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Premium Dog Food: Gourmet Pet Entrees Are Growing In Popularity

In the Freshpet factory, Richard Thompson slices into a piece of Chunky Chicken and Turkey that has just come off the assembly line. Thompson is the CEO of a small company that produces gourmet dog food. He is obsessive when it comes to delivering quality products to consumers. Only the freshest ingredients are used, and the food is without preservatives, which makes it especially appealing to pet owners.

The manufacturing chief of the company, Michael Hieger, also picks up a slice of the dog food and eats it–proving just how delicious the entree actually is. Hieger claims that the chicken and turkey combination has a taste that reminds him of Thanksgiving.

Freshpet, Inc. is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and at present, is the only company that produces refrigerated pet food. Freshpet is one of the fastest-growing companies in the $23.7 billion pet food industry. Other companies, like Purinastore, are also offering lines of dog food that focus on natural ingredients that are especially healthy for dogs. For example, Beneful from Purina has wet and dry dog foods that are ideal for helping boost the energy level of dogs and give them shiny coats. Beneful also offers snacks in flavors that dogs love, like bacon, beef and peanut butter.

Beneful, as well as other companies like Blue Buffalo and Freshpet, have been combining quality meats such as salmon and lamb into their dog food for quite some time. Now, traditional pet food manufacturers are stepping up their efforts in order to compete with natural companies that are striving to make pets healthier. For instance, Colgate-Palmolive has a dog food that is designed for pet weight loss. Purina even has a website that allows customers to customize the ingredients in their pet’s food.

The overall goal, for pet food manufacturers and pet owners, is to provide food that is completely beneficial for dogs. Since many pet owners are trying to eat better themselves, they want to extend healthy offering to their pets as well, and dog food companies are certainly getting the message.