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All You Need To Know About Southridge Capital

With a B.S in Business administration from New York’s Kings College and an MBA from the University of Fordham, Stephen M. Hicks took over the business world by storm. For more than three decades, Stephen has been gathering experience from working with several organizations in the finance, risk management, and investment industry. Despite all his accomplishments in these fields, perhaps his greatest achievement is launching and running Southridge Capital LLC.



How Southridge Capital came to be


At a certain point in his career, Stephen Hicks was working for a Hedge Fund that was undergoing for closure. When one of the principals in the company announced to Hicks and his colleagues about the closure, he saw this as an opportunity to venture into a business of his own. So in the year 1996, he launched Southridge Capital while still working for the small hedge fund based in New York and since then has played the role of CEO in the company.




About Southridge Capital



Southridge Capital is a private equity firm that specialized in the matters of private placement transactions with public companies of a small nature. What Southridge Capital does is to finance companies that are looking to completely transition from one aspect to another, also those that are looking for investors to finance the implementation of their business strategies plans and at other times, restructuring. Companies that require capital for equity in order to make strategic acquisitions also fall under the criteria on the companies that are served by Southridge Capital. The company also manages hedge funds. For more info you can visit



Southridge runs a website that uses more than a dozen technologies including Apple Mobile and Font API. A website is a tool that the company uses to share Intel on the latest trends in the business industry. For instance, the company recently published about the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry and how the business is soon going mainstream. The website boasts of at least 1690 visitors every month. Southridge Capital reportedly makes more than 47 million dollars as its annual revenue.





Southridge Capital has its headquarters in the Ridgefield region of Connecticut. The company also runs offices located in Canada, New York, California, and Los Angeles.  To see more visit





UK Charity Sightsavers on their International Work

There are a number of things able-bodied people may take for granted on a day-to-day basis. When it comes to our sight, individuals with healthy eyes do not have to think twice about how they will complete daily chores. Those who are visually impaired, however, need access to resources that help them manage these seemingly effortless tasks. In a lot of instances, these individuals may not be afforded the time, energy, or finances that it may take to obtain the things that are necessary for an adequate quality of life, but Sightsavers is looking to change that.

The variety of conditions that can affect our vision may appear later on in life or affect us in the earliest stages of childhood development. Providing visually impaired children with the necessary tools can be a challenge for their families, for reasons we previously mentioned. With the help of Sightsavers, six local Atlanta families were able to obtain the machines needed for them to complete things like homework and reading. The machine itself is the Onyx electronic video magnifier. This machine can magnify text and images up to 131 times and can adjust the contrast of objects, making them easier to see. These machines not only provide a visual aid, they have the capability to give these children independence.

Sightsavers has committed to donating these machines annually in thirteen different states, something that has the potential to change the lives of a number of visually impaired children. In addition to the initiatives Sightsavers has taken here in the States, they have offered their aid to a number of people in India by assisting with things like cataract surgery, and training to help secure employment for adults who deal with blindness.

The people who were afforded these resources have no doubt had their lives changed forever. None of us can truly appreciate the difficulty of navigating important milestones in our lives when receiving less than reasonable accommodation at work, school, or in home environments. The road to equal opportunity can be more muddled for some of us than others. With the help of resources like this, we can enrich the lives of millions of people. With the aid of companies like Sightsavers, ensuring success for the differently abled is not such a far-off dream.

OSI Industries thrives after establishment of chain restaurants

OSI Industries is a company in the foods industry that has an impressive history of rising from a butcher shop to a world-leading food company. It is today recognized as the biggest private food provider in the world. Currently, it is supplying food products to 17 countries and has built 65 food production plants to aid in this work. The growth that has been witnessed in this company in the last couple of decades is worth qualifying as a global economic achievement. The fact that it can grow from such a humble beginning to become a world-class company is an achievement that does not happen regularly.

The founder of this company was Otto Kolschowsky. He was a German immigrant living in Chicago in 1909. He created this meat business and built it into a wholesale business a decade later. It was named Otto & Sons to reflect the owner and his two sons who assisted him in managing it. Major growth of the company came in the 1950s when McDonald’s chain restaurant was introduced. Otto & Sons established a good business relationship with McDonald’s right from the beginning, and they landed a supplies contract. Otto & Sons became one of the suppliers for the McDonald’s. Their business partnership was so solid such that even after the company grew its operations further, it picked Otto & Sons as one of the main suppliers.

