Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna the founder and Chief Executive Officer of OVME a company that deals in medical aesthetic and reinventing of elective healthcare, originated from New Orleans, studied medicine and graduated from Tulane University. He has a license in surgery and medicine from the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. He is married to one wife and has two children. Dr. Mark McKenna’s father was a medical practitioner too.

During his practice with his father, he began to venture in entrepreneurship and developed a boutique real estate development firm named, McKenna Venture Investment. Moreover, he developed other Incorporations that offered financial services, designing of buildings and closing services for real estates. This company became a source of income for many people in the community, he employed, therefore improving their living standards.

Despite the hurricanes destroying most of his businesses in New Orleans, he rose again and helped in the redevelopment of the state. He later moved to Atlanta and launched a business dealing in wellness and aesthetics in medicine practice known as ShapeMed. Dr. Mark McKenna being a passionate in entrepreneurship sold the company to Life Time Fitness Incorporation.

Furthermore, his latest venture in OVME Incorporation has been a success. He has opened outlets in Atlanta and Las Vegas. He was able to raise more than four million dollars from investors that he used to expand the business. When, Dr. Mark McKenna developed the company, his main idea was to provide the customer with a comfortable way of acquiring their fitness needs. He also intends to enable it to provide services to the customers in their homes so that they supply doctors all over expanding their businesses.

In conclusion, Dr. Mark McKenna is a philanthropic man who has been known to help the Atlanteans. He has provided lump sum donations for charity organizations, therefore, enabling him and his wife to be among the top fifty beautiful Atlantans in the Jezebel Magazine, which names the people known for serving the Atlanta community selflessly.