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Lori Senecal’s Journey of Success

Lori Senecal is a higher achiever, and the combination of a robust personality, diligence, and dedication to succeeding in every project she commits herself to undertake have made her a world admirable leader. Her skills and knowledge in marketing and advertising are incredibly remarkable. Years of experience in the industry coupled with extemporary talents have made her an icon when it comes to developing ground-breaking advertising techniques. Among the most notable characters of Lori Senecal that she acquired over the years is never to settle in her comfort zones. She is an ambitious woman who settles for nothing less than the best, and she is always pushing to go beyond the limits. Aiming for higher has always been the main ingredient that fuels her passion for success.

Her journey of success has inspired many and have helped her become the current CEO of the Crispin Porter + Bogusky, a global agency that serves well reputable and recognised companies such as PayPal. Besides her expertise in advertisements, she is also an accomplished management specialist. Her speciality in the advertising industry is the creative use technology and invention of a wide array of products on the international arena. In fact, she is the pioneer of the innovative use of technology in advertisements. Check out for more.


Since she Joined Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the company’s business and culture have benefited immensely from her resourceful inputs. Her transformational leadership and many years of experience have helped her spur growth to the agency. She has transformed CP + B into a highly reputable modern and international company that integrates dynamism and corporation. Among Lori Senecal’s contributions is introducing a leadership that embraces creativity, taps and integrates talent across various disciplines and geographical boundaries as an integral part of the company’s growth. You can visit to know more.


Lori’s Journey to success started at a very tender age. It was nurtured by family values that included setting the bar high for oneself as well as upholding the highest level of integrity and honesty in all her undertaking. As she was growing up in Montreal, Lori Senecal already knew what she wanted in life, and even before graduating from McGill University, excellence was part and parcel of her livelihood. This is clearly evidenced by the chain of accomplishments she leaves in every company she finds herself working. For more you can check out their website



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Paul Mampilly Compares The State Of Cryptocurrency To The 1999 Tech Market

Tech stocks may be some of the most powerful on the market today, yet author Paul Mampilly recalls when they were going through troubled times back in 2000. The tech bubble, or dot-com crash as it was also called wiped out many companies and nearly even took down today’s most powerful e-commerce store, Amazon. It happened because people invested in tech companies and their stocks grew a little too popular too quick. Mampilly says now a similar thing is happening with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Paul Mampilly wrote in one article that he believes cryptocurrency is a good concept and that at some point it will have a good future in the mainstream. But it’s become too high in demand right now at a time the economy isn’t ready for it, and as a result its prices which reached record highs in 2017 are coming down in 2018. Mampilly says Bitcoin has to hit a bottom pretty far down before it can recover and become stable again. He shares information on more stable digital currency investments in his newsletters at Banyan Hill, a financial digital publication website.

Paul Mampilly moved into writing investment blogs and email newsletters after deciding to leave his old life on Wall Street. Holding a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from Montclair State University and an MBA from Fordham, Paul  Mampilly has worked for some of the world’s top banks and advised millionaire and billionaire clients while doing so. He was featured in Barron’s magazine in 2006 when he joined Kinetics International Fund, a big Wall Street hedge fund that he grew from $6 billion to $25 billion in AUM. Mampilly often shared his insights with analysts on CNBC and the Fox Business Network, and he bought stocks that he sold for huge profit after they hit high levels including Olympus Corporation, CEMEX, Facebook, and Sarepta Therapeutics which gained over 1,000℅ in a very short time.

Paul Mampilly didn’t like working long hours as a hedge fund manager, so he stopped working for big name executives and decided to work for himself. He realized with his newsletters he could show people who knew very little about buying stocks how to get into the market without making large of investments. What he does is offer a close-up look at his portfolio and other tips for stock picking. Mampilly spends more time now with his family such as going to school events, youth sports and going on vacation.

