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William Saito Relies On His Vast Experience To Navigate Startup Turmoil

With the type of experience that William Saito has accrued, it is no wonder why he has been able to serve as an adviser to so many different companies and businesses. He got his start at a very young age and began his very own computer security company when he was only in junior high school.

His authentication technology would prove to be popular enough to be adopted by Microsoft and was incorporated into future Windows releases. William Saito has since worked with a number of different companies in an advisory capacity and offered key IT support to the National Diet committee in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.


From there, he also developed a relationship with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and advised him on cyber security related issues. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology have also sought out his advice.

Saito has contributed to the technical task force that was established for the 2020 Summer Olympics as well. All of this experience has provided Saito with a unique and interesting perspective regarding startups in Japan. With the financial turmoil that takes place in Japan, it can be tough to get a startup off the ground.


Since Japan lacks a strong foundation for their startup culture, there are many who find themselves nervous about investing. The culture has yet to progress to a place where startups can be launched with relative ease. This is where visionary thinkers like William Saito come into play.

The time has come for Japan to create their own Google or their own Facebook. The fact that such a thing does not exist yet does not deter Saito. He is able to go back to his days as a teenager who was attempting to find his own way as a means of providing advice to those who wish to navigate modern day turmoil.

He believes that corporations are allowing their fear of failure to dictate their decision making processes and that is what causes the turmoil to worsen. Japan’s current climate does not help matters because of the rampant deflation that is taking place. In Saito’s estimation, there is a direct correlation between the amount of money that a company spends on socialization and their stock price.

Japanese companies often communicate best at the bar over beers. With a greater emphasis on open communication and a more open minded approach regarding investments in companies that have experienced past failures, he believes that startups can easily overcome any turmoil placed in front of them. With the amount of experience that Saito has collected over the years, it would be foolish to ignore the insights that he has to offer.


Mr. Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group Retains his Leadership Position

Without a doubt, managing the financial structure of an organization so that it reaches its goals and objectives is a smart move towards success. Strategic financial management involves the specific planning and usage of resources in a company in order to attain the objectives. That is where Fortress Investment Group comes in as a financial planner for its clients. Fortress Investment Group LLC prides itself on being a highly diversified company that deals with global investment management. Currently holding about $43.6 billion in assets, the company is run a group of co-principals who share the same vision of ideas in business. One of the co-principal is Peter Briger.

Peter Briger is a leading co-principal at Fortress Invetment Group LLC. He has also been the co-chairman of the board from August 2009 and then the director of the board since November 2016. As the lead co-chief executive officer, Peter Briger oversees the entire operations of the company in various departments. Aside from that, he works as the advisory chairman at Spearhead LLC. Besides, he has also been a substantial contributor to Caliber Schools where he is a lead senior executive. Over and above, Briger has a long career that spreads to Tipping Point as well as Princeton University Investment Firm. As such, it is only right to place him as a lead executive and team leader for many projects within Fortress Investment Group. That is not all for Briger. He is the lead executive for Special Surgery Hospital, but before that, he worked at Goldman Sachs as the assistant cheerleader of Whole Loan Sales as well as Trading Business.

Besides, he also spread his skills into Fixed Income Principal Group of Investment while serving at Asian Distressed Debt business as well. For Briger, the service delivery involved more than just revenue generation as he worked with clients to achieve their financial goals.Briger is one of the co-principals that shall retain their seats as Fortress Investment Group moves to Softbank Group. Since the business has been sealed, it is only healthy for the management to take a new dimension. Even so, since Peter Briger has been instrumental in building the company to the top level that it now enjoys, he shall move to Softbank Group still, as a co-principal.Mr. Briger served a business advisor for International Finance Corporation in which he offered his advice on matters regarding distressed debt. Alongside with being a dedicated board member of Linktone Ltd, he is an alumnus of Wharton Business School.

Louis Chenevert: The CEO and the Chairman of United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is the CEO and the chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He was elected the chairman in 2010 and as the CEO and the president in 2008. Before joining the UTC, he had served as the director, COO and the president of United Technologies. Previously, he was the president of Pratt and Whitney. In 1993 before joining Pratt & Whitney, he spent 14 years working for General Motors as the general production manager at St Therese Operation General motors.

Louis Chenevert studied at Montreal University where he earned a degree in Bachelor of Commerce in Production Management. In 2011, he earned an Honorary Doctorate from Montreal University. He is the Montreal International Advisory Chairman and also the chairman and the founding director of Friend of HEC.

His idea of UTC was brought up by a small team of executives in a small group who had a profound understanding of clients’ needs and hunger to deliver quality products. Louis brought many ideas to the company. For example, he introduced a GTF engine that was game-changing as it would reduce fuel burn by 20%, reduce noise by 50% and reduce some parts by 30%. This contributed to very lower cost all through its life cycle. He developed new x2 machinery at Sikorsky that would increase the speed and adjust the noise signature of a helicopter.

