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Rocketship Education: Bringing Education Back to the People

Founded by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006, Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school organization being praised for its innovative approach to teaching, as well as the high-test scores garnered by students at its flagship school in San Jose, California. With a blended approach to education, combining traditional in-person teaching with computer aided lessons, Rocketship has managed to keep costs for tuition at a reasonable price, meaning those who may have not had the opportunity to attend a charter school in the past now do. Rocketship Education puts a focus on the relationship between teachers, students, and parents, even going so far as to allow groups of parents to interview and influence the hiring of teachers and administrative staff. Rocketship is truly putting education back into the hands of the people.

In San Jose, Rocketship Education has been partnering parents, educators, and communities at large to provide a new type of quality educational environment for students who may have not had the opportunity before the entrepreneurial organization. Since Rocketship’s initial opening in San Jose in 2007, twenty five new public charter schools have opened in the area offering new educational opportunities to low-income communities. Subsequently, Rocketship has opened four districts since the success of their San Jose locations. The organizations first school outside of California was opened in 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The charter school has become so successful that in 2015 over 400 parents in Redwood City, California, organized a successfully campaign to bring the organization to their city.

The statistics seem to back-up Rocketship’s innovative approach to education as a study funded by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes found that students attending a high performing charter school received an additional month of learning in math and reading per year. Rocketship themselves have shown the amazing results of their program with the incredible overall test scores that continue to come in from their charter schools across the nation. With an innovative approach to teaching, administration, and funding, Rocketship Education is an organization committed to providing new educational opportunities to those who need it most.

George Soros takes it to Donald Trump

People will fall into two camps politically speaking. Although there are a few groups, such as the Libertarians, who are gaining a bit of steam, the majority of people in the United States find themselves either in the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. Of those inside one of the two predominant parties, there are those who are so far to the right or left that they strike fear into political candidates far and wide. A good example of this is George Soros.To put himself through his coursework at the London School of Economics, George worked as a rail porter and a waiter. Although he came from humble beginnings, he was eventually able to create a hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, which would bring his net worth to $25.2 billion. That kind of money wields an incredible amount of power. When power and politics intermingle, it can have astonishing effects.

George Soros, who desired to push an extreme leftist and liberal agenda, used his power to contribute millions to the Democratic Party, particularly to support John Kerry in his bid for the White House. Unfortunately for the Democratic Party, Kerry did not win.Upon witnessing Kerry’s loss, George Soros once again set about plotting ways to stop the Republican agenda. It was a toss-up between Clinton and Obama after George W. Bush left the oval office. George Soros initially chose to back the Illinois Senator, Barack Obama. After donating millions of dollars, he decided that Obama was not presenting a liberal enough agenda, and he then apologized to Clinton for abandoning her in her campaign for the Presidency.When Barack left office, George immediately decided he would support Hillary Clinton in her race for President of the United States in 2016. It shortly became apparent that Clinton and Trump would go toe to toe in the final race.

Because Soros hates Trump and everything he stands for, George Soros donated $25 million to Clinton and several other Democratic causes. He also donated $1.5 million to boost the platforms and campaigns of various democratic senators.Once the campaign was over and Trump took office, Soros decided to do everything he could to make Trump’s presidency difficult. As a sworn enemy of Donald Trump, Soros was determined to do everything within his power to make it difficult for “that mentally unstable fool” to be successful at his newly elected position. As quickly as possible, Soros began organizing several key events to try to derail the Trump presidency. As soon as Trump took office, there was a protest march sponsored and organized by Soros. The protest involved thousands of voters wearing pink hats in honor of women’s rights. This single movement sparked sister marches, and all in all, nearly 3 million people were involved in the protest around the world.George Soros has continued to do good work in the world through his non-profit, the Open Society Foundation. This foundation seeks to promote liberal causes worldwide and establish foreign democracies.

Whitney Wolfe Builds a Life for Women

Women are fighting really hard to build a life for themselves. When Whitney Wolfe has started her own app for dating, she did not want to just help women get the right relationships. She also wanted to help women build their lives. After all, relationships are not the only aspect of life. While it is one of the most celebrated aspects of life, there are other aspects of life. For instance, there are friendships and there are business opportunities. Women look for a well rounded life so that they can get the most joy, growth and fulfillment. Whitney recognizes the need for fulfillment in multiple areas.

