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Emily McClure Lends Her Voice to a Product’s Value

We all live in a time when the opinion of a single person can have a profound influence on the success or failure of a particular product. And when manufacturers make profound claims about their products then consumers must sound off with their experiences using that product.

This was the case when a multi-purpose shampoo, WEN, claimed to have a hair care product that did it all. It cleans, conditions, repairs, and leaves hair looking great. Chaz Dean, the inventor of the product, is an experienced hair stylist and has produced products for women to clean, condition and repair their hair for decades. He has long been a proponent of using organic products on hair follicles and has long advised women against using harmful detergents on their hair.

Chaz Dean ( is a professional and committed to helping women maintain their hair. But when extreme claims are made, then extreme proof is required. Enter Emily McClure a hair stylist and blogger who, incidentally, has fine unmanageable hair. She endeavored to provide the proof of Dean’s product claims. She did it by using herself as the test subject and spent a week using and testing Wen by Chaz. She provided photos and a daily log of her progress or lack of progress. Read her seven-day examination of Wen By Chaz in Bustle here.

Today in this world filled with social media, there is a need for personal endorsements of products. Consumers have long been held under control by advertisers who would spend great amounts of money to promote a product that they know does not provide satisfactory results. But when a woman like Emily McClure speaks up and provides extreme proof, people stop and listen to what she has to say.

To learn more about the Chaz Dean brand, visit the company’s website at and the official Facebook page.

The fruits of Hair care Labor

When it comes to choosing the perfect haircare product that fits your needs, it’s easier said than done. This industry is huge and has a lot of legit products to choose from, but also plenty of scams as well. Basic knowledge that you’ve been taught throughout the years for proper haircare could be doing you more harm than good. Yes, we all have to wash our hair, but if you’re washing it more than three times per week, scalp stripping will occur. Over washing will also create extra sebum which will give that greasy smooth feel unlike the silky smooth feel of healthy hair.

Weather plays a big role with hair as well. Cold temperatures seem to decrease the hair’s volume, makes it look flat, and cause dry brittle follicles. Hot temperatures on the other hand can give you an “afro” thanks to the high levels of humidity. Whatever weather conditions we’re in effects us, but there are products available to help us manage these situations more efficiently and one of those products are from the brand named WEN by Chaz Dean.

Wen has quickly become a leader in an already crowded field. What makes (WEN) so popular is that it’s truly effective. This advanced line specializes in the use of natural ingredients that include Rosemary Extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Pro Vitamin B5, Lavender, Cucumber, Almond Oil, and more.

The “secret is in the sauce” as the old saying goes and (WEN) definitely delivers on it’s promises. Founder Chaz Dean has brought some of the best products to the masses with these revolutionary formulas and WEN by Chaz will only improve in the years to come. To remove tangles, add moisture, and make your hair your manageable, WEN By Chaz has you covered. Visit the WEN YouTube channel and crunchbase page ( for more information.