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Alex Pall Music Success

Alex Pall has brought major changes in the music industry through his innovativeness. He recently released a new track that features prestigious personnel like Andrew. For a vast number of years, Alex has worked together with his counterpart Andrew to come up with unique tracks that have seen their music career grow to the top. Alex Pall`s major successes have been associated with his great dedication towards his work. Alex not only strives to come up with unique tracks but he also tries to collaborate with the best artist in the course of his productions.

He was thrilled to feature Andrew in his new track, and the skills that the latter showcased during the shooting of the track’s video also attracted his attention. Though Andrew did not start his career as a musician, he was a successful and famous Dj in the United States. He has gained a great reputation over the past years, and he fully understands the various requirements for a successful music career. Together with Alex, they have shared ideas to ensure that they produce their tracks according to their customer`s preferences.

The major successes that Alex has achieved through his work have also served as a great inspiration to him. He is also a great listener, and he strives to pay close attention to his client’s opinions. Besides, Pall strives to personalize his music brand into one of the most thrilling arts, and he does not rely on songwriters and sounds scapes to achieve the authentic nature of his songs. Through the major successes he achieved in his music, Pall has inspired a vast number of people, and a significant number of them strive to emulate his ambitious and positive attitude.

Additionally, Alex is also a writer, and he likes to express his thoughts by writing and publishing them. His publications have also inspired many people, and he seeks to give his readers hope through his various mind-blowing writings. Alex is also a great pianist, and he often entertains his friends as well as clients through his admirable piano skills. Alex is unstoppable, and he looks forward to achieving a breakthrough in his career through composing new unique tracks.

GoBuyside (NY)

If you were drowning, wouldn’t you appreciate a strong helping hand? Of course you would.

What if your business were drowning in millions or billions of dollars of losses due to the lack of competent corporate professionals? Then you’d appreciate a strong financial hand to lift your firm back into economic prosperity. Read more about GoBuyside at


That’s what GoBuyside is doing for firms around the globe every day. GoBuyside is a global recruitment platform concern that in the past seven years have helped businesses around the globe maintain their financial balance.

Established in 2011, GoBuyside has very quickly won the respect of firms everywhere, particularly investment and hedge fund firms, who feel a great sense of gratitude to GoBuyside.

If you’d like to learn more, then go online, take a look at its website, then when you’re satisfied with what you’ve read, then join up by becoming a registered member. Once you are there, you can begin to see what it takes to stay financially solvent in this tough economy.

That’s all you have to do to become a member of its trusted website. And if you have any questions their staff is right there, ready to answer and address your concerns.



Every firm needs help sometimes, even the best ones, and GoBuyside is at your side when you’re looking for top corporate talent. Finding the best-qualified person isn’t easy, it can be quite a challenge, and speaking of challenges, take a look at to see the 7 challenges firms have to face when looking for top talent in investments, and how GoBuyside is helping to meet such challenges.

So, if you feel you’re drowning in increased pressure because of not having capable qualified individuals to help boost your company’s image and give it the financial edge it’s seeking, then GoBuyside is here to the rescue.

All you have to do is sign up online and get started on the road to economic recovery and prosperity, by recruiting top corporate talent.

Yes, when you’re drowning you do indeed appreciate a helping hand, and it’s comforting to know that there’s companies like GoBuyside that’s willing to help. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s clients love her

Dr. Jennifer L. Warren, a cosmetic surgeon based out of Austin, Texas has an excellent reputation with her clients. A look at the client testimonials linked from her website reveals their genuine feelings of happiness and satisfaction with Dr. Warren.

One recent client who saw Dr. Warren for a breast augmentation mentioned how at ease she was immediately made to feel by the entire staff. This client mentioned how she was impressed with how all her questions were answered and she was not left wondering about any subject. Several other recent breast augmentation clients have also mentioned their pleasure with the staff, specifically the PA, the scheduling and the ease and comfort experienced during their visits.

Dr. Warren has several positive reviews for her Rhinoplasty work as well. A recent rhinoplasty client mentioned how compassionate Dr. Warren was with her. She was very nervous going into the procedure but Dr. Warren was able to explain and break down the steps of the procedure in such a way that the clients nerves were calmed. This client was also impressed with how kind the nurses were both before and after the surgery.

