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Evolution of Smooth Your Clear Flavored Vegan Lip Balm Choice

Evolution of Smooth or EOS for short has been a trend setter in the lip balm industry for the last few years. They have introduced to the market a lip balm that has flavor. It is vegan which means it contains no animal by products. It is completely organic in nature. The beeswax has been removed from this vegan product. The product is clear in nature and it is more appealing globally than previous products. Distributors are having some problems just obtaining enough supplies to keep it on their store shelves.

The only product in EOS lip balm that was preventing it from previously being completely vegan was that one of the ingredients used in it’s production was beeswax which is an animal byproduct. Starting this year the beeswax has been removed so that more people who want to live the vegan life style can enjoy this lip balm product. The vegan crystal lip balm sold out from the Evolution of Smooth website the same day it was posted. There appears to be a huge world-wide demand for this product. Even the company itself was surprised by the demand for their vegan lip balm.

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This lip balm besides being vegan is also quite affordable ( Compared to the price of other lip balm products this EOS product sells for just $5.49 per package unit. That is another reason why stores are having some difficulty keeping it in stock. Chapstick lip balm used to be the leader of lip balm sales but with this new flavored vegan product there is now a lot of competition for first place in this field of sales. If one takes into account all of the positive attributes that this Evolution of Smooth lip balm product has to offer as opposed to Chapstick then the answer is clear.