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Find Out What Happens When You Use WEN Cleansing Conditioner For A Week

By now, most beauty consumers have heard about WEN Cleansing Conditioner. This product has achieved cult status thanks to its unique ability to transform dry and damaged hair without the use of any dangerous or harsh chemicals.

What makes WEN Cleansing Conditioner unique is its plant-based formula. Instead of using sulfates, synthetic fragrances and unnatural emulsifiers, WEN uses botanical extracts like chamomile and rosemary that gently clean hair and restore its natural shine and beauty.

However, some hair care lovers are still suspicious about the product’s ability to live up to its claims. While the models in WEN commercials on QVC have silky, glorious tresses, it’s hard for some to believe that just one week of using this product can truly transform dry and frizzy hair.

That’s why Emily McClure decided to put WEN Cleansing Conditioner to the test. She recorded a hair diary for seven days to document the results of using this product on her thin, dull and limp hair.

Here’s What Happened

On the first day, Emily applied WEN Cleansing Conditioner to her hair according to the instructions on the bottle. She was shocked to find that her hair was soft, shiny and full after just one application.

After a few days of using the product, Emily’s friends began to compliment her on her gorgeous hair. The texture had completely transformed from dull to soft and shiny. Plus, she had achieved volume that she had never had before.

By the end of the week, Emily’s hair was softer, shinier and fuller than she had ever thought possible. Needless to say, she concluded that the product really does live up to the hype.

Why It Works

WEN Cleansing Conditioner’s amazing powers come from its formula. While most commercial hair care products are loaded with harsh chemicals that strip hair of its natural oils, WEN products are completely natural and safe. As a result, hair finally gets the nourishment that it needs from vitamins and botanical extracts.

To order Wen, visit or

Taking Care Of Your Locks

When it comes to the hair, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that it’s as healthy as possible. If you see strands of hair in the shower or when you brush your hair, don’t be alarmed. It’s normal to lose about 100 strands of hair each day as new hair grows in its place. If you must comb wet hair, then do so with caution. Hair breaks easiest when it’s wet. A wide-toothed comb is often best if you need to get tangles out of the hair.

Every few weeks, you want to cut the dead ends from the hair with cutting about 1/4 of an inch from the hair every six weeks. This will give the hair a healthy look while avoiding split ends. Don’t wash your hair every day as it can make it dry. If you do need to wash the hair every day because of excess oil, then add a condition on the ends of the hair to keep the ends from splitting.

Wen hair is a line of products that are created by stylist Chaz Dean ideal for adding moisture back to the hair. Products include sprays and conditioners that give volume and softness as well. The items offered are made with natural ingredients, such as mint and almond oil.

You’ll find that WEN products leave the hair manageable. Conditioners combine cleansing components as well as those that help fight split ends. Many of the products also leave the hair with a pleasant smell.



Lime Crime – For All Your Many Moods


One of the latest crazes to hit the streets in make-up, and one of my personal favorites is Lime Crime! The buzz about this brand is hot on social media right now! Doe Deere’s unique take on the color palettes chosen for this brand is what is really making her stand out. This unicorn lipstick is one that is worth the sparkle!

With a wide range of unicorn colors to choose from, it will be hard to find just one you’ll want to settle on. I like to rotate my lipstick with how I’m feeling that day. If I’m really feeling it that day and ready to take the world give me something like, Red Velvet from their matte collection. Step out into the world loud and proud. Here I am world! Maybe on date night keep it to something a little subtle and sweet; something like their Blondie from their metallic collection. Sweet pink with just a little sparkle to catch the light from the candles your boyfriend most definitely has lit on your date; because that’s what boyfriends do, duh!


And if you like their unicorn lip shades as much as I think you’re going to then you’ll definitely want to try out their eye shadow line. My personal favorite here ladies are the super foils! If you are having a Barbie kind of day, then the only way to go is the Malibu/Convertible. It is the most perfect shades of blue and pink, and just what you need to snag your next Ken! How about squad goals? Does your crew have them? Well your next goal needs to be getting this very sparkling pink/copper combo color palette called just that, Squad/Goals!


