent of the company’s profits to charities. He founded the RHYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundation in 2005, that helps children with special needs in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Also, a school was created for Malaysian children who have learning disabilities.

Along with his business capabilities, he is an author of several books. He feels his greatest gift is his motivational talks. He mentors other entrepreneurs and provides motivational training for thousands who attend his seminars. His books include business tips, developing personally¸ managing life and being a great leader. He also loves to read books. In a Forbes tweet he said, “When I read a book, it allows me to walk into another person’s mind.” He feels that reading is a luxury.

In recognition of his accomplishments, he has received countless awards for business and is in the top fifty of Asia’s contributors to charities. Vijay Eswaran is a humble man and loves people. With his positive and giving attitude, his successes will continue for years to come.

Write About Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone, Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is one of the most successful business ventures related to alternative asset management. At the core of its success lies his co-founder, interim CEO, and director, Randal Alan Nardone who has been part of the management committee of the company from 1998 when it was found, and by 2006, he had already made it to the board of directors. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, a position which he has maintained since August 2003.Randal Nardone studied law from the Boston University School of Law and got his Doctor of Jurisprudence. He also holds a bachelor from the University of Connecticut, where he majored in Arts in English and Biology.

Apart from being the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, LLC, he is also among the board members of various institutions. He is the president of NCs 1 Lic. He is both chairman and president of Springleaf Financial Holdings, LLC. He also plays board and advisory roles in New Residential Investment Corp, in the executive management. Brookdale Senior Living also has Mr. Nardone as their director. Randal Nardone also holds other positions in various companies.Before co-founding Fortress Investment Group, he was well versed in the financial industry where he offered advice to his clients and other firms at large. After obtaining his J.D, he worked for several companies as a lawyer. He worked as a principal at BlackRock and was among the members of the executive committee. He also worked as a managing director at UBS for a year in 1997 before finding his own company with Wes Edens and others as his partners.

His experience in both the legal and financial sector enabled Fortress Investment Plan to achieve great recognition in the industry.With years of experience and exposure, Randal Nardone managed to earn himself a spot in the Forbes Billionaires list. At the age of 51 years and a net worth of over 1.8 billion dollars, mainly made from Fortress Investment Group, Mr. Nardone is ranked as number 557 billionaire worldwide. He was able to make it to a billionaire through the joined efforts of his partners and with a public offering. Randal Nardone has more than two million shares in the stock markets.Employees of the company find it as an opportunity and gateway to growing their careers and social life.

Jose Hawilla & What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

In an article by on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, it is made very clear that above all, it takes hard work. There are no shortcuts to success in the business industry and, many people have to find that out the hard way. In addition to that, many business professionals are too stubborn to learn new information that will be beneficial to their overall success in the business industry. Nonetheless, business professionals should look towards the career of José Hawilla as a way of learning how to be a successful entrepreneur. Throughout his career, José Hawilla has proven time and again that business means business. According to many sources, José Hawilla is known as one of the hardest working entrepreneurs in the entire industry. Having said that, José Hawilla will be the first one to say that succeeding in business does not come without its trials and tribulations. In many ways, no matter what industry, the best way to learn is by trial and error. With a mindset like that of José Hawilla, many professionals can have a quick rise to the top of their field. Having said that, here are some of the ways José Hawilla has been a successful entrepreneur. Check out



José Hawilla & His Successful Ways In The Business Industry


Among many things, José Hawilla achieved success as an entrepreneur by being personally driven. Put simply, without motivation, no one will stick around in any field. it takes a will to want to succeed in order to actually succeed. In addition to that, Hawilla has been successful by working in the right environment. What good does it do if the environment of a business professional is not suited for them? In other words, as a business professional, there needs to be planning for change at any time. This leads to the next tactic, preparation, and planning. Perhaps above every other way, José Hawilla has benefited from his excellent planning and preparation habits. For more details visit LinkedIn.


José Hawilla knows more than anybody that it takes being prepared for any situation, to get the upper hand in that situation. Overall, these are some of the reasons why José Hawilla has been able to succeed for so long.




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Louis Chenevert: The CEO and the Chairman of United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is the CEO and the chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He was elected the chairman in 2010 and as the CEO and the president in 2008. Before joining the UTC, he had served as the director, COO and the president of United Technologies. Previously, he was the president of Pratt and Whitney. In 1993 before joining Pratt & Whitney, he spent 14 years working for General Motors as the general production manager at St Therese Operation General motors.

