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Where Did The Waterbed Go?

Waterbeds Were So Cool had a story on the disappearance of the waterbed. Everybody loved waterbeds. These beds were so cool. Adults liked them and kids liked them too. The 1980s were filled with the sales of waterbeds. The waterbed mattress sales had reached their peak in sales in the latter part of the ’80s.

The Waterbed Lost Its Steam
What actually happened to the cool waterbed that was once so loved? It was sudden when the waterbed lost its appeal and “cool.” The entire waterbed industry faded and dried up. There are very few waterbeds being sold in the 1990s. Most home furnishing retailers do not even sell the waterbed now. It has been several years since a waterbed deal has been closed for Jon Urbana and the few other retailers that will sell them. Where did the waterbed go?

The Waterbed Was A Status Symbol in The 1980s
The waterbed was an item that people were so eager to try. Sex was a good selling point for the waterbed. There were some grand claims that were made about the waterbed. It was said to be a simple waterbed craze that proved to be a new and exciting spin on the common and boring bed. The waterbed mania swept through the nation and the high maintenance bed swept down to a very small scale within the market.