Dr. Warren also has many very positive reviews for her BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane and Juvederm® treatments. One client mentioned how she felt so comfortable after her inital consultation for BOTOX® Cosmetic that she went ahead with treatment that day. She went on to say that she was happy with her very natural looking results. A Juvederm® client raved how she loved her new nose and it was exactly what she wanted.

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Jennifer Warren’s clients seem very happy with her work and her staff. Dr. Warren would be recommended for anyone wanting cosmetic procedures done in the Austin, Texas area.


Popular Fashion Podcasts – Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University, founded by Richard Stephens, opened its doors in 1929 in San Francisco, California. It is said to be the largest privately owned art and design school in the United States. They have established a variety of departments, including the School of Fashion.

Fashion School Daily is an online blog ran by the Academy of Art University School of Fashion. One article, in particular, struck my interest that was titled “7 Best Fashion Podcasts of 2018.” In the world today, podcasts are growing rapidly in popularity and are available in almost any interest categorey. As the author of the article states, she believes that listening to podcasts help pass the time on her morning drive to work. As well, podcasts continue to help individuals find new fashions trends that are becoming popular in the industry. Podcasts seem to interest and inform people in a variety ways.

For a good breakdown of the article, the 7 podcasts listed are as follows: i-D Magazine’s “Fash-ON Fash-OFF”, American Fashion Podcast, Man Repeller’s “Oh Boy”, Glamour’s “What I Wore When”, Pop Fashion, The Glossy Podcast and Refinery 29’s UnStyled.

i-D Magazine

This podcast describes great fashion tips, fashion news and the ups and downs from fashion week.

American Fashion Podcast

Contains in-depth interviews with a variety of experts in the fashion industry, discussing current issues facing the industry.

Man Repeller

Discusses a large range of topics within the industry, including an added diverse point of view.


Inspirational and entertaining storytelling from leading women in the fashion industry.

Pop Fashion

Talks about a variety of fashion and pop culture news with an added sense of humor to the issues discussed.

The Glossy Podcast

Discusses the technology within the fashion industry, as well as the business side and how it is changing in today’s society.

Refinery 29

The podcast contains women’s success stories and inspirational storytelling.

Find out more about Academy of Art University:

Habits to Develop On the Way to Financial Freedom

When it comes to be being financially fit, you have to realize that you need to develop certain habits that may be different than the habits you currently have. If your current habits are not leading you to the road of financial fitness, then you need to change those habits and develop new habits. Here are some ideas of good habits that will help you go on the right path towards financial fitness.


The first thing you have to focus on is making savings a priority. If you want to be fit financially, you need to have enough money stashed away in case an emergency arises or you lose a source of income. Just because your paycheck is paying your bills right now does not mean that you are fit financially. You have to make putting deposits into your savings account a priority if you really want to change your current financial situation. This means that saving has to become second nature to you, just like spending may be right now.


Speaking about spending, you have to be able to control your spending. It may be hard at first, especially if you are used to following your impulses whenever you feel a need or a wish for some object that you pass by on the street or which you see in a storefront. However, as you continue to control your spending habits, you will find that controlling your impulses when it comes to shopping will become second nature to you. Do not be discouraged if at first it seems hard because later on it will be a lot easier and you will be happier, not to mention more fit financially. Review your spending habits right now.


You have to start reviewing your finances right away as well. First of all, look at your spending. How does it match up with your income? Do you have to go into debt in order to live up to the lifestyle that you got used to living? Perhaps it is time to spend less money and live more frugally. What about your savings account? Is it being filled or is there never enough money left? Are you paying off your debts so that you eventually become entirely debt free?


These are all things that you have to look at when you decide to become financially fit. Changing your habits is the first step towards making long lasting change in your situation. You also need a long term coach to stand by your side and tell you about the best spending and savings habits that will lead you to financial freedom. Infinity Group Australia is a good example of a place where you can find such a coach. Learn more:

Jeunesse Global Provides A Range Of Beauty And Health Products

The kind of products offered by Jeunesse Global are things that most all of us could benefit from in some way or another. The company has made sure to try to provide something for just about everyone no matter what stage of life they are in.

