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Brian Bonar Brings Together The Right Ingredients For Success At Bellamy Restaurant

An article from Modern Luxury says that Brian Bonar, the founder, current President, CEO, CFO and secretary of Trucept Inc., has expertise at architectural design and space planning as well as a passion for leading high-performing teams to excellence. This passion can be seen in his transformation of Bellamy’s Restaurant in Escondido.

The Ranch at Bandy Canyon grows fresh ingredients used in creating the chef designed meals and exquisite dishes being served there. The Ranch also offers event space that will be transformed into a French dining destination. Of course, his team for this venture features an outstanding Master French Chef, Patrick Ponsaty who has been given the freedom he desires to create exquisite menus and collaborates on all aspects of the new restaurant.

Brian Bonar put the day to day tasks of the operations of Bandy Canyon in the hands of Gianina Pickens, his step-daughter. An article in Modern Luxury tells readers what to expect on the menu. A new restaurant named Ponsaty’s is to open in June and will also reflect the Chef’s culinary experience and cooking style that has helped to turn his students into world class French chefs as well.

Throughout his career, Brian Bonar has proven an exceptional ability to spot and nurture talent and he has been a dedicated fan of Chef Ponsaty. The wisdom of this investment can be understood completely when one considers not only the flavorful culinary creations but also the former establishments that offered the public a taste of what Chef Ponsaty creates.

Those establishments includes Coronada Bay Resorts, La Bastide, and Bernard’O to name a few. He is also the former chef at El Bizcocho at Rancho Barnardo Inn and under his tutelage, his student Gavin Kaysen ranked third overall in the world in the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry in Paris.

At Bellamy’s, the ambient, relaxed family atmosphere is combined with an upscale dining experience. You can also experience Chef Ponsaty’s tender calami steak served over squid ink risotto, lamb or any of the French cuisine that is prepared in a style that is distinctly his own.

Brian’s career includes providing the talent for the financial and other industries to run their businesses and improve their sales and business processes. In addition to his current positions with Trucept, Brian Bonar is also the founder of Ams Outsourcing, chairman of Greenland Corporation, chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation and Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc.

Trucep operates the Solvis nurse staffing brand in Michigan and California. Brian is sure to experience great success in his restaurant endeavors as well. Bellamy’s new interior has a mid century modern style with walnut tables, smoked mirrors, oversized booths and a newly designed bar and dining room. The best ingredient for success in this endeavor is, of course, the Chef.