Purchasing Beneful at Walmart

When it comes to your pet, you’ve likely done some research on what food you should be feeding them. Beneful is one brand with a fantastic reputation and a large variety of formulas to suit your dog or puppies needs. If you’re unsure where to buy Beneful, you may want to check into Walmart to find the best deals. Instead of shopping at the popular pet retailers like Petco and PetSmart, you’re likely to score a much better price at Walmart.

Beneful uses real ingredients and has several varieties for dogs needing special care. For example, they have Beneful Healthy Weight which will help your dog maintain their weight to prevent future health issues. This particular bag of food will only cost you $5.48 for a three and a half pound bag for smaller breeds or $13.98 for a fifteen and a half pound bag. There is also the Beneful original formula which is the same cost. Each bag size costs the same, no matter what your dogs health needs are. If your dog is a fan of wet food, you can purchase twenty seven cans for only $14.98 or a single for $1.98. Clearly, the better deal is to buy the variety pack. Click here to watch video.

These extremely cost friendly prices make purchasing Beneful an easy route. Not only are these prices great, but Walmart also offers rollback prices seasonally. As if you thought the deal couldn’t get any greater! Your dog can eat healthy at a low price, and both dog parents and dogs can be happy!