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Freedom Debt Relief has Resolved Over Seven Billion Dollars in Debt

This is something that you should not ignore if you are an American. There was a breach at Equifax that could have affected one hundred and forty three million Americans, or even more. Here is how you can protect yourself and your data after this breach.

First, find out if you were affected by the breach by going to the Equifax website and following the steps that they outline. Another thing you can do is sign up for free credit monitoring and protection from Equifax. When you get your free report, you can order a freeze on your credit report if you suspect anything wrong. If you do see something suspicious, you should consider placing a credit freeze with the other credit monitoring bureaus as well.

Another idea is to start reviewing your credit reports. You are entitled, according to the law, to a free credit report at least once a year. Go take a look at it and check to see if there is anything suspicious. You should also be monitoring your bank accounts on a frequent basis. You should be checking for suspicious activity, such as payments that were not made by you. You should be wary even of small payments that you did not make, because scammers sometimes try to test out your card by making small payments. If you do notice anything suspicious, you should notify your bank immediately. They will help you get a new credit card and stop payments on the old one. Click here to watch video.

Freedom Debt Relief is a company that helps you get relief from your debts. They offer debt resolution services. They are based in California, and they have around eighteen hundred employees. They are part of the Freedom Financial Network. They have over four hundred thousand clients enrolled, and they have resolved over seven billion dollars in debt.


Making The Right Healthcare Choices For Asia: Highland Capital

Highland Capital, a private equity firm in Dallas, Texas has recently provided the means for South Korea to improve their healthcare. The need for more stable healthcare and a willingness to combine expertise across the US, North America and Asia is the driving force behind the financial support. The realization that marketing forces and demographics have changed in recent years is another incentive to provide coordinated support.

The focus, particularly in the Asia healthcare marketplace is on value-based reimbursement models. Some of these models reflect the unique culture of the Korean people and their unique healthcare needs. Other models reflect a combination of what works for the demographic and what doesn’t work.

Highland Capital investors will get opportunities to streamline healthcare services and work alongside South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS) to meet objectives. The partnership will benefit the healthcare companies in South Korea and incorporate best practices. It will also investment returns for individual investors in this middle market.

The new fund is the first healthcare oriented fund to be launched by Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd, an affiliate of Highland Capital Management Ltd. It is important to note that the increased interest in the healthcare sector has only been realized in Asia in the past two years. This increased interest is one of the many reasons why Highland Capital has decided to invest in this market.

Highland Capital’s track record in healthcare and its commitment to providing financial support is what attracted South Korea’s NPS to the project. This project fund will benefit healthcare industries throughout North America and Asia.

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Highland Capital: The Alternative Investment Management Group

Based out of Dallas, Texas, the Highland Capital Management firm is an alternative investment advisory company that specializes in hedge funds, mutual funds and distressed investment funds, as well as other financial investment accounts. The company is independently owned and has been up and running for over 20 years. There are more than 100 employees who work as credit and equity managers in the firm.

The company was started in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada, and besides having its headquarters in Dallas, it also has offices in New York, as well as Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Highland Capital has assets totaling over $15 billion, and the company manages the Highland Credit Strategy Fund, which is on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It also manages many other types of closed-end funds.

Co-founder and president of the firm, James Dondero, graduated from the University of Virginia with high honors and has over 30 years of experience in the business. He is the Chairman of Nex Bank, and a board member of American Banknote, as well as MGM Studios. His business partner, Mark Okada, who is the other founder of the company, graduated from the University of California, where he received a B.A. in Economics and Psychology. Okada is a regular contributor on business and finance networks, such as Bloomberg TV and CNBC.

The leaders of this firm, along with their employees, have been impressive when it comes to the innovative strategies they’ve used for managing investments over the years, and the founders continuously make many philanthropic contributions by giving around $3 million to charity every year through what is known as The Dallas Foundation, and by supporting veterans’ issues, as well as healthcare and education in the Dallas area.

Highland Capital Management is by far one of the biggest alternative credit management companies in the country. Having over 30 years of experience in the business, the founders are seen as the pioneers of it. Their low-cost alternative strategies for managing credit investments is only one of the reasons why they are still seeing strong growth after being in this business for a little over 20 years.

Mighty Fortress International Loves God and His People

Highway Highlights presented a list of Minnesota’s most beautiful churches. Included were the following three.

Located in New Trier is the Church of St. Mary’s. The original church was founded by German Catholic immigrants in 1856 and built of logs. In 1864 it was replaced by a stone building. The current church was designed by George J. Ries, in 1909, and is a fine example of French Beaux-Arts architecture.