For those who have not heard of the company, Jeunesse Global is a brand that was established by two formerly retired individuals who wanted to help provide the world with the kind of goods that they thought might help them with their health and beauty needs. That is important because many of us feel that we would like to improve one thing or another about ourselves from time to time.

Jeunesse Global has a system that they call Y.E.S. This stands for Youth Enhancement System. It includes products such as: AM/PM Essentials, Nevo, M1ND, and more. These are all targeted products that serve a specific function to help the user feel that they are more in control of their life and how they look and feel.

A product like AM/PM Essentials is literally supposed to be taken to help a person get up in the morning feeling more rested and go to sleep at night without all of the tossing and turning that sometimes accompanies that process.

M1ND is a uniquely spelled product that comes in a tiny one ounce pouch to make it easier to take with you on the go no matter where life takes you. It is supposed to enhance your cognitive ability and your capacity for memory as well. Users of this often report that it does both for them.

Nevo is the energy drink answer from Jeunesse Global. At just fifty calories per can and with no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors, it is easy to see why this is one of the most popular energy drinks on the market at this point. It has all of the caffeine that the other energy drinks out there have, but it cuts away some of the extras that are not as desirable.

These are all the great kinds of things that you get when you switch to using Jeunesse Global as your choice for staying fit and healthy.


The Fortress Investment Group entails of investment management, and it was created in 1998 by Wesley R. Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. It experienced continuous growth and eventually in 2007, it started trading publicly in the New York Stock exchange, becoming the first significant private organization to do so. It currently has assets worth $43 billion for nearly 2000 private investors, permanent capital vehicles, and hedge funds. Peter Briger who is an alumnus of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and Princeton University, joined the group in 2002. He came in alongside his former accomplice and former Goldman Sachs’ member, Michael Novogratz who worked there as a Fund Manager. He, however, left Fortress in 2015 to pursue other interests. It was from this group that he got most of his wealth from.

This happened after the company sold their shares to Soft Bank, a Japanese multinational, for $8.08 a share, all amounting to $3.3 billion. Peter Briger is the current President, Principal, and Head of Credit and Real Estate Business in the group. Peter started off as a director for the group back in 2006 and was later appointed as the Co-chairman of the board in 2009. He has also was at Goldman Sachs & Co. for 15 years which is what led to him joining the Fortress Investment Group. He is currently number 317 in the Forbes list which gauged his wealth at 1.5 billion dollars. Fortress Investment Group has experienced significant growth for the past two decades. Between 2006 and 2007, the group acquired the largest ski resort in North America, Intrawest, which is a Canadian Company. Other purchases it made were Penn National Gaming, RailAmerica, and Florida East Coast Industries.

Fortress Investment Group sought to create US’s first Bitcoin regulated exchange which Peter Briger was the one who headlined this project. Peter Briger explained that Bitcoin was a new way to make transactions online safely and securely which was also simple. He stated that Wells Fargo would be inclusive of the pursuit of the Bitcoin project since this new form of currency was capable of challenging the already existing payment methods. He said that both Wells Fargo and Fortress Investment had the capability of providing America with a regulated exchange for Bitcoin. This project didn’t stop Wall Street from going forward with their intentions of using Bitcoin as a mode of currency exchange.

Vijay Eswaran – A Globally Known Entrepreneur And Author

Vijay Eswaran, a well-known entrepreneur, was born in Penang, Malaysia. He founded a direct sales company, the QI Group of Companies, where he is currently the Executive Chairman and has affiliates in thirty countries. QI manages investments in education, hospitality, retail and real estate and employs 1500 people. Its headquarters is in Hong Kong, where Vijay lives. His company thrives on high values and ethics.

Even though Asia was in the middle of a serious economic crisis, Vijay was able to build a prominent, growing company. The key to his success is his personal philosophy of keeping a positive attitude, even though the world around you may be falling apart. He did this by:

  1. Accepting failure as part of growing
  2. A clear plan for achieving success
  3. Pushing through obstacles encountered
  4. Staying motivated in every aspect of the business
  5. Having an “anyone can be successful” attitude

His personal philosophy spilled over into his business philosophy, which also made him successful globally.

