Southridge Capital is About More than Just Investing and Capital

Southridge Capital LLC can help your business in a plethora of different ways. Whether it is helping companies to eliminate debt and enhance their credit or helping them find innovative out-of-the-box financing solutions to gain the capital they need Southridge Capital LLC has helped hundreds of companies succeed. Southridge was founded in 1996 by its current CEO Stephen Hicks.

A Proven Track Record

Since being founded the team has helped to finance over 250 public companies globally. They have also through their Structured Finance team made direct investments totaling almost 2 billion dollars into growth companies worldwide. They believe that it is their expertise and their ability to customize financing plans and execute those plans without failure that has allowed them to see the success that they have today. Some of the services offered buy Southridge Capital LLC include credit enhancement, financing solutions, and securitization.

Additional Advisory Services

They also offer advisory services such as balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisitions, legal settlements, bankruptcy advice, restructuring analysis and more. Their first-hand experience with helping finance over 250 companies gives them a unique and thorough understanding when it comes to the issues that companies face such as going public and creating their individual financing plans. Southridge LLC is based out of Connecticut, however, they also have a fund management office located in New York.

Southridge and Daystar Foundation Philanthropic Efforts

Southridge Capital LLC doesn’t just invest in companies they also invest in communities. Through the combined efforts of Southridge and the Daystar Foundation which was created by the CEO and his wife Mary, they have donated thousands of dollars to many different organizations. Some of the organizations that they have helped include but are not limited to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, the Walnut Community Hill Church, the Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, the LounsBury house and the Ridgefield Community Center. Check out their website to learn more.

Learn More About Southridge Capital

The principles of social responsibility through philanthropy is something the team at Southridge strongly believes in. Volunteer work, leadership, and community involvement are strongly supported throughout the workforce. To learn more about Southridge Capital LLC and how they may be able to help your business succeed check out their website today. You can visit their Facebook page.

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