Securus Technologies – Prioritizing Safety of Inmates and the Society

Securus Technologies published numerous customer reviews concerning the use of technology in the solution and prevention of crimes which also include those occurring within the correctional facilities. The customer feedback comes from emails and formal letters received from jail and prison administrators across the United States.


Rick Smith said that they develop at least a new product weekly with the primary objective of assisting the corrections and law enforcement administrators to prevent and solve crimes. Rick Smith also confirmed receiving numerous emails and letters with regards to their products and services. He also concluded that the company commits to helping keep the inmates, inmate families, and entire society safe by building innovative products.


Through the customer comments, the company is a leading jail phone service provider because it offers high-quality products and secure services. The company’s LBS software received praise for allowing integration with other resources in law enforcement to enable the recovery of cash, drugs, and illegal assets by the enforcement agencies. Other customers say that the firm offers remarkable investigative tools that help correctional staffs to investigate potential threats or harassment complaints. Another email commended Securus Technologies for always dedicating itself to improving public safety and revolutionizing the penitentiary environment.


According to PR Newswire, Securus Technologies received BBB accreditation with an A+ rating. The company worked hard to obtain the formal certification by meeting the required conditions which include honesty, trust, transparency, safeguarding privacy, integrity, and truth among others. The company promised to address industrial disputes in good faith, with urgency and utmost professionalism.


The company set a massive call center with the aim of improving and enhancing customer support. The customer care team consists of representatives that received training regarding the BBB’s standards. The team responds to calls almost immediately with a resolution rate of 99% to first calls.


Securus Technologies operates from Dallas and serves over three thousand correction, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. The company continues to help the society by providing incident management and emergency response among other services.