Louis used to bring ideas by focusing on engineering and operational talents which are essential for delivering concepts that produce results that gather revenue and exceeds the expectations of the clients. He focused on preserving an effective leadership team which was provided with autonomy, funds, and tools to achieve game-changing products. It could also be followed by an intense review to make sure the main objectives were achieved. Some of the habit that made Louis Chenevert productive as a businessman is a restless follow-up, being optimistic and passionate, tremendous focus, investing his time on pushing agendas, providing operational executives with everything they need and ignoring internal politics. All these practices have played vital roles in his professional and personal success. Louis focuses on thinking big and eliminating roadblocks.

Sussex Healthcare Company

Started in 1998, Sussex Healthcare is an award winning facility. Situated in the South Coast of England, Sussex Healthcare generates a dynamic network brought out by the vast experience of its chairmen Shiraz Boghani and Shafitk Sachedin in hotel management and medical background respectively.

The company which incorporates over 20 centers, provides distinct care to old people and adults. The old people maybe mentally frail because of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia while the adults may have a failed nervous system which limits their bodily or learning capabilities. These centers also include a daycare, modern gym and residential houses where comprehensive care is provided.

Apart from the Chairmen, Sussex Healthcare Company consists of other individuals in its management which includes:
• Amanda Morgan Taylor-As the Chief Executive Officer, Morgan Taylor’s extensive experience as a mental health nurse and holder of diverse managerial positions in companies such as Craegmoor Healthcare, enables her to understand her staff and also enhance the care given to the patients.
• Corrine Wallace is in charge of marketing. She holds a masters degree in finance, marketing and management. In the health sector she was a registered nurse and has also cared for people with learning disability.
• Serving as advisors in policy issues is Professor Nick Bosanquet who is an expert in health economics and Peter Catchpole who is also an experienced healthcare specialist.

The staff is committed, caring and excellent. They are in-house trained and also supported in management and nursing courses. Their salaries are reasonable and include benefits such as paid vacations, uniform and a pension program.

Facilities and Types of care given
• Old people suffering from dementia are well cared for in order to be active in their lives and communities. There are seven facilities which offer this care including Upper Mead, Clemsfold House and Forest House.
• For adults having special needs, there are 13 centres available operated under sussex group. Some of these are SycamoreLodge and Orchard Lodge.Redwood House day centre is open to patients who live at home and they have access to aromatherapy and other activities.
• People with autism that are aged between 7 to 19 years also access care that is offered at the Treehouse Educare and the children go to school at New Barn.
• Palliative care and care for those having multiple learning disabilities is also availed.
• Sussex also diagnoses and treats hearing loss associated with aging and provides dental care for every age group.

The personalized care given to patients at Sussex Healthcare centres enables patients to live a normal life despite their health challenges.

Jordan Lindsey’s Role in the Trading of Digital Currency

Jordan Lindsey has made some big moves in both Forex and cryptocurrency over the past few years. He founded the wildly successful JCL Capital more than a decade ago in 2005, and is also the founder of some other companies within the industries of both technology and financial services. As a child who grew up in New York, the young Jordan Lindsey was quite interested in sports. His competitive spirit eventually evolved into an entrepreneurial spirit, which led him to the conclusion that he wanted to leave a positive impact on his surroundings. Growing a successful business, he concluded, was the best way for him to reach this goal.

Within the world of algo trading, Jordan Lindsey is an established veteran with years of experience. Impressively, he taught himself computer programming from scratch, and eventually turned that set of skills into career success through working as a systems architecture designer. Mr. Lindsey chose to move from his home in New York to the other side of the country after discovering that he had a great love for San Francisco because of the city’s culture, which encouraged entrepreneurship, appreciation of art and sharing ideas. He was previously a student at both Mount Angel Seminary an St. Joseph’s College.

One of Jordan Lindsey’s more recent accomplishments is that he has complete his work with the development of a special trading algorithm for the foreign exchange markets. He designed this algorithm to attack a very specific problem that many traders of both forex and digital currency face. The problem the algorithm solves is the fact that many traders struggle with separating their emotions from their trading. This can have some very negative impacts, such as selling out of their positions too early in reaction to a slight fluctuation in a currency’s price. Trading based on Mr. Lindsey’s algorithm is a solid solution to the issue of removing emotion from the trading experience for greater profits.

Paul Mampilly’s Journey From Wall-Street to Banyan Hill Publishing

Paul Mampilly is a Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is the initiator of the newsletter “Profits Unlimited,” which walks subscribers through the prices of stocks likely to increase in price. Mampilly oversees and manages Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum are trading services. He also writers for their newsletter, Winning Investor Daily. He began efforts at the firm in 2016. He also assists Main Street Americans in increasing wealth for investments, stocks and technology.

