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George Soros Re-emerges in the Political Arena with Great Enthusiasm

George Soros is a Hungarian billionaire based in New York. After a long period of silence in politics, he made a major comeback last year and was among the greatest donors of the Democratic Politics. The last time George was involved in politics was in 2004 when he spent a fortune funding campaigns in an attempt to beat President Bush.Last year, Soros donated approximately $25 million to support Hillary Clinton alongside other Democratic Candidates during the campaign period. According to his close associates, Soros has never been so involved in politics like he was last year. His intense involvement in politics was due to his confidence in Hillary and fear of Donald Trump, whom Soros speculates is associated with the works of ISIS. The political stakes were very high for Soros because of increased opposition to the matters he cares about and supports earnestly such as religious tolerance, criminal justice reform, and immigration reform.

For the first time, Soros had planned to attend the Democratic convention to witness his longtime friend, Hillary Clinton, receive the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Unfortunately, he had to cancel the tour at the last-minute to attend to his businesses in Europe that were scheduled for that week. This showed that Soros had come back to the political arena with a lot of enthusiasm.George Soros was born and brought up in Hungary, where he was a victim of discrimination as he lived during the Nazi occupation. However, he survived the harsh rule and also motivated others to do the same. Soros later fled the country and educated himself at the London School of Economics. He migrated to New York where he managed to create a hedge fund that later became the Quantum Fund. George Soros is a political activist as well as a dedicated philanthropist. He has a net worth of approximately $25.2 billion which he attained through currency trades. According to Forbes, he is the world’s 22nd richest man.

Soros is the chairperson and founder of the Open Society Foundation, a network of partners, foundations, and projects across 100 countries. Most of his funding supports organizations and individuals who fight for transparency, freedom of expression, and accountability in the government. His donations are focused on people who are discriminated, and he is devoted to fighting the intricate problems in the world. Through the Open Society Foundation, Soros has given more than $8 billion to charities. He attributes his philanthropy to his success in financial markets. Even in his 80s Soros is still active in his foundations and travels widely to support and advocate for positive policies.He started his philanthropy by giving scholarships to South Africans during the apartheid rule in 1979. Over time, he has educated many students all over the world through his foundation. George Soros has five children and is married to Tamiko Bolton.

A Review Of George Soros’ Illustrative Career

George Soros is a revered investor. He is also known for his political giving. After spending $27 million in an effort to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004, Soros scaled back his political contribution. In the recent past, George reemerged to fund Democratic Party’s campaigns. According to the records shared by the Federal Election Commission, the billionaire donated over $25 million for purposes of enhancing Hillary Clinton’s campaigns and different Democratic candidates. The Hungarian-born New Yorker has known Hillary Clinton for more than 25 years. He had planned to attend the Democratic convention to watch Clinton accept her Democratic presidential nomination. However, Soros did not attend the convention because he needed to monitor the economic condition in Europe. People close to the shrewd entrepreneur contended that Soros was more politically engaged because of his faith in Clinton and dread for Donald Trump’s policies that stroke fear.

Some of the other leaders who donated towards liberal causes are Tom Steyer, a renowned environmentalist in San Francisco, Don Sussman, a respected hedge funder in New York, as well as Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban, who are media moguls. At one time, Soros donated $7 million to Priorities USA Action, a renowned super PAC that was supporting Clinton. According to filings made by FEC, the PAC was the biggest beneficiary of Soros’s largesse in that cycle. It is also believed that George donated an additional $3 million to the group. Moreover, FEC records indicated that Soros donated $ 2 million to an opposition research super PAC, American Bridge 21st Century. This institution was targeting Trump and different Republican candidates. In addition, George gave $700,000 to various PACs, campaigns and Democratic Party committees. As the campaigns continued, Soros committed $5 million to Immigrant Voters Win, a revered super PAC, to increase the turnout of Hispanic voters in various swing states.

According to an associate, the best investor committed $5 million to Voting Rights Trust, a nonprofit organization that focuses on fighting efforts that restrict voting.This group was partly run by Marc Elias, Clinton’s campaign lawyer. Moreover, Michael Vachon, Soros’s political adviser, posited that George had pledged to donate $ 2 million to America Votes, a popular voter mobilization group.George was born in Hungary. Owing to the Nazi occupation, Soros fled the country. He is an alumnus of London School of Economics. Notably, Soros worked on Wall Street before he incorporated his own hedge fund. The billionaire investor is the proprietor of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundation. Over the years, the great philanthropist has supported different initiatives. During the apartheid in South Africa, George provided black students with scholarships to allow them to pursue higher studies at the university. Soros has enhanced democracy in different countries around the globe courtesy of the Open Society Foundation.

