Lime Crime the Vegan Makeup That Markets itself to Unicorns

The Lime Crime Cosmetics makeup brand was founded in 2008 by Doe Deere. The makeup line was established for customers who like to stand out and express their individual style. The makeup line is characterized by its bright colors, metallics, glitters, and a lot of sparkles. The makeup line claims to comprise all the features and values that founder Doe Deere likes and is committed to and it shows in the stunning variety of vibrant colors and shades used to create the makeup line form if hair tints, signature unicorn lipstick line, and venus palettes.

The cosmetics line also exemplifies Deereā€™s commitment to a vegan & cruelty-free makeup line. Lime Crime Cosmetics is committed to creating a vegan line of cosmetics. The makeup does not include any animal byproducts of ingredients and also sticks to the commitment to have a cruelty free line by not testing their products on animals. The makeup company is so dedicated to their belief in a vegan and cruelty makeup line that they have made an effort to be certified by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. PETA or the People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals has certified LimeCrime as a vegan makeup line and has included it in their vegan shopping guide. Additionally, Lime Crime is also certified by and proudly displays the Leaping Bunny Logo on their website.

The LimeCrime cosmetics line has makeup for the eyes, lips, nails, hair and also sells accessories like brushes. For colorful and somewhat conservative looks try the venus palettes. The venus, venus 2, and venus xl all have some colorful choices but also include a few darker more conservative shades for when the occasion calls for them. For a glamorous look try a shade from their Diamond and Dew line to add some sparkle. Want to bring that same glam look to your lips? Then the Diamond Crushers lip tint can give it to you. The Lime Crime Cosmetic line has the right combination of colors and shades to give you the look that you want.