If you haven’t left your computer screen to find the most rad, fun make-up on the market right now, let me tell you exactly where you can go! Urban Outfitters knows just how cool it is to team up with the unicorn kids and they offer velvetines in some of their US stores, you can also get Lime Crime at Glambot, and many online retailers.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Continues to Innovate

It isn’t everyday that you find a line of cosmetics like Lime Crime. Picture this; a girl walks into the room wearing extremely beautiful makeup with colors that dazzle your eyes. You ask her the name of the makeup. She casually mentions that the name of the makeup is Lime Crime. You start to develop Lime Crime Cosmetics Envy on a major scale. Her makeup is absolutely gorgeous. Soon, you realize that the vibrantly colored makeup is something that will define your personality too.

Lime Crime Rocks
What colors are women rocking in this fabulous line? Well, Lime Crime Velvetines lipsticks are hot. The matte burgundy red is definitely on fire. It is part of the clueless witch collection. Don’t you just love the names? The colors are super gorgeous in the Lime Crime Velvetine collection and they are easy to apply with a lip applicator or a lip brush. We can’t forget about Lime Crime unicorn lipsticks. The colors are bold, gorgeous, and outrageous. Colors like D’lilac, Great Pink Planet, and Poison-berry rule. Women are obsessed with Lime Crime cosmetics. They simply cannot get enough of their super beautiful lipsticks, nail polishes, or eye shadows.

Lime Crime
Lime Crime cosmetics is one of the hottest brands on Amazon today. The makeup is perfect for all the unicorn queens across the world. The self proclaimed unicorn queen, Doe Deere, is the creator of this fabulous line of makeup. She works very closely with her chemist to create these unique cosmetic blends. Doe Deere was born in Russia and grew up in New York City. She grew up surrounded by Broadway, big city lights, and fabulous makeup. Certainly, Deere knows a thing or two about beauty and makeup. Doe Deere was always fascinated with bright lights and vibrant colors. However, she was unable to find just the right kind of bright makeup to suit her taste and created Lime Crime back in 2008. All of Lime Crime cosmetic products are vegan based and animal cruelty free. Doe Deere is living her dream and wants to encourage others to follow their dreams too. Check them out on Twitter for further information.

Doe Deere’s Work Has Been Copied Without Attribution


Artists have long sought the ability to express themselves to others. Many artists know that they are able to show to others what it is that they are thinking in a highly powerful way. Such is the case of Doe Deere. Deere is someone who is capable of demonstrating how she can take her own ideas about color and create images of startling power and intensive beauty. Her many fans have been able to see what she does. One apparent fan is Richard Price. Price is a fellow artist. He came across an image that she placed on her own account. Unlike some of her other fans, however, Price decided that he could literally take her image and use it for his own purposes. Price brought her image into his own world, changed it a bit, then sold it his own fan without telling them that she had been the person to create it in the first place.

Her Own Voice

As an artist herself, Deere has been all about using imagery in her own way. She has been able to take a personal vision and turn her own voice into a company that is one of the most successful on the net today. Her voice has been translated into a company that is all about selling makeup products to those who like what she has to offer them. She is about being able to take an idea and turn this into products that look great. She has taken these ideas and make an entire makeup line from them. Her makeup ideas are entirely original and very much about being able to use all kinds of color at the same time.

Makeup For A New Society

In creating Lime Crime, Deere wanted to help investigate the kind of makeup that she could use in her own life. She knew that it was possible to take ways of seeing the world and then use such ways to make her own kind of fine makeup products. Her products are all about being in color and bringing that color to every area of life. She wants everyone to enjoy color as much as she done. Her fans know they can work with her as much as possible to have their own makeup that is all about their own use of color. This is one of many reasons why she is so popular today.