Vijay is not only a great businessman, but a giving man. He gives ten percent of the company’s profits to charities. He founded the RHYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundation in 2005, that helps children with special needs in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Also, a school was created for Malaysian children who have learning disabilities.

Along with his business capabilities, he is an author of several books. He feels his greatest gift is his motivational talks. He mentors other entrepreneurs and provides motivational training for thousands who attend his seminars. His books include business tips, developing personally¸ managing life and being a great leader. He also loves to read books. In a Forbes tweet he said, “When I read a book, it allows me to walk into another person’s mind.” He feels that reading is a luxury.

In recognition of his accomplishments, he has received countless awards for business and is in the top fifty of Asia’s contributors to charities. Vijay Eswaran is a humble man and loves people. With his positive and giving attitude, his successes will continue for years to come.

The Evolution of the Southridge Capital Company

Southridge Capital is a financial solutions and analysis company founded and launched in 1996. The company prides itself in being one of the fastest-growing financial institutes in the world. Created by CEO, Stephen Hicks, the company has branched out to include offices in America, Africa, France and Singapore. Their main headquarters is in Connecticut, where their four chief analysts work full-time. These experts include Linda Carlsen, Laurence Ditkoff, Stephen Hicks and Henry Sargent. With all of their combined 60 years of experience, Southridge Capital has taken on clients of varying financial needs and degrees. They also work with high net worth clients who are in need of proper financial planning. They have accumulated over $1.8 billion in United States investments. For more details visit Crunchbase.


The company has over 250 customers worldwide, with some of these clients including Ridgefield Estates, Community Health and Walnut Church Community Center. Recently, Southridge Capital began work with the Connecticut Health Department to establish financial programs that help the nearby cities and towns. Along with having hundreds of paying customers, Southridge Capital donates to charities around the world. They work alongside the Daystar Foundation to benefit charities in need of financial aid. Not only does Southridge donate their profits to these organizations, but they also help them with financial planning and analysis.


Some of the services provided by Southridge Capital include acquisition and merger creation, credit enhancement and repair, advisory services and financial planning. Because of the extensive experience that the company has with financial planning, corporations and individuals of all net worth values flock to the organization to receive help with their financial security. The founder and CEO of the company is Stephen Hicks, and he’s a financial advisor and analyst with well over 30 years of experience. Not only did he graduate from the Briar Cliff College of New York, but he went on to receive his Master’s degree in Business from Fordham University of NYC. He worked with the Bridge Financial Group prior to launching his own company. He was a lead analyst for that company and worked there for over 10 years before leaving the firm. Check out their Facebook page.



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Richard Dwayne Blair Wealth of Financial Market Knowledge

When it comes to investment, one has to be careful where they invest. Many people wait till they are in their 30s to start saving and investing money. According to Richard Dwayne Blair, one has to start investing their money early on so that they can save a huge amount of money for their retirement. Also, when one starts to invest at an early age even if with a small amount, they can benefit hugely from it. Richard Dwayne Blair is one of the top financial advisors in the country who serves a large number of clients in varied fields.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an investment advisor with the company Wealth Solutions. He has helped hundreds of people with their financial problems and also put in an excellent strategy to grow their wealth. He not only believes in helping his clients but also makes efforts to educate their clients so that they too know where their money has been invested. He has excellent reviews from his clients who depend on him for their financial decisions. Richard Dwayne Blair has a simple approach when it comes to creating a strategy for their clients. The first thing that he does is listen to his clients and understand their needs. He is patient and ensures that his clients can share their requirements with them. Once he has all this information with him, he creates different strategies that he discusses with his clients. Once the strategies are confirmed, they are immediately implemented and also monitored over time.

Richard Dwayne Blair went to the prestigious University of Houston from where he received his degree in Finance. He then joined the financial industry straightaway as he was always keen to know more about it. He was quick to grasp how the financial world works and studied more to become an expert that he is today. But, for him, learning is an ongoing process, and he spends time studying the market so that he can provide the best investment options to his clients. He is known for the good investment decisions that has helped his clients grow their wealth to a great extent.