EOS Lip Balm Becomes the Leader that Others Follow

EOS Lip Balm is growing in popularity. This is largely because the reviews have been so positive for this brand that seems to outshine lip chap brand ChapStick. It may have never occurred to anyone that this would be the company that would rise to the top in a completely saturated lip balm market, but it appears to be the winner. More to read on ulta.com

EOS president of sales, Brian Bradley, and the director of smooth strategy, Sherry Jhawar, have been getting creative with the wax-like substance that is used to moisturize lips. The company was founded in 2006, but it really did not take off in a big way until around 2017. This is where the changing of the guards was obvious. ChapStick would step down as EOS elevated to the top in an accelerated manner. This comes as a surprise to the executives of ChapStick. It was not, however, much of a surprise to anyone that has followed the rise of the Evolution of Smooth.

The reviews for flavors like the Crystal Lip Balm are awesome. This company also produces Organic Lip and Shimmer Lip Balm. Preteens love this. Adults are also fans of the Visibly Soft Lip Balm that has made people appreciate what the Evolution of Smooth creates. This company is highly impactful on the community of consumers that are getting chapped lips.

For reviews, visit http://celiacandthebeast.com/2012/04/review-eos-organic-gluten-free-lip-balm-smooth-spheres/

It takes lots of work to make people see just how much better one lip balm product is over the other. The creators behind the Evolution of Smooth knew that more people were going to take interest in things like the bountiful flavors (mapleholistics.com). This would be the thing that would help boost sales. Over time the social network community would see celebrities with EOS lip balm, and that would be the thing that pushed this company forward.