Wengie YouTube Sensation

A recent article in Allure featured a story that is of interest to women as well as men. It stated that brushing one’s hair correctly causes hair growth. The story went on to state that a boar’s hair bristle brush would stimulate the scalp and cause the hair follicles to grow more rapidly. If true, this could cause a revolution for women and especially men who are prone to male pattern balding. Read the full article here. But before you rush out to buy boar’s hair bristle brushes, be aware they are pricey. Out of a sense of research, I found one selling for $230. at Nordstroms. Probably worth it.
There is one beauty expert who knows all the answers to our beauty and lifestyle questions; Wengie.
Wengie is a YouTube sensation. If you are one of the over 1 million viewers of her channel, you’ll know who Wengie is and can probably explain why she is popular. She has created her individual beauty channel on YouTube and her hard work, and creative sensibilities are shown off for her viewers. Her target audience is girls age 11-21. It’s a broad demographic and one advertisers covet. Wengie covers the broad gamut of struggles facing young people in this media-frenzied world. She is appealing in a quirky sort of way, not gorgeous but attractive, not voluptuous but thin and trim. Wengie represents the type of friend everyone from 8-80 wants to have. She is definitely not staid but not outrageous either. Wengie is Wengie.
The facts may offer clues about what lies beneath the persona of Wengie. Her given name is Wendy Ayche. Her parents were of Australian and Chinese descent, She is currently engaged, this year she turned thirty, she, previously, worked in marketing making six figures and has been putting together her channel for almost three years now. She is selective about accepting sponsors and usually holds out for the best offers. Wengie is, in fact, a third millennia successful business person. She is a brand.

Fashion Rules to Break

Fashion has always been a fickle thing. It is, after all, a language that is influenced by human perception and opinion. In such and industry there are rules, but the rules can be easily broken, as made evident by Doe Deere.
1. Don’t Wear a Bold Eye with a Bold Lip
One of the bigger fashion rules, this prohibits the use of color on multiple areas of your face. Doe believes that utilizing all of your options not only makes your face stand out, it makes things a lot more fun and the entire set more appealing. That is, after all, the point of fashion.
2. Don’t Mix to Many Colors
Usually, color is limited in outfits. Things must match and follow a specific pattern to look classy and put together. But my utilizing multiple, bright colors one can stand out further. When combined with bright make-up and eyeliner, the most beautiful combinations and look can be achieved.
3. Don’t Mix Too Many Patterns
Patterns can be as tricky as colors, almost more so. Things tend to blend together is one pattern in followed, and by breaking free of this mindset, one can set themselves further apart from their competition.
4. Don’t Wear Sock with Open Toed Shoes
This is a classic, but one rule that is also easily broken. In fact, Doe makes it look easy. A bold pair of socks is a statement by itself, but what’s even better is the ability to save the summer heels for winter by combining them with bold socks.
5. Don’t Wear Black/Neutrals with Unnaturally Colored Hair
This one is just ridiculous. The neutrals make the color pop, and there is no need to limit yourself according to hair color. Wear and rack it, it’s not hard to do.
6. You Have to Dress Your Age
Again, nothing that should be expressly followed to the letter. Feeling like a princess? Dress like one. Fashion is reflective of you and who you are. Let your true self out!
7. You Have to Stick With Occasion Specific Dressing
According to Deere: “Clothes are made to be enjoyed.” It does not matter what the event or time. If you feel like wearing it, wear it. It belongs to you. Who cares what people think as long as you look good and feel good, that is all that matters.

Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime crime. She created the brand and has encouraged a unique philosophy of fashion through it. Her notions are reshaping the fitness industry and encouraging girls of all ages to express themselves and celebrate their unique individuality.
Doe is proud to be different and impressively unique. She is stunningly beautiful and her “unicorn” followers are sending a simple but clear message: express yourself. Be who you want to be and show that by what you wear. No one should ever be able to tell you how to dress.

Watch Doe Deere on Youtube

Making Makeup with Doe Deere

When you look at all the brands of makeup out in the stores it can be very overwhelming. Famous names popping up as the face of the brand or the names of celebrities as the brand. So when you think of going out there and starting up your own line of cosmetics it’s probably not what your financial planner would call a good investment. However, sometimes there is that one name and that one face that steps out from the darkness and lights up a room. Now meet Doe Deere, with her cosmetic line “Lime Crime” a huge contender in the field.