Louis Chenevert studied at Montreal University where he earned a degree in Bachelor of Commerce in Production Management. In 2011, he earned an Honorary Doctorate from Montreal University. He is the Montreal International Advisory Chairman and also the chairman and the founding director of Friend of HEC.

His idea of UTC was brought up by a small team of executives in a small group who had a profound understanding of clients’ needs and hunger to deliver quality products. Louis brought many ideas to the company. For example, he introduced a GTF engine that was game-changing as it would reduce fuel burn by 20%, reduce noise by 50% and reduce some parts by 30%. This contributed to very lower cost all through its life cycle. He developed new x2 machinery at Sikorsky that would increase the speed and adjust the noise signature of a helicopter.

Louis used to bring ideas by focusing on engineering and operational talents which are essential for delivering concepts that produce results that gather revenue and exceeds the expectations of the clients. He focused on preserving an effective leadership team which was provided with autonomy, funds, and tools to achieve game-changing products. It could also be followed by an intense review to make sure the main objectives were achieved. Some of the habit that made Louis Chenevert productive as a businessman is a restless follow-up, being optimistic and passionate, tremendous focus, investing his time on pushing agendas, providing operational executives with everything they need and ignoring internal politics. All these practices have played vital roles in his professional and personal success. Louis focuses on thinking big and eliminating roadblocks.

Jordan Lindsey’s Role in the Trading of Digital Currency

Jordan Lindsey has made some big moves in both Forex and cryptocurrency over the past few years. He founded the wildly successful JCL Capital more than a decade ago in 2005, and is also the founder of some other companies within the industries of both technology and financial services. As a child who grew up in New York, the young Jordan Lindsey was quite interested in sports. His competitive spirit eventually evolved into an entrepreneurial spirit, which led him to the conclusion that he wanted to leave a positive impact on his surroundings. Growing a successful business, he concluded, was the best way for him to reach this goal.

Within the world of algo trading, Jordan Lindsey is an established veteran with years of experience. Impressively, he taught himself computer programming from scratch, and eventually turned that set of skills into career success through working as a systems architecture designer. Mr. Lindsey chose to move from his home in New York to the other side of the country after discovering that he had a great love for San Francisco because of the city’s culture, which encouraged entrepreneurship, appreciation of art and sharing ideas. He was previously a student at both Mount Angel Seminary an St. Joseph’s College.

One of Jordan Lindsey’s more recent accomplishments is that he has complete his work with the development of a special trading algorithm for the foreign exchange markets. He designed this algorithm to attack a very specific problem that many traders of both forex and digital currency face. The problem the algorithm solves is the fact that many traders struggle with separating their emotions from their trading. This can have some very negative impacts, such as selling out of their positions too early in reaction to a slight fluctuation in a currency’s price. Trading based on Mr. Lindsey’s algorithm is a solid solution to the issue of removing emotion from the trading experience for greater profits.

Adam Milstein Writes His Convictions Conclusively

A man involved in as many things as Adam Milstein still finds time to write. His writings are of course in support of his life’s goal and hope. He wants his home in Israel to be free from political oppression and turmoil.

In his most recent article published in the Jewish News Syndicate, Adam Milstein makes a very strong case for a seemingly irrational alliance of ideals and political affiliations. The premise of his article is that radical left organizations in the United States and Europe have mistakenly aligned themselves with terrorists by painting all Islamists with a broad brush.

The rush to blame Trump for all the ills in the United States and the world has engendered a desire for otherwise “good” movements that espouse women’s rights and the equality of the voting poor to promote speakers who have a known terrorist history according to Adam Milstein.

The often unrealized alliance of radical left and radical Islam has promoted an anti-Semitic leaning in groups that fervently espouse the rights of all races, sexes, and beliefs. The feeling against Jews has led to banning Jewish people from participation in protests, condemnations of Israel in publications, and an increase in publication of Neo-Nazi rhetoric.

Adam Milstein would not be a man to be silent in the face of this threat to Jews and Israel. He has been named as one of the most influential Jews in the world. This credential was earned from his business career, his philanthropic work, and his regular social network activity.

Adam Milstein is a Jew and very proud of having lived in Israel and served in the IDF defending his country. His brand of Zionism is a unique form of radical anti-hate. He used his own financial success in the real estate business, Hager Pacific Properties, to create a charitable foundation that contributes to a number of causes that support Israel and Jews.

The mission that Adam Milstein has designed for himself is to create a passion and affinity with Israel and all things Jewish in young people. Many of the young Jewish people in the U. S. have somewhat lost touch with their homeland and culture. The programs that he has developed are aimed at rekindling the idea of what being a Jew means in the generations that are to come.