The Tremendous Growth of South Korea’s Highland Capital Management in the U.S.

Highland Capital Management is one of the heavily invested firms in the U.S. healthcare industry today. The company is planning to build on its client base by diversifying its investment opportunities. As such, there are a number of significant opportunities being considered, including fund of funds, governments, foundations, high net-worth individuals and public pension plans. Other existing opportunities are endowments, financial institutions and corporations. HCM is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has other offices in Sao Paolo, New York ad Seoul. Read more about Highland Capital at

As of 2017, the company has at least $10 million invested in other parts of the world other than where it has its offices. HCM has also established a functioning corporate social responsibility that features volunteerism, financial donations and advisory board involvement.

Since the firm is looking to invest in other industries, the management has developed a model that assists in identifying new opportunities. This model works on an evolution to value-based structure. As a result, the company has been able to highlight a few challenges in the healthcare middle market besides the opportunities. With this at hand, HCM has also ensured there is an increased profit margin with every investment taking into consideration every acute factor that disrupts the healthcare industry. Visit to know more.

With the help of the model, HCM has also been able to focus on possible collaterized loan obligations, special situation private equity, long-only funds and credit hedge funds. These features play a major role in qualifying an opportunity as a quality lead. Besides that, other alternative markets that HCM is considering for investment could be related to natural resources, long and short equities, and emerging markets in other parts of the world.

Matt Jameson, the managing director of Highland Capital Management, has observed that the different acute factors having an impact on the middle market are slowly becoming a challenge to most companies. However, with proper management and strategies in place, it is easier to manage them. Since HCM is under Stonebridge Capital, HCM has been able to actualize the advantages that come with its umbrella’s private venture capital status and realized up to $1.5 billion assets by May 2017.

Currently, Highland Capital has up to $147 million private equity as capital in the U.S. healthcare industry. In addition, it has well backed up by South Korea’s National Pension Service, which founded the HCM. The pension boosts of over $400 billion in overseas investments. HCM is well established in China, the U.S. and Korea.