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NY Times and JPost Discuss George Soros

George Soros is an interesting man. He’s not the traditional elderly billionaire. Most billionaires become more generous as they get older, fearing the moral consequences of their younger selves. Mr. Soros became a philanthropist more than 30 years ago. His philanthropy comes from a place of genuine concern for humanity.

All those decades ago, Mr. Soros decided to create the Open Society Foundations. Open Society is Soros’s go-to organization. It’s his personal weapon against tyranny and hatred. Over the years, he’s donated much of his wealth to fund his organization. Recently, his donations were figured at $18 billion.

Even though he’s donated more money to a single organization than almost anyone on the planet, he plans on donating billions more before he leaves this earth. With his funding, Open Society’s become of the largest and most effective philanthropic organizations in the world.

Open Society is the love child of Soros’s kindness and passion. Its primary mission is to democracy and human rights wherever it can. To date, the foundation’s operated in over 120 countries. It assists like-minded organizations with a variety of issues, regardless of domestic tensions. For the past few months, Open Society’s been focused on the United States, and follow his Twitter.

After the 2016 election and Donald Trump became president, America was overwhelmed by hatred. Hatred and ignorance have always been a part of America, but Trump’s victory woke a sleeping monster. Now that it’s awake, it’s raining havoc and violence on any group not prepared to face that level of rage.

Open Society spends a lot of time in the United States helping programs designed to protect the LGBT community and reduce police brutality. Naturally, as hate crimes swept across the country, Soros donated more money to prevent these atrocious acts.

It also goes without saying that George Soros is a supporter of Democratic leadership. He’s supported Democrats his entire career. He gives to dozens of politicians, including Hillary Clinton. His political views made him the target of some much-unwanted hate. A lot of right-wing extremists began publishing horrible stories about him, in an effort to discredit and belittle his kindness, and

Of course, these stories are fake. Of the most shocking is an accusation made to Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who alleged that Soros hired women to accuse him of sexual assault.

How Organo Gold Coffee Became Perfect Base For Creative Beverage

Everyone knows there is more to coffee these days, yet Organo has created a diverse specialty type that puts a new twist on any coffee recipe. “People want to try something different,” says Organo founder, Bernardo Chua. Coffee packs a lot of caffeine, and very few calories, and researchers now say the beverage can even prolong life, but Organo beverages, formerly Organo Gold, goes a step further by adding in several other ingredients. The company blends in Green Tea, Grape Seed Oil, and Ganoderma Lucidum. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Grapeseed oil includes a host of unsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic acid, which provides helps in the maintenance and regeneration of the upper layers of the skin. The oil also has a generous amount of Vitamin E that protects against free radicals, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The oil has been used generously in Mediterranean foods and researchers find that its heart-healthy.


As for Green Tea and Ganoderma Lucidum, both ingredients have shown to be one of the most important medicinal ingredients in Asia, and today the world is embracing them. Both ingredients have been treasured for thousands of years. Green Tea is one of the strongest antioxidants, known to neutralize free radicals, improve metabolism, and strengthen the immune system. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, an anti-fungal agent. Ganoderma Lucidum, also known as the Reishi mushroom, has gained so much popularity for its extraordinary healing power, that researchers worldwide continue to perform new exciting trials using this fungi. Organo blended some of the most important active ingredients in the world today to create an authentic healthy beverage.

Organo Gold recently launched a new mobile app, aimed at improving access to updated news and sales information for independent distributors. Located on Google Play, the android-only based app provides invaluable information on sales, orders, product information, and real-time data on commissions. Personnel are giving a thumbs-up, and it looks like Organo will be engaging even more patrons in the future. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Why Everyone Should Take Advantage of Lifeline Screenings’ Easy Test Process

Lifeline Screening offers several different screening tests that you can take in order to find out more about your health.

First, there are the blood tests. Lifeline Screening realizes that many people detest taking blood tests, pardon the pun, because they do not like blood being drawn from them. However, Lifeline Screening offers a new method that does not have the regular issues involved with blood tests. Their blood tests only require a simple prick on the finger, which you will hardly feel.

There are also ultrasound screenings. They have unique and advanced technology that can be used in order to detect various cardiovascular issues.