Doe started her business in 2008 with her amazing belief that color needed to be brought to the masses, and the masses would respond. She was right. Using the internet to it’s fullest potential Doe started her line ‘Lime Crime” using her favorite color and her extensive imagination. She works hand in hand with a chemist when creating her products and makes sure to test all of the new products on herself first. A strong belief in that all of her products should inspire her and move her show we are dealing with an artist and visionary.

One of the most admirable stances of Doe Deere is her belief in throwing out the rules society has imposed on women and their makeup and fashion choices. She has even referred to her customers and followers as unicorns and she herself is referred to as “Queen Unicorn“. Together with her unicorns she is changing those rules. There are color rules we’ve all heard, like don’t wear more than one pattern, don’t mix too many colors. Look at some of Doe’s outfits and you’ll see that not only does she manage to break those rules, but she manages to do it with feminine and classic results.

As for the makeup, the rules of not accentuating more than one part of your face with makeup, or what colors to wear with what hair color are out the window in the Queen Unicorn’s world. It’s all about finding what makes you feel good, what moves you. When you look in the mirror you have to feel as if you are being authentic.

Doe Deere is not your everyday CEO, she rules her life with her creative spirit. She shares her visions with her customers and is constantly trailing the way for new colors and new ways of expression through makeup.

Using Beauty to the Best Advantage of YouTube

It is a common idea that appearances matter. Many people will judge someone on his or her appearance on some level. While, many people may lament that and sulk about it, there are some people who learn how to use this fact to their advantage. Many YouTube celebrities work to bring out their best look. In many cases, they look to others to tell them what looks best on them. However, there are few that get a feel for what works best on them. They know for sure what works for their body type and complexion and they go for it. This is not to say that they are not open to suggestions.

One YouTuber that is stylish is Wendy Huang, also known as Wengie. A Chinese Australian YouTuber who produces and releases videos on fashion and beauty. Among the aspects of fashion that she spends the most time talking about is make up. She talks to people about how to apply make up and remove it in many circumstances. However, one thing she advocates is everyone finding their own look. While she has decided on her current look all her own, she does get a lot of compliments from her fans.

Wengie has gone on interviews and has vlogged about her passion for beauty and how long she has had it. Wengie has always been passionate about beauty since she was a little child. Her passion came in spite of her mother who was more of a functional type of person who did not really care to put on any make up or change her clothes. Yet, Wengie still wanted to explore the world of fashion and beauty and bring out her best look for herself and other people. She especially likes exploring her own look.

For people who do not really feel their best, it could be helpful to explore different fashions in order to find a style. When one finds a look that she likes, then she will feel very good about herself. For some people, that is more important than getting validation from others on YouTube. Famous YouTubers that rely completely on others for validation may never truly find their own style or who they are. However, that may not necessarily be important to YouTubers. Either way, it is important for one to give off his best presentation on YouTube with confidence. Then maybe others will learn from them. and be inspired.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is An Inspiration In Her Success

Dr. Jennifer Walden has always wanted success in her career, and the hard work that she pushed herself to do throughout the years has helped her to accomplish that. Her cosmetic surgery practice in New York City was doing very well up until the time that she decided to move it across the country. She wanted to make the move for her family’s sake, and she was okay with the possibility of losing out on business because of it. She knew that she was doing what was best for her sons, and that was all that really mattered to her.
But Dr. Jennifer Walden hasn’t lost out on business. She has started up her practice in Austin, Texas, her old home city, and she has done great things there. She’s begun to focus on women and all of the issues that they may face, and she has grown through this whole experience. She has always wanted to be successful, and she has always known that part of being successful is in always learning. And, since that is just what she is doing now with her practice in Austin, she is loving it.
Dr. Jennifer Walden has done much good for all of those whom she has worked for, and she is going to continue to blow people away with the kind of things that she does as she continues to work hard. She’s an amazing cosmetic surgeon, who despite her love for the career that she has, decided to put family before it. And even though she did that, she is still able to have success in her practice. Dr. Jennifer Walden is an extraordinary woman, and she is someone who everyone who wants to have a good amount of success in their career should be looking to for inspiration.