Neurocore is Helping People Change Their Lives

2004 was a great year for many people. Some of these people got answers to questions they had been having in regards to their brain. Children and adults in Florida and Michigan were able to learn how to improve concentration, sleep better and manage stress with the help of the Neurocore company. Even better, in the last fourteen years, the company has kept improving. They focus on helping people with anxiety, ADHD, migraines, and stress to name a few. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Their way of helping their patience is through a three step program that includes: the first step includes an initial assessment where they monitor your brain waves and your breathing. They also use some other diagnostic tests to get a full detailed map of your brain. Then they give you a personalized program to help you achieve your optimum self. This optimum self is brought about through repetition and positive reinforcement. To make sure that everything is going okay, they have neurofeedback sessions as well. Once a client is ready to be released, they do another full assessment and compare the original and final results.


Going more in depth, the ADHD program through Neurocore has seen fifty-three percent of their children no longer meet the symptomatic threshold of ADHD and eighty-five percent of them have significant improvement in their symptoms. Through scientific research the program has also found that people with ADHD actually may actually have an anxiety disorder.

Some people come in understanding that they have an anxiety disorder and are looking to get off medication. The results are the same as with the ADHD- fifty three percent no longer have issues that require them to have medication.

A patient at their Holland Center said, “My anxiety and stress levels have decreased significantly and I am happier.” With results such as this, it’s no wonder that people come to Nuerocore for help changing their lives! Read more about Neurocore at

A look at Fortress Investment Group’s investment strategy.

The Fortress Investment Group has been able to reinvent itself over the years to become one of the most prolific asset management firms. The firm was started by three partners who had worked in different financial firms before and had risen through the ranks to become influential people in their respective organizations. Wes Edens, one of the founding partners, had previously worked for the Lehman brothers before moving to BlackRock financial services where he was a partner and managing director. Randal Nardone was a managing director at UBS and while the third partner Rob Kauffman was also a managing director at UBS. Their combined experience in the financial services sector had given them an opportunity to study and understand various investment vehicles and the options they offered.

The firm was able to raise four hundred million dollars that used be used as the initial investment for the firm. At the time the Fortress Investment Group ran a tight ship, but within the first five years, they had been able to grow their assets to over four billion dollars. This growth meant that the group needed more people to join the team to help it manage and sustain the new assets and investment vehicles. They would bring in Peter Briger to establish a Credit business and hopefully grow it into a division capable of competing with others within the group. The fortress investment Group today has one of the most solid credit business divisions which has been able to do business worth more than one hundred billion dollars over its lifetime.

They recently introduced the special opportunities credit facility that was meant to make special investments in industries that may not yet have hit the mainstream ear. In 2010 Fortress investment Group acquired AIG, America and were able to turn around the subprime lender from a failing entity to a fourteen billion equity fund. The fund is now known as Springleaf Financial Services. This and other investments continue to be the building blocks of Fortress, even at a time when the private equity fund seems to be slowing down. Softbank Japan recently acquired the group.


Freedom Checks – Are they real?

There has been a commercial airing for a few months talking about the Freedom Checks. The commercial speaks about how people are getting their share of $34.6 billion in Freedom Checks. The commercial also states that you must be invested by a certain date which was February 1st, but then it changed to May 1st that you have to be invested by to receive your Freedom Checks. Learn more about Freedom Checks at


People have been wondering if the Freedom Checks are real. There are several google search results about the Freedom Checks and reviews from people who are trying to get you to sign up. An investor named Matt Badiali has a video out giving details about these checks.

There are also testimonials from a man who received $160,923, another man received $24,075, and a woman received $66,570. It has been said that those testimonials are fake which makes it difficult to believe if the checks are real or not. The checks appear to be an investment and are in fact real. Visit the website to learn more.


You receive these checks when you invest into a MLP (Master Limited Partnerships) company. The MLPs are usually gas and energy companies. The checks are also tax free.

Investing in a MLP company is the same as investing in any other company except the MLPs must have 90% revenue in natural resources. There are 568 companies that are a part of the MLP. The more you receive in these checks depends on how much is invested in the MLP companies.

Matt Badiali’s video is also trying to get people to sign up for a membership to his newsletter about real wealthy strategies, and then he goes into details about the MLPs and the checks. So the checks are in fact real and not a scam as most people thought or still thinks as some are still skeptical.