There is also the electrocardiograph. They are also known as EKG. EKG is a great way to detect if you have an irregular heartbeat. An irregular heartbeat can indicate the risk of a stroke or various other problems.

Perhaps you are wondering why it is important to take tests. The truth is that cardiovascular problems play a role in twenty five percent of all deaths in the United States among both men and women. Not only that, but twenty percent of deaths can be prevented by changing your lifestyle and improving your eating and exercising habits. Heart disease is among the leading causes of death, yet you hardly find people who are aware of what is going on in their hearts.

The truth is that heart disease often goes undetected for a long period of time. It may not show any symptoms, but it may be there. The only way you will know if it is there is if you take screenings. Otherwise, you may end up waiting until a heart attack occurs, God forbid. Heart attacks can be fatal, and even if they are not, they often cause long lasting damage. The only way to make sure that there are no hidden problems in your heart is by taking a screening test.

Fortunately, Lifeline Screening offers a screening process that is easy and affordable. You can register and take your test one-two-three, and you will be in a better position overall regarding your health. In addition, studies have shown that people who take screening tests, even if it ends up that they did not have any problems, are usually more aware of their health and more likely to take better care of themselves. They are more likely to eat healthier and exercise more.

Lifeline Screening info:

Dr. Walden: An Exceptional Female Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an accomplished female plastic surgeon based in Austin, TX. She is a fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon and has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She has specialized in aesthetic breast and facial surgery. In addition, she also performs breast augmentation, lift, as well as facial procedures such as rhinoplasty.


Dr. Walden was born in Austin Texas. She attended Anderson High School and obtained her Biology undergraduate degree in the University of Texas. She then applied for medical school at the Medical Branch of the University of Texas. Originally, she was wait-listed at the university but later graduated as salutatorian of her class.

Upon completing her residency training, she moved to New York in pursuit of her special interests in aesthetic surgery.

Awards and Honors

Dr. Walden has received several honors as a result of her outstanding expertise. In May 2005, she received the Best Scientific Exhibit Award by a Resident or Candidate. In 2014, Dr. Walden was listed among the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in Harper’s Bazaar. Several media outlets have recognized Dr. Walden’s excellence in the field. This has seen her being featured as a commentator on plastic surgery by Fox News, E!, and ABC News.

Despite plastic surgery being a male dominated field, Dr. Walden has managed to beat all the odds to become an exemplary plastic surgeon. She has become one of the few women who have been elected to serve on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Her excellence has seen her rise to become a co-author in the textbook Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

As her records indicate, Dr. Walden is one of a kind in her field. She has risen above all to be an outstanding female cosmetic surgeon. This has come as a result of dedication despite the challenges encountered in cosmetic surgery.

The Career and Philanthropy of James Dondero

James Dondero has had a very rewarding and successful career in the finance industry. He spent a good portion of his career as an entrepreneur as he co founded and managed a company known as Highland Capital Management. During its history, he has been able to build it into one of the very best financial services firms in the world. Prior to running his own investment firm, James worked in the finance industry where he would serve as an analyst and an investment fund manager. While James has been able to experience a lot of success in finance, he has also been among the most generous entrepreneurs around. On a regular basis he donates money to a number of causes to help improve his community. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

When James first got started in his career, he worked for an investment firm as an entry level credit investment analyst. This position entailed evaluating and monitoring financial assets that were backed up by credit and debt. He would use his evaluations to help investors and the firm make sound decisions on what to invest in. After a number years working as an analyst, James would then become a chief investment officer where he would oversee billions of dollars of assets for large corporations. These two experiences gave James the knowledge to start up his own investment firm.

James Dondero co founded his own company in 1990 which was one that specialized in providing life insurance to consumers and businesses. The firm would quickly become a reputable organization. However, by the early 1990’s, James wanted to expand the firm and make it a more diversified company. As a result, he would begin developing the firm into one that offered financial services such as wealth management, asset management and financial advisory. Throughout the 90’s, Dondero would add more services, take on more diverse groups of clients and also begin offering products such as hedge funds, equity securities and collateralized loan obligations.


Over the years James has looked to make a difference in his community. In order to provide a positive impact on the local community, James participates in a number of charitable activities. During the last several years, James had donate funds to a number of causes that include education, healthcare, community development and veteran’ affairs. By donating to these causes, James has been able to make significant contributions to aiding the community and its residents. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.