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Real world results in using Wen by Chaz for the first time

For people with fine or slightly damaged hair looking to increase volume and reduce damage over time, Wen hair by Chaz may be the best solution. If you want your hair to have more shine, more luster, and great smoothness and volume, then daily routine applications of Wen is the right choice for you.
This is a quick summary of the following article on I used cleansing conditioner on my fine hair and here’s what happened.

In the linked author’s experience, she went through a one week trial of daily applications of Wen hair by Chaz Dean, she points out that the product requires a pretty large amount of product to be applied. She noted that she decided to apply the large amounts and that she blew dried her hair every night before she went to bed or went out with friends, ultimately she was very satisfied with the product although it had a slight learning curve, in real world testing and application the reader can see how a real person applied this famous and very effective product to their own hair and how well it actually worked.

Conclusively this sephora available product is a very effective product that does give great results to users with dry, thin, or damaged hair who are looking to improve the silkiness, volume, luster and shine of their hair in a relatively short period of time, results are noticeable, making WEN hair a proven and honest product. WEN Hair Care products are also available at

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Wengie YouTube Sensation

A recent article in Allure featured a story that is of interest to women as well as men. It stated that brushing one’s hair correctly causes hair growth. The story went on to state that a boar’s hair bristle brush would stimulate the scalp and cause the hair follicles to grow more rapidly. If true, this could cause a revolution for women and especially men who are prone to male pattern balding. Read the full article here. But before you rush out to buy boar’s hair bristle brushes, be aware they are pricey. Out of a sense of research, I found one selling for $230. at Nordstroms. Probably worth it.
There is one beauty expert who knows all the answers to our beauty and lifestyle questions; Wengie.
Wengie is a YouTube sensation. If you are one of the over 1 million viewers of her channel, you’ll know who Wengie is and can probably explain why she is popular. She has created her individual beauty channel on YouTube and her hard work, and creative sensibilities are shown off for her viewers. Her target audience is girls age 11-21. It’s a broad demographic and one advertisers covet. Wengie covers the broad gamut of struggles facing young people in this media-frenzied world. She is appealing in a quirky sort of way, not gorgeous but attractive, not voluptuous but thin and trim. Wengie represents the type of friend everyone from 8-80 wants to have. She is definitely not staid but not outrageous either. Wengie is Wengie.
The facts may offer clues about what lies beneath the persona of Wengie. Her given name is Wendy Ayche. Her parents were of Australian and Chinese descent, She is currently engaged, this year she turned thirty, she, previously, worked in marketing making six figures and has been putting together her channel for almost three years now. She is selective about accepting sponsors and usually holds out for the best offers. Wengie is, in fact, a third millennia successful business person. She is a brand.

Jon Urbana’s Official Blog Leaves Many Impressions

Jon Urbana is incredibly prolific when it comes to managing his official blog. Perhaps it is the competitive spirit that carried him through his lacrosse career contributes to his blogging success. Jon Urbana’s Official Blog delves into topics that are not limited to sports or entrepreneurism. Anyone who has not checked out his CrunchBase profile really should. A lot of interesting material appears on the site.

Urbana loves to post photo art and the brilliance is frequently found in the simplicity. “Fresh Yellow Lemons On Wood Table” is artwork that is appropriately titled. Sliced lemons sit in the foreground of the photo and on top of a dark wood table. The way the image is framed keeps things from being boring.

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Urbana’s Vimeo channel is a solid resource for artistic videos. A very short video (five seconds) entitled “Interplanetary & The Void. by Gab Ferneiné” is featured. The video is science-fiction themed and embodies quite a bit of surrealism. Viewers who look at his LinkedIn resume will recognize characters from pop culture, but the images disappear via melting in true surrealist fashion.

The photo image of “Indian Spices” is a lot more down-to-earth. The spices are ones used in cooking and they are laid out in such a way the photo rises to an appealing level of Jon’s artistry that even caught Bloomberg’s attention when they wrote a long bio piece on Urbana and the work he does for Earth Force while he runs a lacrosse camp every summer. Hanging a picture like this in a kitchen would truly enhance the style and décor a great deal, and folks at Yahoo Answers all seem to think so too.

Going back to videos, “Washing Station” is an upbeat and inspiring short film of someone watching a very friendly dog. Urbana said he drew inspiration for this from his lacrosse playing days with the Villanova team that almost made the NCAA finals. The dog has a look on its face that is a bit sad but, once the washing session is over, the canine’s disposition changes for the better. Anyone who has a love for pets is going to really enjoy watching this brief (less than one minute) video.

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If Jon Urbana’s blog leaves readers with one thing it will be the pangs of hunger. The photo “Fresh tomatoes with basil leaves in a bowl” definitely is capable of making people want to eat. The bowl of fresh, healthy tomatoes is mouth-watering. The meal is a really healthy one as well.

Using Beauty to the Best Advantage of YouTube

It is a common idea that appearances matter. Many people will judge someone on his or her appearance on some level. While, many people may lament that and sulk about it, there are some people who learn how to use this fact to their advantage. Many YouTube celebrities work to bring out their best look. In many cases, they look to others to tell them what looks best on them. However, there are few that get a feel for what works best on them. They know for sure what works for their body type and complexion and they go for it. This is not to say that they are not open to suggestions.

One YouTuber that is stylish is Wendy Huang, also known as Wengie. A Chinese Australian YouTuber who produces and releases videos on fashion and beauty. Among the aspects of fashion that she spends the most time talking about is make up. She talks to people about how to apply make up and remove it in many circumstances. However, one thing she advocates is everyone finding their own look. While she has decided on her current look all her own, she does get a lot of compliments from her fans.

Wengie has gone on interviews and has vlogged about her passion for beauty and how long she has had it. Wengie has always been passionate about beauty since she was a little child. Her passion came in spite of her mother who was more of a functional type of person who did not really care to put on any make up or change her clothes. Yet, Wengie still wanted to explore the world of fashion and beauty and bring out her best look for herself and other people. She especially likes exploring her own look.

For people who do not really feel their best, it could be helpful to explore different fashions in order to find a style. When one finds a look that she likes, then she will feel very good about herself. For some people, that is more important than getting validation from others on YouTube. Famous YouTubers that rely completely on others for validation may never truly find their own style or who they are. However, that may not necessarily be important to YouTubers. Either way, it is important for one to give off his best presentation on YouTube with confidence. Then maybe others will learn from them. and be inspired.