OSI Industries thrives after establishment of chain restaurants

OSI Industries is a company in the foods industry that has an impressive history of rising from a butcher shop to a world-leading food company. It is today recognized as the biggest private food provider in the world. Currently, it is supplying food products to 17 countries and has built 65 food production plants to aid in this work. The growth that has been witnessed in this company in the last couple of decades is worth qualifying as a global economic achievement. The fact that it can grow from such a humble beginning to become a world-class company is an achievement that does not happen regularly.

The founder of this company was Otto Kolschowsky. He was a German immigrant living in Chicago in 1909. He created this meat business and built it into a wholesale business a decade later. It was named Otto & Sons to reflect the owner and his two sons who assisted him in managing it. Major growth of the company came in the 1950s when McDonald’s chain restaurant was introduced. Otto & Sons established a good business relationship with McDonald’s right from the beginning, and they landed a supplies contract. Otto & Sons became one of the suppliers for the McDonald’s. Their business partnership was so solid such that even after the company grew its operations further, it picked Otto & Sons as one of the main suppliers.

McDonald’s improved their foods business so much that they opened restaurants in far-flung areas. With that came challenge top, Otto & Sons. They had to look for a way to transport their products over long distances. Food preservation became a concern, but luckily, technology inventions on food preservation were coming up at the time. The technology of freezing food using nitrogen just came at the right moment when it was highly needed. OSI Industries was quick to take up the new invention so that they could meet the demands of their client. Technology kept on getting better and more options for foods preservation were included.

In 1973, OSI Industries built its first production plant to meet the needs of its clients. It incorporated the new technologies in its facility to make production, storage, and transportation work more efficient.

Otto & Sons which later became OSI Industries had come to a position where it would support its activities. Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO joined the company and made the management of its operation better.