McDonald’s improved their foods business so much that they opened restaurants in far-flung areas. With that came challenge top, Otto & Sons. They had to look for a way to transport their products over long distances. Food preservation became a concern, but luckily, technology inventions on food preservation were coming up at the time. The technology of freezing food using nitrogen just came at the right moment when it was highly needed. OSI Industries was quick to take up the new invention so that they could meet the demands of their client. Technology kept on getting better and more options for foods preservation were included.

In 1973, OSI Industries built its first production plant to meet the needs of its clients. It incorporated the new technologies in its facility to make production, storage, and transportation work more efficient.

Otto & Sons which later became OSI Industries had come to a position where it would support its activities. Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO joined the company and made the management of its operation better.

Why Brazil Needs Felipe Montoro Jens

With the rapid economic growth in Brazil, the country has various construction needs. In rural areas, there is a massive need for new infrastructure projects. Many small cities do not have modern roads or electricity. The government of Brazil has encouraged investments in these areas.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a government contractor who owns a business. Although he started in the real estate industry, he found more financial success by completing government contracts. He is proud of his work so far, but he knows that his business can improve in the coming years. Read more about Montoro Jens at

How Felipe Started His Company

When Felipe was young, he thought he would become a farmer like his parents. However, he noticed how much his parents struggled to earn a consistent income. Farming can be a volatile business for multiple reasons.

He decided to attend college instead of becoming a farmer. He graduated and began working at a large company. After several years of work, he left the company to start a construction business. The first few years of managing the company were challenging, but the company is now thriving.

Why More Roads?

The economy of Brazil is changing. Although the economy was once based on agriculture, more manufacturing companies are moving operations to Brazil. With this shift, the country needs more roads to help transport products to various places.

Constructing new roads is tedious for multiple reasons. The weather in Brazil can be unpredictable, and it is hard for companies to complete projects without interruptions. Felipe has to watch the weather before planning a project.

Future Plans

The latest construction projects assigned to Felipe Montor Jens will take years to complete. In the construction industry, it is difficult to hire workers who will stay with a company for longer than a few months. Felipe is continually recruiting and training new workers.



How the Acquisition Process Will Benefit Fortress Investment Group

Many companies have joined the investment advisory department. Among the companies that have joined this industry is Fortress Investment Group. The company got into the global platform in 2008 after some business professionals came to know its potential. Its operations have continued to improve from the time it came into the food industry. The standards of its products have left many international consumers impressed. Most people are just talking about the greatness of this company. The company has become the solid solution the alternative investment industry ever needed. The leadership in this company is careful to keep the stakeholders satisfied through its exceptional services.

The founders of Fortress Investment Group intended to have the company’s clients happy with its products and services. Every company that wishes to experience greatness and growth is concerned about the quality of its services. If the consumers complain about the offered services, the company fails to grow. Fortress Investment Group has managed to gain incredible growth through the expertise of able leaders like Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and David McDonald among others. These four leaders have helped the American corporate sector to achieve unimaginable growth. They are competent business leaders who know how to grow investments at whatever level.

Wes Edens is among the business leaders who have immense influence in the finance industry. His influential personalities have enabled him to perform his tasks in this company as a co-chairman in the right way. The American market acknowledges that Fortress Investment Group is an authority in the country. This company has worked closely with some of the best minds in the business world. Wes Edens and the entire team are business leaders who have been in some of the best universities in the country. Fortress Investment would not have achieved such growth without the input of these executive business leaders. These leaders have always made the right decisions for the company, and great results have been evident.

The shareholders at Fortress Investment Group have always made decisions with the future growth and expansion of the company in mind. The shareholders have agreed to buy SoftBank to become a voice in the country and across the globe. Many big companies understand the need for acquisition in achieving growth. The leaders felt that their consumers would appreciate their services more after purchasing SoftBank. Although the acquisition process would cost Fortress Group about $3 billion, the expected returns on investment would be massive. Fortress Group leaders have taken ample time to analyze the American market to know the favorable investment decisions to make.

Deirdre Baggot Represents the New Wave of Healthcare Entrepreneurship

Deirdre Baggot is an expert on Healthcare Payment Reform, as well as an elite strategist, who has helped to change the inner workings of the healthcare industry. She has played an integral role in helping over 200 hospitals to improve efficiency and the consumer experience, while also submitting groundbreaking literature regarding bundled payments, healthcare reform, and payment transformation. She is a graduate of Chicago’s Loyola University, where she received a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and the University of Colorado, where she attained her Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Today, she is one of the most highly-requested healthcare entrepreneurs in the United States and has been asked to be the keynote speaker for a number of reputable institutions, including the American College of Healthcare Executives, the American Heart Association, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. She has also been active in the hospital setting, having held leadership positions at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the University of Michigan Health System for over a decade. Visit on her twitter for more updates.