Technology and fashion: An uncommon and unique union of the 21st century

The fashion industry and the technological industry has gone through massive changes since they became a part of the human culture. Today, fashion and technology that we know of are miles ahead of what it used to be. With times, technology has become the new fad and fashionable while fashion has become technologically fashionable. Chris Burch has presented a brief glimpse into the past and the present which affects the immediate future of the two entities.

The recent past and the current now

Technology grows with the popularity of what one considers fashionable which holds the truth. The mating of technology and fashion in recent times has given rise to their new lovechild which Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht proudly incorporates into her designs. Anouk has been known to design styles like a drink making-dress, the Daredroid and Pseudomorphs, the self-painting dress which garnered much attention on fashion ramps.

The future

Fashion and tech are also advancing towards making the human race safe with certain unique inventions like a system that was made for one to wear around the neck called an airbag for cyclists. The aim was that in the case of a fall, an airbag emerges and saves the cyclist. There is another invention called the frontline gloves that will be used by firefighters which would allow them to communicate with simple hand gestures. Designers also seem to be using recycled materials to make t-shirts and jackets out of them.

Can technology and fashion work cohesively with each other?

Chris is of an opinion that technology and fashion can work very well with each other for instance, the introduction of Google’s glasses.  For more of his insights, check one of his past interviews on   It seemed plausible from a geek’s point of view and not otherwise. Add to that the cost of the product and we had a failure. Fashion came along to help in this regard with top fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg incorporating those very glasses on the ramp with her models.

The fashion world and technology have a lot to contribute and can certainly work in unison with each other. Technology doesn’t just help create beautiful fashion but helps in creating functional fashion. Likewise for fashion. The two can come together and help create a better world.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He started his career as an undergrad at Ithaca College after the completion of which Chris and his brother started the Eagles Eyes Apparel which grew to $165 million which was ultimately sold. Chris has a diverse investment portfolio and has been instrumental investing in various businesses most notable of them being the real estate ventures spanning across North and South America. For a glimpse of his diverse investment portfolio, head over to

Here’s a look at one of his awesome investment, click on this.

The year 2011 saw Chris Burch venturing into the fashion world with investments in TRADEMARK. He is currently supporting various consumer product brands ranging from apparel to organic food industries. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Chris also spends his time in philanthropic efforts like research and other initiatives in Mt. Sinai hospital in New York and the Henry Street Settlement.

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Success story in the career of the Lawyer, Ricardo Tosto

Being in the limelight as a trial lawyer in the law field is what makes Ricardo Tosto outstanding and extensively acknowledged. His prominence is extensive following his service in the position of a market leader. In addition to setting up a broader regional coverage in line with the lawsuit, he also gave guidance in a precise and competent manner and more information click here.

Despite the availability of mass litigation mostly in the workplace, his clients have established a lot of confidence in him as he has the unique ability in differentiating the legal services alongside cases classified as complex. The provision of highlights is in line with Ricardo Tosto, Leite, and Barros. As an illustration, the views of the clients connected with the banking law’s coverage and is worth being relied on upon the look into complicated cases in the states as well as offices. The thinking in connection with the trust is that the particular groups entrusted are out of merit for their expression of capability.

Certain characteristics are the requirements to facilitate the capability of being entrusted. They include skilled procedure, commitment, swiftness, and proficiency. Customers are the source of the option related to a greater portion as per the recommendations. Notably, the financial region’s flourishing nature is worth appreciation. The industrial level of know-how is proportional to the expertise related to the litigation aspect.

From Eduardo’s view, the workforce concentration is related to business as well as the financial markets. The combination of the highly ranked lawyers and the participants are supportive, vibrant and have adequate ability alongside the analyzing and providing the adored legal control connected to credit recovery and business opportunities. Such an example is Ricardo Tosto and learn more about Ricardo.

From the view of a client serving with Dr. Patricia Rios at the banking sector, Patricia notes that it is not a walk in the park finding someone offering both excellent advice and deliberate vision that is highly ranked in line with the courts. This is an indication that it is f importance that lawyers adore customers by being skilled in an extensive coverage to facilitate the victory of one’s clients. It is a strategy to getting prominence and an increased number of clients that promoted prosperity alongside the Ricardo Tosto’s career.

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James Dondero Helps Construct The Dallas Zoo Hippo Sanctuary

Donations from Highland Capital leader James Dondero are among those responsible for the opening of a new hippo habitat at the Dallas Zoo that has opened to allow the return of hippos to the zoo for the first time in 15 years. The Dallas Zoo has not been home to any hippo, but those who remember the last hippo to be at the zoo and have asked President Greg Hudson to bring the animals back to Dallas, which has now happened with the aid of donors providing $14 million for a habitat to be constructed.