The red-roofed Assumption Chapel in Cold Spring has a different sort of history. In 1873, a grasshopper infestation struck. After four years, Minnesota governor declared a day of prayer and Mary was asked to intercede to rid them of the locust. The locusts left the next day and a wooden chapel was begun to honor Mary. Demolished by a tornado in 1894, the current chapel, also known as grasshopper chapel was reconstructed in 1951. Local quarries provided the granite used to build the Gothic-style building.

In Little Falls, the Episcopal Church of Our Savior began as a mission church in 1858 by Bishop Henry Whipple. The current church was designed by Chicago’s John B. Sutcliffe in 1903. Architecturally, it combines Tudor and Gothic styles, utilizing local fieldstone for the lower part and half-timbered stucco on the upper part, with a fieldstone corner bell tower.

Mighty Fortress International is purposely welcoming with a “come as you are” attitude that is loving and accepting of diversity.

MFI is not a ritualistic, stiff-necked atmosphere or service. The worship is focused on God and His gifts. In worship, it is believed God blesses, inspires and spiritually awakens. Through music and worship, God is welcomed among the congregation.

Mighty Fortress International is a church that targets the need to know Christ, to create close ties with others, to understand Bible principles and how to live them out in a functional manner.

Bishop Thomas R. Williams has 30 years ministry experience. As founder and president of MFI, Williams seeks to proclaim God’s Word and share prophetic teachings. A graduate of Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul, he is married with three children.

Cosmetic Surgery Explained by Dr. Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is a surgeon by profession. She is one of the few certified ladies to practice in the United States. She has been offering these services for over eight years now. Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in cosmetic surgery. Most of her tasks involve rhinoplasties, face-lifts and breast augmentations. The fee for each of the above tasks varies depending on the quality of the implant and surgical procedures.

As a female surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a source of inspiration and motivation to many girls out there. Statistically, there are very few cosmetic surgery women doctors in the United States. Most ladies fear to join the career due to the amount of time it takes to get the license to practice eventually. It takes over seven years to get the certification to practice as a surgeon in the United States. Most women find this amount of time to have adverse effects on their childbearing age. As a successful surgeon, Dr. Walden shows that the girl child too can excel to such levels. All that is needed is dedication and support of the family and entire society. Her Wikipedia Profile.

One of the main reasons that convinced Dr. Walden to join the cosmetic surgery field is the desire to impact change in the lives of her patients. She felt that she needed to help as many people as possible to appreciate their looks and be happy. She wanted to be a source of motivation by encouraging the various women who choose to undergo this procedure. In her career, she has found out that most ladies prefer sharing their issues about how they look with fellow women. Dr. Walden on Ratemds.

Purchasing Beneful at Walmart

When it comes to your pet, you’ve likely done some research on what food you should be feeding them. Beneful is one brand with a fantastic reputation and a large variety of formulas to suit your dog or puppies needs. If you’re unsure where to buy Beneful, you may want to check into Walmart to find the best deals. Instead of shopping at the popular pet retailers like Petco and PetSmart, you’re likely to score a much better price at Walmart.

Beneful uses real ingredients and has several varieties for dogs needing special care. For example, they have Beneful Healthy Weight which will help your dog maintain their weight to prevent future health issues. This particular bag of food will only cost you $5.48 for a three and a half pound bag for smaller breeds or $13.98 for a fifteen and a half pound bag. There is also the Beneful original formula which is the same cost. Each bag size costs the same, no matter what your dogs health needs are. If your dog is a fan of wet food, you can purchase twenty seven cans for only $14.98 or a single for $1.98. Clearly, the better deal is to buy the variety pack. Click here to watch video.

These extremely cost friendly prices make purchasing Beneful an easy route. Not only are these prices great, but Walmart also offers rollback prices seasonally. As if you thought the deal couldn’t get any greater! Your dog can eat healthy at a low price, and both dog parents and dogs can be happy!

Cassio Audi’s Business Achievements with Musical Enchantments

Cassio Audi is the most influential individual in the Brazil’s corporate world. Cassio Audi’s business ventures are inspired and expanded by his strategy that entails the incorporation of his musical expertise in commerce activities. Additionally, Cassio’s business’ achievements stem from his more than twenty years of experience in the Finance field. Mr. Audi’s skills not only amass from his exposure in the finance segment but also in startups, global organizations and public and private companies. Cassio Audi believes that music enchantments accompanied by creative mind offer solutions to business problems. Often, customers fall in love with his musical works after they utilize his services. According to Cassio, the clients need more-creative solutions; and music performs that task and more information click here.

Besides laying emphasis in solving his customers’ problems, Cassio Audi works towards retaining his relevance in the music industry. Mr. Audi composes new songs annually that supplement his albums. The popularity of Cassio Audi’s albums in Brazil generates from his pieces that are relevant to the lifestyle of the Brazilian people. Cassio’s outstanding work retains him in the top category of Brazilian artists as well as corporate personalities. Also, Cassio Audi’s utilization of music in the providence of business solutions has enhanced his brand in his music profession. Recently, Cassio Audi performed in Soldiers of Sunrise alongside Viper where he features on the drums and Cassio Audi’s lacrosse camp.

