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Biotechnology CEO Clay Siegall’s Blog On The Rise

Clay Siegall, an exalted professional within the biotechnology field, has recently made strides with his blog. The blog is a space for Siegall to share news and scientific findings that intrigue or excite him. Additionally, Siegall is also prone to use the blog to spread news regarding American sports, most commonly football. With so many varied topics being posted to the blog, it’s unsurprising to learn of its expedited growth in recent times. The blog’s popularity can be attributed to exceptional curation, consistent updates and the credibility of its management.

Recently, the blog has been focused squarely on football. With Super Bowl LII just on the horizon, Siegall has been transfixed on the sport and its happenings. Just recently, an article was posted detailing a press release from Malcolm Butler. Butler says he’s good to go after overcoming several serious flu-related issues. Another article gives a detailed breakdown of the Eagles starting lineup for Super Bowl LII: Tim Jernigan, Ronald Darby and Mychal Kendricks will be sitting out due to illnesses.

The blog isn’t limited to Siegall’s hobbies, however. Siegall, being a scientist by trade, is interested in breakthroughs in all areas of science. One of the more recent science-related blog posts pertained to a study released by NPR that claims seagrass has the potential to save shellfish from climate change.

But who exactly is Clay Siegall, and why should someone pay his blog any mind? The reasons for this are plentiful, but below we will name just a few.

Clay Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics, an extremely successful biotechnology research company. Siegall has been a scientist for the majority of his life, having studied both Zoology and the philosophy of genetics. A recipient of high-level degrees from both the University of Maryland and George Washington University, Clay Siegall is an extremely well-educated individual.

Siegall created Seattle Genetics to put an emphasis on targeted cancer therapies, an area of study close to Siegall’s heart. By cultivating an environment capable of rigorous research with an emphasis on ethical methodology, Siegall has created one of the most well-respected centres of research in the United States.