Prior to his current positions, he served as an editor at Stansberry Research from approximately one year. Prior to Stansberry Research, he worked as Managing Director at Kinetics Asset Management. Prior to Kinetics Asset Management, he worked with The Capuchin Group as an editor, author and publisher from October 2003 to July 2006. Paul Mampilly worked with the banking industry as well during his earlier career. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

Some of his clients include the Templeton Foundation, European aristocracy, Swiss private banks, as well as Fortune 500 companies. Paul Mampilly has been viewed on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, Reuters and more. During 2008 to 2009, Paul Mampilly received first place for the “Templeton Foundation Investment Competition.”

Paul Mampilly earned an MBA from Fordham University in 1996. Paul Mampilly retired at 42 years old and subsequently dismissed himself form Wall Street in order to focus on being a full-time writer. He writes for Banyan Hill, a publisher that gives advice on financial strategies for their readers to protect and grow their wealth. Banyan Hill is a peripheral of Agora, an alternative press media network. Read more about Paul on

Mampilly says his main reason for joining Banyan Hill was to be a part of a developing and growing business. He wanted to join a publisher who would apprise his message correctly in order to empower his readers. He wants investors to take advantage of the opportunities in today’s market that he perceives from his experience.

Since he has been a part of Banyan Hill’s team, 90,000 people have signed themselves up for the newsletters he writes called “Profits Unlimited.” Each month, Paul Mampilly prints an eight-page newsletter that describes the best investment oppuritntes he perceives for that month. The newsletter also includes the most profitable and quality stocks to buy for that specific month, according to Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly has transitioned from wall-street to Banyan Hill, yet still continues to advise investors and analyze market.


Adam Milstein Writes His Convictions Conclusively

A man involved in as many things as Adam Milstein still finds time to write. His writings are of course in support of his life’s goal and hope. He wants his home in Israel to be free from political oppression and turmoil.

In his most recent article published in the Jewish News Syndicate, Adam Milstein makes a very strong case for a seemingly irrational alliance of ideals and political affiliations. The premise of his article is that radical left organizations in the United States and Europe have mistakenly aligned themselves with terrorists by painting all Islamists with a broad brush.

The rush to blame Trump for all the ills in the United States and the world has engendered a desire for otherwise “good” movements that espouse women’s rights and the equality of the voting poor to promote speakers who have a known terrorist history according to Adam Milstein.

The often unrealized alliance of radical left and radical Islam has promoted an anti-Semitic leaning in groups that fervently espouse the rights of all races, sexes, and beliefs. The feeling against Jews has led to banning Jewish people from participation in protests, condemnations of Israel in publications, and an increase in publication of Neo-Nazi rhetoric.

Adam Milstein would not be a man to be silent in the face of this threat to Jews and Israel. He has been named as one of the most influential Jews in the world. This credential was earned from his business career, his philanthropic work, and his regular social network activity.

Adam Milstein is a Jew and very proud of having lived in Israel and served in the IDF defending his country. His brand of Zionism is a unique form of radical anti-hate. He used his own financial success in the real estate business, Hager Pacific Properties, to create a charitable foundation that contributes to a number of causes that support Israel and Jews.

The mission that Adam Milstein has designed for himself is to create a passion and affinity with Israel and all things Jewish in young people. Many of the young Jewish people in the U. S. have somewhat lost touch with their homeland and culture. The programs that he has developed are aimed at rekindling the idea of what being a Jew means in the generations that are to come.

Why Waiakea Water is 2018’s Hottest Trend

Waiakea Water is special beyond its embodiment of Hawaiian culture. This volcanic water company started in 2012 and have been making a name for themselves in the industry as one of the most innovative and environmentally-conscious companies in the game. “Wai akea,” meaning broad waters, is the perfect way to incorporate Hawaiian culture on the companies surface. On top of its unique name, Waiakea Water is going to fully switch to the world’s first fully degradable water bottle in 2018. Making them one step ahead of other companies. The reason behind why the water is called “volcanic water” is because of its filtering process. Waiakea Volcanic Water is filtered by running through 14k feet of porous volcanic rock of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii on the big island of Hawaii.

If all of these three things combined aren’t enough to convince you, let’s talk the benefits of drinking volcanic water. Waiakea Water is enriched with tons of natural electrolytes and minerals that are crucial for your body’s health. It has a natural alkaline level of 8.8 pH; this means that this volcanic water instantly reverses pepsin–acid reflux. The consumption of volcanic water may even have therapeutic benefits for those who struggle with acid reflux.