What the Partnership between Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation means in the Anti-Aging Industry

Entrepreneur Jason Hope has diversified his interests, with the current focus on rejuvenating researches on anti-aging. In this industry, Hope has been concerned with developing techniques to reduce the adverse effects of aging such as diseases – Alzheimer’s, hypertension, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, etc. His interest in the aging research made him donate 500,000 US dollars to the SENS Foundation in 2010.

The SENS Research Foundation is run by Aubrey de Grey and has involved itself in the research of drugs that can operate against the aging process of human bodies. The foundation uses regenerative medicines in the treatment of age-related illnesses. As the chief scientist and founder of the firm, Grey organizes an annual conference on rejuvenation biotechnology. The conference assembles speakers who help build knowledge on the topic as well as learn from each other. This course has been successful through the funding by Jason Hope, and the two partners are optimistic about the future of the research.

So, why would Hope donate such a hefty amount to the foundation? Did he lack an alternative entrepreneurial taste? These are common questions most people ask concerning the donation. However, Jason Hope stated in an interview that he was contented with donating the money because the foundation is formulating unique aging-combating methods. According to hope, the research by SENS focuses on combating lung and heart diseases before they even happen. Such infections are deadly and would influence faster aging of other body organs if treated late.

On its side, the foundation was able to continue with their research activities from the funding. For instance, they built the Cambridge SENS Lab to further their operations and begin a new research program.

SENS lab has led to breakthrough achievements. One of these achievements is developing a program known as AGE-Breaker. Here, AGE stands for Advanced Glycation End products. Thus, a drug is AGE-Breaker if it can break these end products or wastes resulting from metabolism.

According to Jason Hope, the research by SENS will help in his mission of fighting to age. And the focus is not to make people live forever but to make people live a long and quality life.

About Jason Hope:

In Its NewsWatch TV Review, Contour Design Has Nothing Buy Good Things To Say

A little while back ago, Contour Design wanted to advertise their new ergonomic workstation via television and online mediums. Their main goal was to increase sales and exposure. The audience they wanted to target was those in the United States, primary employers and employees who would benefit from their products. So, they turned to NewsWatch TV.

When NewsWatch launched Contour Design’s campaign, the results came fast. In its review, Contour Design said the sales for its Ultimate Workstation line spiked. The company said the work NewsWatch did was the reason sales skyrocketed. They finished their review by saying that the video produced for their campaign was impressive and of high quality.

What Is NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a television show. It is owned and operated by its parent company, Bridge Communications. The show covers both paid and editorial content that falls within a range of topics and subjects. Generally speaking, the show’s categories include entertainment segments as well as consumer reviews, breaking medial and government news and celebrity interviews to name a few.

Awards & Recognition

The show has been on the air for over 20 years. Since launching, the show has gone on to receive nationwide recognition and has received a number of awards. This includes a Marcom Award in 2017 and the Silver Telly Award in 2016.

Where Is NewsWatch Located

NewsWatch TV operates several offices in America. This includes its main office in Washington, DC. Its other offices are located in New York City, Fairfax and Denver.

For those interested in watching the show, they can tune in on Monday mornings at 7AM. It typically airs on the AMC Network as well as ION and its affiliates. Those who want to advertise via NewsWatch TV can contact the company’s advertising department via NewsWatch’s website.

Peter Briger is a Titan in the Finance and Investment Game

Highly lauded for his acute business acumen, Peter Briger, a graduate of Princeton University, is almost universally recognized as a titan within the world of finance and investment. It was after leaving Goldman Sachs & Co., where he was a partner during his 15-year career, that Mr. Briger really made a name for himself, as he joined Fortress Investment Group, quickly changing the trajectory of the company. Today, Mr. Briger currently acts as the President and Co-Chairman of Fortress Investment Group, which is recognized as one of the most prominent private equity firms in existence, as well as the first of its stature to issue an initial public offering in 2007. Mr. Briger is a member of the elite Forbes 400, and his daily responsibilities at Fortress Investment Group revolves around directing the real estate, as well as credit fund business sectors.

