Introducing Vegan EOS

If you aren’t familiar with EOS, or Evoltion of Smooth, here’s a bit of background information. EOS was designed to provide a hypoallergenic, natural lip balm to soothe chapped lips. It comes in a cute little colored orb and can be found at most retailers like Target and CVS at a very reasonable price point. They made a statement with their shape and by using natural ingredients, but now they’ve decided to switch up the game and introduce an entirely vegan formula of their beloved lip balm.

EOS comes in several flavors, and the new vegan crystal lip balm made it’s debut in the recent months, coming in a few different varieties. This crystal clear formula is one hundred percent organic, vegan and contains zero animal by-products. While most other products don’t offer that, it has allowed EOS to climb to the number two most desired lip balm, under Burts Bees. While their lip balms may contain natural ingredients, they are not vegan and this is why fans are raving about the new release.  Learn more about the product, read this.

The Vegan Evolution of Smooth can also be found at your basic retailers for $5.49 each. While they are still found in their cute little orbs, they contain no dye and are crystal clear. has so much of their line to offer.  EOS is known to soothe chapped lips around the world and you will love the new formula they have in store for you.  Check this out, hit on

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