Whitney Wolfe has taken steps in helping women find their fulfillment. The first step was Bumble. The next step she has taken was to add an extension to her app. This extension was called BFF. BFF was designed to help women build some really good friendships that they can appreciate. This is one of the rare opportunities that women appreciated because they have seen how tough actual friendships can be. Sometimes friendships can be draining. Therefore, the most important thing for them is to make sure that they can find good matches with their friendship apps.

The most recent thing that Whitney Wolfe has tackled is the fight for independence. Women are still working very hard to achieve their goals and work towards independence. One thing that can be very scary is living at the mercy of people. Being dependent on someone can be very scary. This is one of the reasons that Whitney Wolfe has taken it upon herself to put together an app that is specifically for women to network.

Whitney is an example of an entrepreneur who sees a problem and works to provide a solution. This approach has made life better for women in that they have something they can count on for life improvement. The best trait of Whtiney Wolfe is that she wants to build people without resorting to tearing another group. This is actually a rare trait in a person. She definitely is going to leave a legacy with her example.


Paul Mampilly’s Blog “Profits Unlimited” Reaches New Heights

Paul Mampilly has been an avid writer for quite a long time. His blogs, which mainly include information to do with trading and investment have been read and shared across the web by numerous readers. With this in mind, it, therefore, should not come as a surprise when you hear that his Profit Unlimited blog has attained new 60,000 subscribers. With this milestone, Paul’s blog is no doubt one of the most successful online blog.

As a former hedge fund manager and with more than two decades of experience, Paul Mampilly has worked for numerous financial institutions, an advantage that has enabled him to offer tangible financial advice to his blog readers. His investment ideas have not gone unnoticed. In the year 2009, he won the Templeton Foundation Award by turning his $50 million business into $88 million which was a 76% increase. Apart from the 76% increase in profit, his award was catapulted by the fact that his business idea had succeeded at a time when the global financial crisis had affected numerous markets.

As a way of getting more subscribers, Paul Mampilly recommends a brand new eight-page business-oriented newsletter which he mails to his subscribers on a weekly basis. With this subscription, Paul can monitor the current number of active subscription, the people visiting his website, the current state of his investment, as well as the success of his newsletter.

Mampilly uses a different form of marketing strategy as compared to other like-minded individuals. He encourages his subscribers to buy stocks available in their brokerage accounts rather than taking their money and making the investment for them. Most of his subscribers and eventual investors have had a positive outlook on the entire investment plan. With a total of 13 different trading positions, 11 of them have been confirmed to be profitable.

I’d Put a Chip in Me to Keep My Wallet at Home . . . #RFID #tech #technology #futurism #IoT $msi $pi

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) July 27, 2017


As a business person who specializes in trading and offering investment opportunities, Paul Mampilly has helped numerous clients to make the right financial decisions. With a career that spans over two decades, getting financial advice from Paul should be the priority of each individual who wants to make to make it in the financial sector.

Paul has had an impressive history with each company that he has worked for. For instance, Kinetics International Fund thrived once they hired Paul Mampilly. The company was able to grow into a multinational hedge fund with an estimated profit of $6 billion, and read full article.

Other companies that have thrived under the stewardship of Paul Mampilly are such as Swiss private banks, the Templeton Foundation, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Sears, and

Securus Technologies – Prioritizing Safety of Inmates and the Society

Securus Technologies published numerous customer reviews concerning the use of technology in the solution and prevention of crimes which also include those occurring within the correctional facilities. The customer feedback comes from emails and formal letters received from jail and prison administrators across the United States.


Rick Smith said that they develop at least a new product weekly with the primary objective of assisting the corrections and law enforcement administrators to prevent and solve crimes. Rick Smith also confirmed receiving numerous emails and letters with regards to their products and services. He also concluded that the company commits to helping keep the inmates, inmate families, and entire society safe by building innovative products.


Through the customer comments, the company is a leading jail phone service provider because it offers high-quality products and secure services. The company’s LBS software received praise for allowing integration with other resources in law enforcement to enable the recovery of cash, drugs, and illegal assets by the enforcement agencies. Other customers say that the firm offers remarkable investigative tools that help correctional staffs to investigate potential threats or harassment complaints. Another email commended Securus Technologies for always dedicating itself to improving public safety and revolutionizing the penitentiary environment.


