GoBuyside is a Trailblazer

After being in the finance industry for a significant time, Arjun Kapur had learned what the industry was lacking and what was present in abundance. He noted the deficiency of talent in the alternative investment world. There was also no particular perspective on how to make things efficient for business persons. Mr. Kapur could not help but notice the overall lack of transparency and adequate information in the industry. He is a person who believes in coming up with solutions. These problems became the bases that helped him build a platform that is powered by technology and one that will always outshine the conventional models of recruiting workers. GoBuyside was therefore born in the year 2010. The company took time and other resources to get to its current status. As at the moment, GoBuyside is known across the globe as the leader in the buy-side talent community.

GoBuyside is a modern day recruitment platform. It works closely with other financial organizations such as private equity firms, advisory platforms, fortune 500 companies as well as hedge funds. In some instances, the 21st-century company works with investment managers. GoBuyside has its headquarters in New York City, but it does not restrict its services to this region. It goes across a broad scope of geographical areas. GoBuyside prides in having a team that is not only well trained but one that has an exceptional capability of sourcing and screening the best candidate for a job. The entire GoBuyside fraternity is composed of individuals with vast professional experience and outstanding education credentials. These virtues help to place the company ahead of its competitors as it strengthens the bond between the business and the market that requires GoBuyside’s services. The company also has a well anchored technological patent that helps it to get some of the top ranking candidates.

At least 500 clients have so far bestowed all their human capital needs to GoBuyside. The company is confident that as time goes by, its clientele base will be over 10,000. This will be made possible by the organization’s dedication on expanding its talent networks in more than 500 cities across the world. GoBuyside team members are focused on delivering the organization’s short-term and long-term goals. Working with a team that is self-motivated only makes work more comfortable. Clients that have worked with GoBuyside have nothing but good sentiments regarding the international company. Its services are available in over 16 countries including United Arab Emirates, Singapore, United Kingdom, China, Switzerland, Colombia, and Mexico among others. Besides ranking high, GoBuyside has a remarkable social media presence. It has very active Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. All the accounts help in marketing and sharing information with followers.

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