Dr. Rod, the game changer

In this world often most people often wish to stay young even though they know their time is up and they ought to accept old age. In this present age, the advancement of technology has given hope to thousands of people through greatly talented plastic surgeons like Dr. Rod Rohrich. Rod happens to be among the best plastic surgeons in America located in Dallas. He is a professor at UT Southwestern medical college and the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He introduced the course at Texas University. He has held the office of the chair in CCB, BWW, and reconstructive surgery. He was brought up in North Dakota. He is a high honors graduate of North Dakota State University, Michigan medical college, Oxford University and Baylor Medical College.

His over 20 years’ experience has earned him then chair sit in over a hundred educational symposiums as a trainer and a visiting professor. He was the president of ASPS and Rhinoplasty. A Magazine named him the best plastic surgeon in Dallas. He received many service awards during his educational career. His creative nature has driven and enabled him to come up with many ways of using technology to change an individual’s appearance. He is the editor in chief of the world’s best journal for plastic surgeons. His writing skills have granted him the ability to write fifty chapters, five textbooks and over 600 articles on the same. He was labeled super in Texas, Notable and the best in America. He is married to one wife with whom they are blessed with two children. To know more about him click here.

His experience in the past years has earned him the privilege to attend the symposium of Baker Gordon which was meant to be educational. It was being held for the 52nd time to discuss the evolution in the cosmetic surgery industry such as a lecturer and a panelist. He will also do a live presentation. After the current event, he will chair, actively participate and organize both the meetings of the Cosmetic Surgery of Global Dallas and also that of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting. He aims to bring worldwide faculties to discuss the latest techniques in performing the surgeries using a live example with experts in the field.

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