Bruno Fagali Providing Legal Solutions

Bruno Fagali is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is an accomplished attorney who has successfully represented several clients over the years.

Bruno Fagali has worked with businessmen, corporate executives as well as other individuals on a number of complex legal issues. This clearly indicates his vast knowledge of various aspects of the law.

He is always looking for the most cost-effective method to settle various law suits. In case any law suit can be settled out of court, Bruno Fagali would try to get this done. In case it has to go to court, he will represent his clients by displaying immaculate knowledge as well as an understanding of the case.

He likes to stay updated on recent decisions that have been taken in court cases. This is why he is able to help his clients in a better way so that they can achieve success. Bruno Fagali has a degree in law. He has done his Master’s in Law from the Sao Paulo Pontifical Catholic University. In addition, he has several law certifications that he has received from the Getulio Vargas Foundation.

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Currently, he is working for an advertising agency, as its chief integrity manager. In this role, Bruno Fagali is responsible for implementing the integrity policy of the company. This company is New/ sb. He has created a code of conduct in this sector in order to avoid corruption. This is the first time that such a thing has been done in this industry and Bruno Fagali is the pioneer here. He has been doing this for 24 months now. The name of his firm is Fagali Law. Bruno Fagali is working specifically in Anti-Corruption Law, Political Elections besides Public Law.

He has always worked with people as well as companies so that they can stay out of legal problems. He wants that his clients should understand the law well. This will help them to run their businesses as per the law specifications. He speaks English, besides French and Spanish.

Bruno Fagali is the first person in the advertising industry to have created a code of conduct that is in accordance with the Anti-Corruption Law formulated by the Government.

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