MLPs are Paying Billions of Dollars in Freedom Checks to Investors

Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs are exploration and refinery companies in the oil and gas industry offering low risk investment opportunities. They issue Freedom Checks, payouts or distributions to investors on their investments every month and each quarter. From June to July 2018, the checks’ issuance reached over $34 billion with nearly 570 MLPs. Investment returns soared after Congress passed a tax reform bill last year submitted by the Republican Party. Its structural design is to boost the energy resource enterprise sector in the United States by paying high investment returns on cash investments.Congress Legislation passed the establishment of Master Limited Partnership in 1981 with acts similar to public-traded limited partnerships. The federal tax law subjects investors to pay income taxes on Freedom Checks while MLPs receives a tax break if they meet its requirements.

Under the Statue 26-F Federal law, an MLP is exempt from paying corporate taxes if the company explores new oil and gas well investment opportunities and transports natural resources over networks of pipelines. They must also refine the commodities that come from fields in the US, including Marcellus Shale, Permian Basin, and Bakken Shale. Some companies pay enormous payouts using the cash exempted for tax payments.Partners must pay their investors 90 percent of their income from natural resources transportation, refinery, and production services using Freedom Checks services. Commodity expert investment advisors recommend Master Limited Partnerships because the risk of investments are low for long-term agreements.

Whether gas and oil prices go up or down in the national economy, there is no effect an MLP. The Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks are reliable, and consistent with a guarantee regardless of the conditions of the economy.According to Matt Badiali, an MLP can generate revenue from transporting, processing, producing, and storing gas and oil. He spent approximately 21 years studying natural resources and other commodities to keeps his readers and subscribers informed about the investment market in the America and international. He recommends which investing products and transactions are profitable and shows investors how to increase their capital gains on investments. His Freedom Checks are commitments by MLPs to their investors.