Cassio Audi’s extensive expertise and outstanding strategy attract his customers. Audi’s business skills are diversified in a variety of sectors. Among the most interesting skills of Cassio Audi include managing project, planning for commerce activities, and overseeing strategy and management project planning among others. Cassio has interests directed towards helping other individuals make money and enhance Brazilians’ living standards. As a loyal Brazilian national, Cassio Audi postulates that over the years, Brazilian’s living standards will shift courtesy of his combination of musical and business activities in the corporate world and learn more about Cassio Audi.

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Lime Crime and It’s Path to Success

Doe Deere is the current CEO and sole founder of the crazy makeup company Lime Crime. The goal of Lime Crime is to help every woman express herself through bright eye makeup, vibrant hair dyes, and bold lipsticks. Doe Deere doesn’t believe that makeup always has to look natural but that you can use it to express yourself however you want whether that be with blue hair or purple lipstick. The company is also Leaping Bunny certified meaning that their production process is completely cruelty-free and vegan friendly. So you can wear great makeup and feel good about it.


Doe Deere outlines her success in the makeup world in five simple steps. The first is to find your passion and follow it. Doe Deere has a passion for fun makeup and now it’s what she does for a living. She believes you’ll never get half as far doing something you hate than you would if you were doing something you love.


The next step is use and expand on your skill set. This is similar to find your passion and following it. You’ll go much farther focusing on things that you’re good at rather than forcing yourself to do things that you struggle with. Doe Deere capitalizes on her strengths and is exponentially more successful for it.


The third step is to tackle problems head on. Letting them fester and grow can seriously hurt your company. Problems will prove easy enough to fix if you just handle them as soon as they pop up. Doe Deere believes in sticking it out until you’ve overcome the problem so that you can move on to handle the next one.


The next step Doe Deere recommends is to learn from others. Doe Deere has avoided tons of problems and learned so much just by opening her mind and ears and taking advice from anyone and everyone around her. She listens closely to everyone regardless of their station in life or position in her company. Doe Deere doesn’t push people’s concerns aside because she knows they can help her improve her company. Learn more:


The final step is the take risks. Doe Deere took many risks when creating her company. Had she been afraid to do this, she never would have gotten half as far as she has. If you take risks, you’ll learn so much and become so much more successful for it. Learn more:


Fantasy Football Ranking Spotlight – Martavis Bryant

The start of the NFL season is upon us. With that being said, there will be a lot of fans that will be playing fantasy football. At the beginning of each season there will be fantasy football rankings of all the current players including the rookies. Their fantasy football rankings will be based on last year’s numbers and the projection of how they will perform this year. Today we will put the spotlight on Martavis Bryant, wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bryant did not play in the 2016 season due to suspension but the 2017 fantasy football ranking for him has been favorable. With the many different fantasy football sites out there, Bryant’s fantasy football ranking has him in the top 100 players. Depending on how your fantasy football league is set up you will definitely need more than one quality wide receiver and Martavis Bryant can fill that roster spot on any team. So if you are filling out your fantasy team, check out Martavis Bryant of the Pittsburgh Steelers, you will not be disappointed.


Why Are Regional Banks The Better Choice

When it comes to banking, offering the best services at the most affordable prices is the way to go. Unfortunately, many banks don’t follow this principal as greed tends to become the main factor. This is where national banks seem to get into trouble. Inflated rates and outrageous prices is what that community seems to specialize in. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but the majority of national banks all have that “quantity is better than quality” attitude.

Fast forward to present day. Regional banks are outperforming national banks on a consistent basis and this is no fluke. Regional banks have a lot to offer, which makes them more attractive. Lower rates, better one-on-one service and less crowds to weed through. These are huge factors and benefits of regional banking. NexBank Capital has grown to become a major player in the community. The bank has 100 years of experience as it offers many tailored banking solutions. This client-focused approach has boosted its ranking as of late, and NexBank Capital seems to be changing the status quo. President John Holt has done a wonderful job at the leadership position as the bank’s earning have consistently skyrocketed. It is estimated that this financial powerhouse has about $6.4 billion in total assets. It specializes in commercial, mortgage and investment banking, but it offers numerous other financial products and services. This includes services for middle-market companies and large corporations.

John Holt has even attended and participated in the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. This conference is held every year in November, and it unites the members of regional banking. Everything under the sun is talked about here while leaving no stone unturned. This conference is one of the main reasons to why regional banking is soring in profits and performance numbers. For 2017, the members will unite again to solidify its place in this demanding line of work.