According to PR Newswire, Securus Technologies received BBB accreditation with an A+ rating. The company worked hard to obtain the formal certification by meeting the required conditions which include honesty, trust, transparency, safeguarding privacy, integrity, and truth among others. The company promised to address industrial disputes in good faith, with urgency and utmost professionalism.


The company set a massive call center with the aim of improving and enhancing customer support. The customer care team consists of representatives that received training regarding the BBB’s standards. The team responds to calls almost immediately with a resolution rate of 99% to first calls.


Securus Technologies operates from Dallas and serves over three thousand correction, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. The company continues to help the society by providing incident management and emergency response among other services.

How Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina is Using his HuffPost Articles to Inspire People to be Successful

In the tech world, Bob Reina is known for creating a video marketing company called Talk Fusion. Besides serving as the company’s CEO, Reina is also a prolific writer. His articles are available on The Huffington Post website. One article, which he posted early this year, gives entrepreneurs tips on how they can understand their target audience. The most recent one advice them on how to survive in a society consisting of quitters.


The Huffington Post currently operates under the name the HuffPost. According to its chief editor, Lydia Polgreen, HuffPost is offering a platform where individuals who miss out on the conversation can tell their story. Bob Reina’s views as a writer and an executive at Talk Fusion resonates with HuffPost’s initiatives.


According to Reina who is a strong believer in innovation, growth in any business establishment can never be complete. He believes that this is the reason he is always on the verge of setting individuals up to succeed. Reina is also certain that these individuals can attain success regardless of their geographical location or story. He expresses his views on how people can succeed in his articles.


Reina’s articles started appearing on the HuffPost in 2016. His articles revolve around self-development, entrepreneurship, skillful selling, lifestyle and video technology trends. Reina looks forward to creating more appealing content for HuffPost. He is also hopeful that these articles will engage over 200 million readers of HuffPost.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion came to reality as a video marketing brand in 2007 thanks to Bob Reina. Since then, Reina works with the brand to assist business ventures in growing their customer base and increasing profits. Talk Fusion achieves these objectives by offering these ventures video solutions for making marketing persuasive, memorable and more engaging. The brand adopts a person-to-person marketing strategy to get its innovative solutions to clients worldwide.


Talk Fusion also offers 30-day free trials of its flagship all-in-one product known as the Video Marketing Solution. With this free trial, one does not require a credit card to gain access. In addition to serving the business community, Talk Fusion also serves animal charities, families, friends and communities across the globe through charity work. Learn more:


Bruno Fagali Providing Legal Solutions

Bruno Fagali is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is an accomplished attorney who has successfully represented several clients over the years.

Bruno Fagali has worked with businessmen, corporate executives as well as other individuals on a number of complex legal issues. This clearly indicates his vast knowledge of various aspects of the law.

He is always looking for the most cost-effective method to settle various law suits. In case any law suit can be settled out of court, Bruno Fagali would try to get this done. In case it has to go to court, he will represent his clients by displaying immaculate knowledge as well as an understanding of the case.

He likes to stay updated on recent decisions that have been taken in court cases. This is why he is able to help his clients in a better way so that they can achieve success. Bruno Fagali has a degree in law. He has done his Master’s in Law from the Sao Paulo Pontifical Catholic University. In addition, he has several law certifications that he has received from the Getulio Vargas Foundation.

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Currently, he is working for an advertising agency, as its chief integrity manager. In this role, Bruno Fagali is responsible for implementing the integrity policy of the company. This company is New/ sb. He has created a code of conduct in this sector in order to avoid corruption. This is the first time that such a thing has been done in this industry and Bruno Fagali is the pioneer here. He has been doing this for 24 months now. The name of his firm is Fagali Law. Bruno Fagali is working specifically in Anti-Corruption Law, Political Elections besides Public Law.

He has always worked with people as well as companies so that they can stay out of legal problems. He wants that his clients should understand the law well. This will help them to run their businesses as per the law specifications. He speaks English, besides French and Spanish.

Bruno Fagali is the first person in the advertising industry to have created a code of conduct that is in accordance with the Anti-Corruption Law formulated by the Government.

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OSI Inc. Industries Expands Internationally

Do you wonder where your food products come from in a local grocer, or restaurant? Get to know where your food comes from, and what’s in it with true public disclosure. OSI Inc. is a popular food processing company based in Zurich, Illinois, and headed by COO, and president David A. McDonald. His stockholders are proud of their estimated $24 billion dollars in assets. Furthermore, one of their most successful international partnerships is worth $7 million dollars. They have proudly been established since 1992, and continue to be committed to the top food brands available in the food processing industry.

