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Healthy Life Hacks


There are a few motivation and life hacks that Wengie uses on a regular basis. Some of these can help with your fitness goals if you’re trying to live healthier. One of the things that you might want to do is exercise more. However, you might be putting off your routine because you don’t have time or you simply don’t want to exercise during the day. Set out an exercise mat anywhere you watch television so that you can exercise while still watching your favorite movie or show. It could be anything from stretching to abdominal crunches.


When you’re running, you might get lost in your own thoughts and end up a long distance away from home. When you’re mind is distracted, you can often run farther with less effort. This has its advantages, which is why many people listen to music while they are running or walking so that they can extend their fitness goals without really thinking about them. You can also listen to audio books.


Try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine whenever possible so that you do it without thinking. Take the stairs instead of an elevator, or add a few brisk steps while you’re walking instead of taking a slow pace to get from the car to the front of the store. You can also sprint up and down a set of steps taking a walk instead of driving if the destination is within walking distance can burn calories without putting in a lot of effort and planning.

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Vlogger Wengie Breaks Down 11 Awesome Beauty Hacks

Beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Wengie, breaks down eleven beauty hacks in this video to really up your beauty game on a daily basis.


She starts off with her love of tea, a habit longtime viewers will be familiar with, and talks about how she will use a tea bag over and over again until no color comes out in the hot water. But how does tea factor into beauty, you might ask.


There is more than one way to implement tea into your beauty routine, the first of which involves making a toner out of green tea. By brewing a cup of green tea, pouring it into a spritz bottle and cooling it, you can make a refreshing green tea toner. Be sure not to keep it long though, as it has no preservatives.


The second use involves the used tea bags. After brewing a cup of tea, the tea bags can be chilled and then placed over your eyes for a refreshing and cooling mask to reduce puffiness.


Some things she says, such as making sure the wavy part of the bobby pin is facing downward, are fairly common knowledge now, but mostly the video contains her own personal hacks for her beauty routines.


Longtime viewers will also know that Wengie hates wasting cotton pads, and she lists several hacks to help cut down cotton pad waste, such as putting toner in a reusable spray bottle. She also constructs a reusable nail polish remover by cutting up a sponge and placing it in a glass jar with nail polish remover.


There are several hair hacks as well. Wengie demonstrates spritzing her natural bristle hairbrush with perfume. She also shares a hack of adding a few drops of oil, such as Moroccan or coconut oil, to her brush, which does double duty as a conditioner for both the brush and her hair.


The hacks are all very simple and easy, and almost all can be done with things that are already around the house.