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End Citizens United Works Towards A Political Future Without Big Money

End Citizens United has been fighting to keep the effects of big money out of politics since they were created on March 1, 2015. They were founded after the Supreme Court made a decision on Citizens United refusing to reveal who financed their campaigns that is expected to have effects on politics in the United States for many years to come. It all circles around a video that was released during the presidential primaries in 2008 that was created to attack Hillary Clinton and her bid for the presidency.

While the political action committee insisted that the feature-length release was intended a movie, End Citizens United and the Federal Election Committee believed otherwise. To many, it was nothing more than a 90-minute political campaign ad and thus the organizations and people that financed the project should have been revealed to the public.

While the FEC may have decided that Citizens United needed to reveal their sources based on the laws that were currently being enforced, they took the case to the Supreme Court where it was eventually overturned well after Barack Obama had been elected president. They argued their right to not have to reveal sources by invoking their right to the freedom of speech as an organization. End Citizens United hopes to eventually have a constitutional amendment put on the books that states the freedom of speech is only to be extended to individuals and not organizations or any other legal entities.

The reality is that this will be quite difficult to accomplish to End Citizens United as it requires quite a large majority in the House and the Senate to agree on the amendment. In the meantime, they are supporting other campaign finance reform efforts that are more likely to be accomplished in a shorter length of time. In order to achieve their goals, they are specifically taking part in efforts to overturn the ruling and Citizens United as well as supporting the candidates running for office that support campaign finance reforms. End Citizens United is mainly supported by Democrats and other progressives with only a few individual Republican politicians agreeing with their goals.


Paul Mampilly Predicts Dow 50,000

Paul Mampilly is one of the most highly rated stock analysts on Wall Street. Paul, who has an MBA from Fordham University, began his career with Deutsche Bank. Paul’s twenty years of successful experience looking at stocks and forecasting their trajectories gives him nothing but credibility with investors. Mr. Mampilly has been a portfolio and fund manager to an impressive list of institutional clients. If you regularly watch television shows such as CNBC, Fox Business or Bloomberg television, you may have glimpsed his advice.

These days Paul Mampilly no longer works on Wall Street per se. He is now making his talents available to individual investors as the senior editor of Banyan Hill’s Profits Unlimited newsletter. Through the newsletter, Mr. Mampilly calls attention to stocks which are poised to shoot up in value due to anticipated developments in technology.

He intends to direct his readers to the next big thing. The next Amazon or Google is out there today according to Mr. Mampilly. He asserts this belief with confidence based on certain parallels between today and the early 80’s when the personal computer changed our lives. In that instance, it was the baby boom generation which embraced all the productivity enhancements which sprung from the PC. That is what propelled the Dow from 2,000 to well above 15,000 over a short period.

Nowadays it is the internet and the coming internet of things (IoT) which will lead the way according to Paul Mampilly. He predicts that the millennials will be the generation which will open up whole new industries in the IoT supply chain. Many of the businesses that will benefit are here already while others are about to be born over the next few years. Getting in early on the ground floor is the key. Paul Mampilly predicts the Dow will achieve levels above 50,000 in the next couple of decades. With that objective, Banyan Hill’s “Profits Unlimited” newsletter is a resource which can be of great benefit to investors who are seeking long-term growth.

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The Progressive Actions of Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot is a medical care business expert who resides in Denver Colorado. She learned her studies while attending Southern Illinois University and got a bachelors certificate in nursing. Deirdre additionally went to Loyola School of Business in Illinois for her MBA. Colorado University is the place she achieved her PhD. Deirdre Baggot began her work in 1997 at Northwestern Memorial. At this healing center she was the asset organizing and medical attendant of all staff. While she was working there, she additionally filled in as the chief of Hospital Administration. Deirdre Baggot would remain with the doctor’s facility for a long time and continued to migrate to Michigan to join Michigan University’s wellbeing framework. Amid her time at Michigan, she was the business examiner and furthermore held the situation of Administrative Manager. Her diligent hard working attitude and empathy earned her the honor for Outstanding Leadership. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot on Ideamensch

Amid 2006, she moved to Denver, Colorado turning into The director for Cardiac and Vascular Institute. Baggot drove a group of more than 450 individuals while at the foundation. A portion of the targets she had were paid were contracting, showcasing and business improvement to give some examples. She would remain with the organization for a long time; opening up 11 new center areas previously proceeding onward.