McDonald has played a frontrunner role in the international expansion of OSI. It is important for PRN Newswire readers to know, says McDonald, OSI Industries is an amazing food processing company answering to a stabilized food industry. Their Europe Flagship partnership is estimated to be worth $7 million dollars, and has contributed to the successful of European business. They will operate their food processing plant responsible for processing their condiments, pie fillings, and frozen poultry. OSI has celebrated success with China for over 20 years. They also have a successful partnership with the United States, and Asia, and mimic their international success to their business with the two.

You can find out exactly what’s in your food, and where it comes from. OSI feeds thousands of families without them even being aware they’re being fed an OSI diet. They supply a well balanced meal plan to thousands of families who eat at a restaurant. deli, supermarket, grocer, or meat market. They promise to feed your family by the strict regulations set forth by the government. Their motivated to prompt employees on the safety regulations regarding food processing. Choose the top organic vegetables for your family as a part of OSI Inc.’s food products.

Learn how to become a part of their amazing food processing plant by visiting their website to inquire about one of their unique employment opportunities. They also offer international employmwnt at OSI. Their food products have proudly fed millions of families worldwide with the superior ingredients packed in each food item being processed through their plant.

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The Avid Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a lettered man. He is an alumnus of the University of Michigan. He attained his Juris Doctor from the Michigan University School of Law. Lefkofsky is married to Liz with whom he coordinates in the majority of his projects. He has a passion for getting the antidote or cure for Cancer. Lefkofsky has put numerous measures in place to ensure that his dream materializes. Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus which is a technology company that is mandated with the development of the software of the operating system that is a boon is battling cancer. Lefkofsky partnered with other individuals and came up with Lightbank Company which is a venture that is involved in disruptive technologies.

Lefkofsky co-founded Uptake Technologies which is charged with undertaking predictive analytics for the leading industries in the globe such as Mediaocean, ECHO Global Logistics, and Inner Workings Lefkofsky initiated the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which charitably helps in advancing the high-impact initiatives by spreading love in the respective communities. Lefkofky is a Chairman of the Board of Trustee of the Steppenwolf Theatre of Chicago. Lefkofky is an adjunct professor attached to Chicago University. Lefkofsky has authored Accelerated Disruption.

The milestones undertaken by Eric Lefkofsky in the development of the operating system software that helps in cancer screening has exacerbated the discovery of noble concepts that help fill the missing links as to what causes cancer. Tempus has become a vital company that has taken a critical role of delving deep into the research realms in order to shed light on the causative elements of lung cancer. The research conducted by Dr. Yafang Li on the gene-smoking links brought a good deal of insight into the lung cancer case. The universal notion that only tobacco smokers are more likely to contract lung cancer was superimposed since tobacco nicotine serves as the prerequisite to lung cancer etiology.

There were three genes that were discovered to be the predisposing factor to the acquisition of lung cancer. Two polymorphs of single-nucleotides and one squamous cell lung cancer were established. They served as the lung cancer biomarkers that could be used for screening and intervention. The study was limited to the Caucasian population based on the smoking habits of individuals. The phenotype and genotype data were utilized in the analysis. The information obtained helps in classifying lung cancer according to the smoking habits. The team is aiming at expanding their test to other ethnic setups. The strategies put in place are bound to contribute monumentally in the struggle to combat cancer.

NuoDB SQL Database is Transforming the Systematics of Clouding in the Servers

NuoDB is an established business that was initiated in 2008 by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey. They are profoundly innovative in providing elastic SQL Database, using this database allows the consumer to avoid any hassles or give and take within usage. Compare to other databases that are pertaining to the traditional foundation, NuoDB SQL database is expanded in the cloud. NuoDB SQL database has been constructed to avoid any hiccups along the processing of the servers , it also performs faster when an addition of an server has been inputted.

Recently of this year, NuoDB has become affiliated with CauseSquare , the company became the leading database server for this association. . With its diversity the SQL database is different from the rest, it can retrieve multiple servers in the data without implementing new machines or tools NuoDB SQL database is evolutionary and has be formatted to present reliability without the interruption of any discrepancies in the data.

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