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The Chainsmokers Are Expanding On Their Musical Talents

It might not seem like it takes a lot of work to create a song, being only a couple of minutes long, but it actually takes a ton of focus and time in order to get a song sounding right. The Chainsmokers recently shared some of their music making with fans and how they put sounds together to create beats and a full chorus. This brief clip was over in just a minute, but it actually takes substantially longer to put all the sounds together. Alex and Andrew want to give their fans more insight into their music and what goes into the making of their passion. The public can expect to see these music creation videos in the next few months.

The Chainsmokers are well-known all over the world today for there music, mostly in EDM and pop. The appealing thing about the Chainsmokers music is that it is all upbeat vibes and fun dance music that just makes people want to listen to more. The Chainsmokers have become famous for their style of music and within just a couple years of their first mainstream song they were staring down at the rest of the music industry. Alex and Andrew are incredibly talented and are always pushing themselves to do new things with their music, which is the major reason behind their new releases in 2018. They started off with Sick Boy, which was a totally different vibe than their previous music so far. Nonetheless, fans have enjoyed what the Chainsmokers are creating, which is not only storytelling but musically inspired.

The Chainsmokers want to grow as musicians instead of simply focusing on one kind of music like they have done for a couple years now. While Alex and Andrew have stated they love the electronic sounds, they want to try new things as well. Their top hits are never going away and they will surely make more in the future. Only time will tell what these two musical geniuses cook up for their fans in the next few years.