Deirdre, at that point moved to California. While here, she turned into the senior VP at GE Healthcare accomplices. She has shown up on in PR appears all through her profession. She expresses that the Affordable Care Act Policy resulted in much better outcomes for patients all over. This demonstration gives Americans less demanding access to precaution mind and dire care also. Baggot additionally says that human services chairmen shouldn’t run with their gut, however rather roll out improvements in light of cautious thought. Doing so will show more compassion and yield better results

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Upwork  Digital Online Platform Connecting Freelancers with Clients

Global professional culture is changing with time, and more and more freelancers are emerging. It is primarily because people are looking to improve their lifestyle and living standards by earning their financial freedom through better professional opportunities. Many professionals have used their skills to become a successful freelancer, and it has inspired many others to follow the same path. Upwork is an online job site that has become highly popular in the last few years and had millions of registrars. There are twelve million freelancers at Upwork and more than five million clients at the site. If you are a freelancer, rest assured that you continue to work diligently and rest assured you would get a consistent amount of work from the site.

Upwork also has a blog on the site where it posts many different articles on how freelancers should conduct themselves to become more successful. In one of the recent articles Upwork posted, there were tips for the freelancers on how they can improve their keeping of to-do list. Maintaining a to-do list is essential for the freelancers as it helps them keep their work schedule intact and complete all the pending tasks on time. For many people who have become successful, one of the primary reasons they eventually failed was that they got complacent with time. However, with the help of a to-do list, one can be sure that they would be able to stay active and professional and leave a positive impression on the clients.

The article also mentioned why the freelancers should assign a deadline as well as priorities for different tasks. Assigning energy levels to various tasks is also important as it would help them complete the works that are more important on the productive hours of the day. Freelancers should also stay updated with the latest technologies, and there are tons of apps out there that would help you stay organized and maintain to-do lists. As a freelancer, one should keep revisiting the to-do list to ensure no vital task is being missed or getting delayed. It is essential that you continue to meet your client’s expectation and encourage them to leave reviews for you.


Brian Torchin, a Staffing Guru

Finding the right replacement in an organization can be hard. Different people can possess a similar educational background and similar experience in terms of exposure and years. The USA workforce is going through a period of massive retirements (due to the baby boomer generation) and there is a huge need to replace the vacant positions. HCRC Staffing as a company has been the solution provider for the last number of years. Founded by the ambitious Brian Torchin, the company has been the best option for (especially short time notice) replacements.

As an integral part of the staffing industry, the company has more than 200 companies as clients. These companies are scattered in the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia. The consistency of the company is giving companies the best replacements is the reason the company is competitive. The company’s clients include private hospitals, urgent caregivers and all medical practitioners in the private sector. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

According to Brian Torchin, their recruitment process is different from philosophy to structural details. Unlike the mainstream staffing and recruitment, the company goes further to give companies, not just replacements but the best replacements. Recruiting is matching abilities to the vacant requirements. For them, however, it goes beyond replacement to help the companies get the best candidate aligned with the company dream and vision. The company helps the companies hire health workers, physical therapists, podiatrists, dentists, nurses, and doctors.

Brian Torchin has had one of the most exciting career paths: from a chiropractor to a CEO of a staffing company. As a chiropractor from 2007, he was always interested in getting the best from potential employees. From his Twitter account, he is an interactive person and a regular user of the platform. He mostly tweets about employment opportunities and links. With over 1000 followers and over 68,000 tweets, his account is always full of opportunities.

According to him, the best piece of advice for an entrepreneur is to be constant awareness of trends. Read his Articles:


Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe Interesting History

Whitney Wolfe is a very young woman doing a lot of things in the world of technology. He started his career back while at the age of 19 years and had continued to invest in skills and also technology. She has been known in the dating apps industry. She has what it takes to move the world forward and possess excellent skills in the industry. Whitney Wolfe has managed to come out stronger despite many challenges. The field is dominated by men, and she happens to be among the most successful woman in the industry. She has received several awards because of her contributions to the industry. Read more about Whitney Wolfe at

Whitney Wolfe is the chief executive officer and founder of Bumble. It happens to be one of the most famous companies in the industry and has been able to receive recognition globally for the innovation it has been able to incorporate in the business. It is the fourth most popular dating app in the field and happens to be dominated by very progressive people in the career.

Whitney has a long history in her industry. She has been able to encounter so many hurdles aimed at distracting her normal operations. Bumble was established in 2011 but in 2014, she partnered with the CEO of Badoo, and they managed to develop very useful verticals in the field. One of them is Bumble BFF.

Whitney Wolfe has been able to move masses in a bid to promote his career and has a lot of motivation. She is also a great marketer, and that’s her profession. She is a former student of Southern Methodist University where she pursued a bachelors degree in International Studies. She has been able to work with commitment and also passion towards driving her agenda forward.

She is also an instrumental figure in the industry, and before founding Bumble, he worked as a co-founder of the most famous dating app, Tinder. She participated in its early stages of design and later was the key figure in marketing. She was the marketing manager and helped to take the brand to all the campuses in the United States Universities.

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