End Citizens United Works Towards A Political Future Without Big Money

End Citizens United has been fighting to keep the effects of big money out of politics since they were created on March 1, 2015. They were founded after the Supreme Court made a decision on Citizens United refusing to reveal who financed their campaigns that is expected to have effects on politics in the United States for many years to come. It all circles around a video that was released during the presidential primaries in 2008 that was created to attack Hillary Clinton and her bid for the presidency.

While the political action committee insisted that the feature-length release was intended a movie, End Citizens United and the Federal Election Committee believed otherwise. To many, it was nothing more than a 90-minute political campaign ad and thus the organizations and people that financed the project should have been revealed to the public.

While the FEC may have decided that Citizens United needed to reveal their sources based on the laws that were currently being enforced, they took the case to the Supreme Court where it was eventually overturned well after Barack Obama had been elected president. They argued their right to not have to reveal sources by invoking their right to the freedom of speech as an organization. End Citizens United hopes to eventually have a constitutional amendment put on the books that states the freedom of speech is only to be extended to individuals and not organizations or any other legal entities.

The reality is that this will be quite difficult to accomplish to End Citizens United as it requires quite a large majority in the House and the Senate to agree on the amendment. In the meantime, they are supporting other campaign finance reform efforts that are more likely to be accomplished in a shorter length of time. In order to achieve their goals, they are specifically taking part in efforts to overturn the ruling and Citizens United as well as supporting the candidates running for office that support campaign finance reforms. End Citizens United is mainly supported by Democrats and other progressives with only a few individual Republican politicians agreeing with their goals.

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