A major part of Deirdre Baggot’s success as an entrepreneur revolves around her ability to remain efficient and passionate about her craft. In order to do so, she often implements a checklist for her tasks, gaining significant personal gratitude upon completing them. As one of the premier healthcare entrepreneurs in the world, Deirdre Baggot’s daily itinerary is consistently flooded with meetings and conferences, which she often has to prioritize, cutting the least important from her schedule. This process, along with implementing self-imposed deadlines, allows her to maximize her efforts, while also remaining passionate about her work. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, a number of incoming trends have piqued her interest, most notably, the addition of wearables. This simple addition has allowed hospitals to considerably curb the number of deaths related to medical errors, which currently ranks behind only cancer and heart disease in occurrences.

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Dr. Saad Saad: his legacy and story

Doctor Saad, a pediatric surgeon born in Palestine in the 1940s, retired after 47 years of medical practice, yet the example he set for people in the medical profession and not only them, for people aiming to be good at what they do and be kind to each other, in general, will stay inscribed in everyone’s minds and hearts. Learn more:



An unlikely hero?



When asked about the choice of his profession, Dr Saad starts telling the story of how he fainted on a construction site he was on, in Kuwait, because he had come to visit his brother, who was an engineer. His father, a petroleum mechanic, who had encountered numerous difficulties in terms of poverty and social status throughout his lifetime, advised Dr Saad to get higher education and study as well as possible no matter what, because this was the only way to get a respectable place in society. However, after the fainting accident, Dr Saad realized he would never be an engineer, like his older brother he admired, because he could not stand working out in the heat. So he set his mind on getting a respectable job that would require conditioned air, which is medicine!



What was the key to his success?



When interviewed about his success and ways to achieve in life, he simply says that hard work, humility and dedication have got him very far. After obtention of his medical degree from Cairo University, where he came in 2nd in his class, he got an internship to the United Kingdom and then worked in the United States. There, he became a pediatric surgeon certified by the US Board. He learned his most valuable lessons as a professional and a human being from Dr. H Biemann Othersen, who taught him to be kind, honest and treat all children the same, regardless of race, color, family background or appearance.



What did he revolutionize?



His primary goal was to ease pain for children. He patented two new medical devices: an endoscope with a suction device attached to it, so that the endoscope is not taken away and reinserted during the procedure, and an electromagnetic catheter which detects inserted catheters in children. This way, time was not wasted anymore with MRI’s and children were not exposed to X-rays. Dr. Saad’s love for children and his profession has prompted him to work a lot throughout time and achieve amazing results. He says that research is very important in his profession and encourages it a lot.


Ara Chackerian, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor

Ara Chackerian is one of the managing executives at the ASC capital holdings. ASC primary focuses on investing in the healthcare care facilities. Mr. Ara also serves on the board of management that runs the TMS health solutions. This health facility stands to help clients struggling with chronic ailments like resistant depression. Before he started his career at the TMS, most of his involvements had been revolving around the investment and entrepreneurship.




Boiled down since time immemorial, Ara has been interested in taking part in the development of the health-tech sector, services sector as well as other related fields. Following his interest in the health-tech, he has helped to incept various health-tech companies that have helped to reach many clients. While Ara Chackerian, has spent many decades developing some of the most established healthcare services, he is also focused on mutual partnership with other stockholders so that his haunt for excellence will be a bliss.




Foundation of the TMS Health Solutions




The foundation of this entity was inspired by the search for excellence and provision of certificatory healthcare services. To this end, Ara Chackerian spent some quality time trying to come up with linking networks to unite some of the most outstanding health facilities mainly in northern California. As such, through various researches particularly in the technology sector and treatment options, Ara realized that TMS Health Solutions had incredible potential to change the scope of the healthcare for the better. This way, since its inception, this firm has been phenomenal in all aspects. You can checkout for more details.





Trends that Healthcare Entrepreneurs need to look out for – Ara Chackerian




According to one of the proxy studies that were conducted in 2017, the United States is said to be spending more than $ 3.5 trillion on the healthcare services. This is approximately 18% of the total GDP, and for healthcare entrepreneurs, this might appear like a fertile ground to venture in. However, Ara Chackerian advocates that the healthcare sector is one of the most challenging units and for an entrepreneur willing to invest here should take extra precautions. Boiled down, he advocated that it is vital to consider most of the factors that are rapidly shifting from quantity to value. For more details you can visit their facebook page.