Waiakea Water are not only environmentally conscious and the first of its kind, but also hold numerous ethical, sustainable, and charitable attributes. For each liter Waiakea sells they donate 1 weeks worth of water to those in need. Their mission is to sustainably provide naturally healthy volcanic water while promoting and participating in clean water distribution for people all throughout the world; making it as accessible as possible.

Waiakea Water has won six awards for their creation of ethical and sustainable water bottles. They’ve been featured in over 10 different magazines, TV shows, and competitions. Waiakea is the most award-winning bottled water and beverage in the US. Waiakea works with over 14 distributors to bring its volcanic water to: Whole Foods, Wawa, Gold’s Gyms, Albertsons, and hundreds of other retail, foodservice, and fitness locations in over 30 states.

Randal Nardone and The Empirical Training He Has That Helps Sustain His Success

There are many businesses today that strive to be the best. They hire the best talents, outsource to the least expensive countries and hire consultants to give their companies that needed corporate boost. However, no matter how much investment you make or how many people you hire to improve your company, it’s hard to make it fly when you have not covered the basics. One of the companies today that have been able to do the right way of managing the fundamentals first before proceeding to the next phase of running a business is Fortress Investment Group under the leadership of its co-founder, Randal Nardone.

The Billionaire’s List

We have so many things to cover when we want to talk about the different career decisions of Randal Nardone today as he leads Fortress Investment, one of today’s largest global asset managers that have been operating with utmost care and risk-aversion to handle the assets of the stakeholders. However, one of the most remarkable news lately about Randal Nardone is the fact that he was once selected to be part of the illustrious and unforgettable Forbes’ List of Billionaires. The position he held was No. 557, and because of the work he did for Fortress Investment Gorup, he got to an astonishing income of about $1.8 Billion dollars.It also helps that the country of citizenship of Mr. Randal Nardone is the United States, which is a country of great entrepreneurial pursuits and centralized form of tinkering that helps spread wealth. There could be so many reasons how Mr. Nardone got the remarkable achievement today, but it could probably also be because of the fact that he went to the University of Connecticut and took a pre-law course and later became a lawyer, that he is now one of the richest men in the world.

The Work He Does For Fortress Investment

Mr. Nardone’s remarkable involvement in the growth of Fortress Investment Group came from being the company’s co-founder that’s responsible for the general operations of the company, particularly acting as the company’s chief operating officer. With partners Peter Briger, Michael Novograts and Wesley Edens, he’s been able to grow Fortress Investment into a brand and asset fund that could stand the test of times. With 53 million shares in the $1.6 billion worth of Fortress Investment, Mr. Nardone holds a lot of influence in where the future of the company would go. This billion amount of value, by the way, caem from when the Japanese firm Nomura bought Fortress Investment for $890 million around last year. Since 2005, Nardone has already increased his payout from the company to about $100 million.Truly, with all these achievements in the name of Mr. Nardone, we can surmise that the next financial challenges of Fortress Investment would no longer something that he couldn’t tackle. He has already built enough experience, expertise and network skills to make sure that the growth of the company is sustained. There are risks today that had been hidden before, true, but with the kind of training that Mr. Nardone already got, these challenges would be nothing.

A Review of EOS Lip Balm’s Commitment to Organic Products

As we in general become more conscious of what we are putting in our bodies and what beauty products we are putting on our faces, EOS lip balms are leading the charge in having women everywhere feel comfortable about committing to become a brand loyalist to the company. EOS, which stands for Evolutionary of Smooth, has a strong line of organic lip balms that have been a purse staple for nearly a decade for women everywhere.  EOS is passionate about making sure that each of its lip balms is made from only the finest, natural ingredients, which helps it build a dedicated customer fan base.  Each EOS lip balm is certified as organic and is made of 100% natural ingredients ( These delicious lip balms are all full of rich, natural ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter.

EOS is highly selective about what flavors and collections it rolls out to its huge fan base. EOS is highly selective about its line of organic lip balms and has just a few products. EOS’s goal is to only release products that fans will absolutely love. Women often have “their” personal EOS flavor that they buy again and again and eventually becomes their signature flavor.


EOS’s original line of organic lip balms includes just six signature flavors: Summer Fruit, Pomegranate Raspberry, Strawberry Sorbet, Vanilla Bean, Wildberry and Sweet Mint. Like many EOS flavors, each flavor is specifically fused of two flavors that come together to form something totally unique to EOS and that isn’t typically found elsewhere, check Amazon. For example, Pomegranate Raspberry combines the tart and fruity taste of raspberry with the rich taste of pomegranate. Sweet Mint delicately fuses a delicate sweetness with the burst of fresh mint. Strawberry Sorbet combines the light burst of fruity strawberry with a luxurious richness of sorbet.