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Guilherme Paulus: The Hotelier Guru

Guilherme Paulus is a well-known Brazilin businessman. He has nurtured the dream from his childhood memory. Guilherme was offered a deal at CVC by Mr. Cerchiari who had the idea of bringing tourism to Brazil. He was in charge of the tour company (CVC).

A Recap of the Interview

The brain behind CVC was Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Paulus says that he met him while he was on a ship trip and they conversed about Mr. Cerchiari desire to come up with a tourist Agency in Santo Andre. During that period, Guilherme was still young and could not afford to start such an investment, and so Mr. Cerchiari suggested a project, which later on led to the initiation of the project.

During an interview, Guilherme Paulus says that his day to day routine includes writing the week’s schedule. The habit makes him more fruitful, work and brings in a state of being orderly. The rate at which technology is used, has enabled Paulus to act as fast as possible to clients’ needs and bring into market the goods that are trending.

Guilherme Paulus advices people who are still amateurs in business is always to heed the elder’s advice and be willing to perceive more. According to him, any person who desires to make their dreams come true, loving what you do should come first, work hard to attain what you want and be keen to what your clients are comfortable.

To grow in business, Guilherme says that for a case of him, he not only focuses on international tourism but also domestic tourism. Visiting other companies, talking to the customers and also knowing the needs of his employees.

The exchange of employees within companies has also helped in the growth of the business says Mr. Guilherme Paulus as different institutions do things differently, and as they mingle, it is possible to acquire new ideas.

During the interview, a Guilherme Paulus’ piece of advice to people is to use Google. Google happens to be software that offers a solution to everything. He says that CVC was the first organization to install Google terminals. He has always been keen to bring technology to his company.

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Why Peter Briger is a billionaire with a golden heart

Currently one of the billionaires on Forbes list and a principal at Fortress, Peter Briger is an individual who the world has watched rise from a place of humble beginnings to a place that most dream of every day. His success can be attributed to the stable foundation that his education helped set for him and a little push from his mentors. This is perhaps why he always goes out of his way to help budding entrepreneurs through the Princeton entrepreneurship program, a charitable initiative which he, together with two other alumni of the facility helped form a few years ago.

About the Princeton entrepreneurship program

Through this program, Peter Briger and the other two associates go out of their way to help young entrepreneurs who graduate from Princeton and who have impressive business ideas but lack the funds to make them a reality. For one to qualify, he/she must have graduated from Princeton within the last five years. Depending on their startup ideas, those who are eligible get funds of up to $100,000. Besides being funded, the qualifiers also benefit from one on one mentorship programs organized by Briger and his other associate. Since its inception, the third associate has always insisted on being anonymous. Check out to learn more about Peter Briger.

Other charities that Mr. Briger supports

As noted, Peter Briger always goes the extra mile for his community, which is why besides the Princeton Entrepreneurship program, he also supports a string of other charitable programs. For instance, he is part of Silicon Valley leadership council’s global fund for children, a platform created with the primary aim of bettering the lives of kids who hail from disadvantaged backgrounds. He also donated to the Central Park Conservancy management team to facilitate the conservation of the park. Peter also serves as a board member at Tipping point, a non-profit organization known for offering assistance to low-income households.

A glance at his academic profile

As noted, Peter Briger is an alumnus of Princeton University which is where he pursued his BA. He also holds an MBA from the University of Penn’s school of business. Mr. Briger has been in the finance arena for over two decades now. He kickstarted his career in this realm at Goldman Sachs where he worked for 15 years, before moving to Fortress in 2002, where he has been serving as principal since then.

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About Tempus CEO, Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman and a tech-investor, and a co-founder and CEO of Tempus, a company that provides modern technological medicines. Lefkofsky attended Southfield-Lathrup High and completed in 1987. He joined the University of Michigan where he graduated in 1991 with honors and continued in the same institution in the school of law and, in 1993; he acquired his Juris Doctor degree. He later ventured into entrepreneurial which made him become one of the most successful businessmen.

About Tempus

Tempus is a firm that uses modern technology to provide personalized cancer healthcare to patients. The company uses advanced sequencing technique which provides a complete patient evaluation to ensure that cancer patients receive comprehensive analysis before treatment options get put in place. As mentioned by the CEO, the current cancer treatment methods which include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and use of drugs are harmful and threaten other body organs health.

Physician at Tempus uses a collective and structured clinical and molecular data to generate a modern cancer treatment solution through artificial intelligence at a lower cost. It eventually uses a data-driven technique of molecular data, phenotypic data and morphologic data analysis of cancer patients to obtain the actual contents of patients. With less ethical issues compared to other cancer evaluation of scanning and imaging, Tempus evaluation and sequencing methods remain considered to be safer and with fewer critics from the government and other groups.

Eric Lefkofsky Firm Vision

Lefkofsky’s vision to create Tempus was from his personal experience to introduce modern and unique technology to the health industry at the field of cancer. His primary goal for the company is to develop more advanced treatments for other complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Lefkofsky also aims at expanding the company into other regions countrywide. Even from his experience in leading companies, he points at keeping the company’s progress private as keeping it public exposes its ups and downs faster hence destroying the motive of the company.

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Freedom Checks: Are They Our Saviour?

Investment has always been a risky undertaking. One can end up making a good profit or losing all their savings. Today with the number of scams on the internet it is likely that people are not ready to try new things as most of the times they are scams. Freedom Checks a new investment by Matt Badiali has been viewed with suspicion considering it promises high returns with very little work. Unlike most investment opportunities advertised online this one is genuine and legal. Matt Badiali is a geologist who combines his education and his knowledge of finance to help ordinary people make investments with good returns.

The United States has been working on reducing its dependence on foreign oil and the Fracking boom has made it possible for oil as well as gas to be produced in the country. So, local companies are likely to see increased profits in a few years. Investing in Freedom Checks means that one could benefit from a share in these profits. Matt Badiali research shows that there is a possibility of 39,832% profit for investors meaning that if one invests one thousand dollars they stand to make more than three hundred thousand. These high numbers are why the Freedom Checks may appear like a scam to the unenlightened few.

Master Limited Partnerships are companies that give up to 90% of their earning from the production of oil and gas to their investors. Certain companies give them to employees and distribute checks which are what Matt Badiali has chosen to name Freedom Checks. In the United States today there are 568 firms that issue checks to the investor either quarterly or monthly. They work a lot like dividends and are not taxed even when selling them returns are not taxed using the rates used for income but those used for capital gains which are lower. Freedom Checks are a great investment and Matt Badiali has made a lot of money investing in them.

About Matt Badiali

Matt has a bachelor’s degree in GeoScience from Penn State University and a masters degree in Earth Science from the Florida Atlantic University.