After graduating from Princeton University, Peter Briger garnered an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, where he attended the Wharton School of Business. Mr. Briger’s time at Goldman Sachs represents the most significant jump in terms of his career, as it was during this fifteen-year period that he garnered an expert understanding of investment banking, while also fine-tuning the set of skills that would allow him to flourish in his later endeavors. Specializing in real estate, loans, and distressed debt, he would utilize his strong skill and dedication to move up within the company, eventually becoming a partner at the prominent bank. With Peter Briger at the helm, Fortress Investment Group has quickly risen to become one of the faces of the industry, currently managing nearly $70 billion in assets.

Catering to investors of both the institutional, as well as the private variety, Mr. Briger’s role at the company, which deals with converting financial instruments that are distressed, into dollars, has placed him squarely in the spotlight, due to the volatile economic issues around the world. In recent years, he has been increasingly involved with helping foreign markets that have been riddled with debt, to raise capital. An active philanthropist, Peter Briger has donated in excess of $600 million to the maintenance of New York City’s, Central Park, and also dedicates much of his time to ensuring that impoverished areas receive improvements in regards to their education. Today, at the age of 51, Peter Briger is a billionaire who’s contributed significantly to the world of investment and finance, and he continues to push for the relief of debt-laden nations across the globe.

How Anil Chaturvedi Became a Seasoned Banker

Anil Chaturvedi is a proficient banker and the present Managing Director at the Hinduja Bank, Switzerland. The Hinduja Bank is a private bank. Anil graduated from the University of Meerut in India with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. In 1973, Anil graduated from the Delhi University with a Master’s in Business Administration. He later started working at the State Bank of India where he was a branch manager. Anil later moved to North America where he worked at ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York as the Vice President and Chief Representative for the United States processes.

Anil has four years of experience working as a professional banker. This made him gain proficiency from the prominent international banks. He is handling cross-border trades that are going on in India and the European Union, thanks to his experience. Anil has an experience in both commercial and private banking as well as investment banking.

For individuals who seek to invest in the banking industry, Anil is utilizing his inspiration in the banking sector to support a better working prospect. Anil is famous for focusing on banking transactions like private banking, corporate advisory business, and banking for commercial purposes. Before working for Hinduja Bank, Anil worked with various other financial institutions. The longest that he has served in his banking career was at the Merrill Lynch Bank, where he served for 18 years.

Anil has proudly transformed the banking sectors of various countries in different continents. He is also responsible for the growth of corporate advisories that guided corporates and businesses to create a robust coalition and partnership with one another. Companies that involved in mergers and acquisitions also greatly benefited from the banking style he introduced.

At Hinduja Bank, Anil led the bank’s initiative to concentrate in the Middle East and the South Asian markets. Anil contributes his international and Wall Street knowledge to the group which has resulted in the firm’s extraordinary progress. Anil has worked in many banks culturing beneficial ideas from topmost financiers. He is a famous professional banker experienced in investments and businesses industry due to his broad exposure to the banking industry.

The Chainsmokers Are Expanding On Their Musical Talents

It might not seem like it takes a lot of work to create a song, being only a couple of minutes long, but it actually takes a ton of focus and time in order to get a song sounding right. The Chainsmokers recently shared some of their music making with fans and how they put sounds together to create beats and a full chorus. This brief clip was over in just a minute, but it actually takes substantially longer to put all the sounds together. Alex and Andrew want to give their fans more insight into their music and what goes into the making of their passion. The public can expect to see these music creation videos in the next few months.

The Chainsmokers are well-known all over the world today for there music, mostly in EDM and pop. The appealing thing about the Chainsmokers music is that it is all upbeat vibes and fun dance music that just makes people want to listen to more. The Chainsmokers have become famous for their style of music and within just a couple years of their first mainstream song they were staring down at the rest of the music industry. Alex and Andrew are incredibly talented and are always pushing themselves to do new things with their music, which is the major reason behind their new releases in 2018. They started off with Sick Boy, which was a totally different vibe than their previous music so far. Nonetheless, fans have enjoyed what the Chainsmokers are creating, which is not only storytelling but musically inspired.

The Chainsmokers want to grow as musicians instead of simply focusing on one kind of music like they have done for a couple years now. While Alex and Andrew have stated they love the electronic sounds, they want to try new things as well. Their top hits are never going away and they will surely make more in the future. Only time will tell what these two musical geniuses cook up for their fans in the next few years.