Greg Secker has Gained Recognition in Forex Markets and Philanthropy


Greg Secker is the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation, a nonprofit organization which has improved the lives of the under privileged in communities of different parts of the world. He is also an entrepreneur, international speaker and philanthropist and owner of Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software and Capital Index. Greg Secker also mentors upcoming entrepreneurs through his coaching company. He was born in February 18th, 1975, in Norfolk, England. Secker has a vast experience and knowledge in foreign exchange and international education of financial trading and is an author of several books focusing on investments and motivation.


Greg Secker graduated with a Bachelor of Science in European Studies with Agricultural and Food Science from the University of Nottingham in July 1997.


Secker kick started his career in the mid nineties as a technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services. It is here that he developed foreign exchange system. He also created The Trading Virtual Desk 1998, an online virtual trading forum and received recognition when he was awarded the British Telecom Award for innovation in e- commerce that same year. In 2003, he started a trading platform in his house, mentoring others on trading techniques as well after retiring as Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, thereby becoming a full time forex trader. Greg Secker also founded an entity known as Knowledge to Action Group.

Social responsibility

The Greg Secker foundation was founded in 2010. It is a nonprofit that seeks to impact positively on the quality of lives of people around the world. more so, the less fortunate. The organization has also partnered with a number of organizations in its philanthropic programs in education, life skills and leadership aspects of life. Secker has also been engaged in building homes for victims of typhoons under the ‘Build a house, Build a home’ project. Secker has also been included on the list of the ‘Most Influential Philanthropist and Social Entrepreneurs’ in the 2017 calendar year.

Recognition and Accolades

He was a finalist in the 2010 London Excellence Awards.