Ara Chackerian, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor

Ara Chackerian is one of the managing executives at the ASC capital holdings. ASC primary focuses on investing in the healthcare care facilities. Mr. Ara also serves on the board of management that runs the TMS health solutions. This health facility stands to help clients struggling with chronic ailments like resistant depression. Before he started his career at the TMS, most of his involvements had been revolving around the investment and entrepreneurship.




Boiled down since time immemorial, Ara has been interested in taking part in the development of the health-tech sector, services sector as well as other related fields. Following his interest in the health-tech, he has helped to incept various health-tech companies that have helped to reach many clients. While Ara Chackerian, has spent many decades developing some of the most established healthcare services, he is also focused on mutual partnership with other stockholders so that his haunt for excellence will be a bliss.




Foundation of the TMS Health Solutions




The foundation of this entity was inspired by the search for excellence and provision of certificatory healthcare services. To this end, Ara Chackerian spent some quality time trying to come up with linking networks to unite some of the most outstanding health facilities mainly in northern California. As such, through various researches particularly in the technology sector and treatment options, Ara realized that TMS Health Solutions had incredible potential to change the scope of the healthcare for the better. This way, since its inception, this firm has been phenomenal in all aspects. You can checkout for more details.





Trends that Healthcare Entrepreneurs need to look out for – Ara Chackerian




According to one of the proxy studies that were conducted in 2017, the United States is said to be spending more than $ 3.5 trillion on the healthcare services. This is approximately 18% of the total GDP, and for healthcare entrepreneurs, this might appear like a fertile ground to venture in. However, Ara Chackerian advocates that the healthcare sector is one of the most challenging units and for an entrepreneur willing to invest here should take extra precautions. Boiled down, he advocated that it is vital to consider most of the factors that are rapidly shifting from quantity to value. For more details you can visit their facebook page.