James Dondero and his Highland Capital company have been at the heart of the project at Dallas Zoo that has taken a number of years to complete as the safety and health concerns over the water and land based habitat. Costing an estimated $14 million to complete, the two acre Simmons Hippo Post includes a 120,000-gallon water tank with a large viewing area to allow visitors to the zoo the chance to witness these giant animals in their natural state swimming before a large viewing window.

The Harold Simmons Foundation provided the largest donation of around $5 million and saw the name of the founder of the Foundation giving his name to the Simmons Hippo Post. In the buildup to the construction of the Hippo Post the Highland Capital leader provided around $1 million in donations towards developing the hippo habitat at the Dallas Zoo, which is just the latest in a long line of community-based projects James Dondero and his Highland Capital employees have backed; the Highland Capital brand has been praised by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings for taking a stance to push forward the many community-based projects that are taking place in Dallas to build a better lifestyle for the people of the city.


Beneful Fresh Ingredients

The cutest Beneful dog food commercial came on tonight. It was so cute. The dog was speaking to the camera about the dog food. It was for the healthy weight dog formula. He talked about how the main ingredient is chicken. The dog then talks about ridiculous it is that it could be healthy weight food when it tastes so good.

The second commercial that I saw was very similar to that one. It had a dog mom talking about the ingredients that are in the dog food. She was talking as the dog was as well. He then agreed with the woman. He said that it tastes like he imagines her meals do and how he is totally worth it. I’m sure the human mom would agree with that. The mentioned ingredients were rice, organically grown fresh veggies and real meat. She adds that meat is the main ingredient.

Greg Secker’s Gem Tips to Prospective and Newbie Traders

Greg Secker is a seasoned trader who has graduated to starting and running a trading company. He set up the Knowledge Action Group in 2003 in collaboration with internationally renowned traders. The organizations’ impeccable performance earned it a position in the London Excellence Awards of 2009. It was also enlisted in the 2010 Sunday Times Fast Track 100 awards. Greg Secker’s first financial job was with Thomas Cook Financial Services, an online trading platform. His expertise earned his the vice president’s post in Mellon Financial Corporation and several Fortune 500 investment banks.

Greg Secker recently shared his insights to newbie traders. He understands that nobody likes the complexities of analyzing charts and shifting markets. He, therefore, recommends starting out at Forex which has the support of software that easily analyzes charts according to the shifting data. He declaimed the myth that Forex is a complex market by explaining that anyone who takes the time to sharpen their knowhow in risk management strategies will have an easy time understanding the numbers. Additionally, the available software has innumerable knowledge that guides even the greenest user effectually.

Greg Secker does not have a favorite indicator that he automatically recommends to Forex traders. Considering that they analyze charts and keep tracks of shifts, every user may opt for a different indicator that best suits their needs. He, however, stated that learning the different features of every indicator will provide a clear picture on which one to pick.

Greg pointed out that an economic calendar will help any trader map out any significant news that causes major shifts in the markets. One such event is the 2016 Brexit which caused ripples for the pound. Greg advises every new trader on the Forex platform to take the time to learn the ropes and learn to capitalize even on short situations. Greg believes Forex to be the best channel because one can still earn money with currency drops if they are on the lower side of that particular currency. Apart from finance, Greg is actively involved in philanthropy and public speaking. He is primarily based in London but travels around the world to share his knowledge with the financials arena.


Career and Experience of OSI Group’s CEO, Sheldon Lavin

Mr. Lavin Sheldon is broadly known for being the Chairman as well as the CEO at OSI Group. He is known to have an outstanding leadership due to his ability to plan and put in place tactical activities to ensure success alongside the OSI International Foods Ltd. Sheldon occupies the General Trustee’s position at Rush University Medical Centre. Earlier on, he held the directorial position at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Having been among the managerial committee, he established more than twenty thousand job opportunities universally. The reason behind his success OSI Group style of leadership which is very inclusive and not dictatorial in any way. Those under him, therefore, follow the decisions agreed upon as they are engaged in coming up with them.

He has an experience exceeding forty-three years of service at the meat firm. In the application of his experience, his management of the OSI Group has resulted in positive results. Being a venture capitalist, he efficiently manages the assets of the firm to facilitate smooth operations of the business. In addition to his earlier service as a banker, he provides financial consultations at a personal level. He promoted the transformation of the OSI Group to a higher level and made it attain international ground in supplies of food products for restaurants and hotels. He also serves as the manager alongside the worldwide satellites belonging to the OSI Group.

Having secured the financing of OSI, the outcome was that he received some percentage of ownership in the company. His competency alongside leadership is what the rest of the leaders should make decisions to execute.

For his determination, the business expansion to different regions across the globe has been attained. It was in the year 2016 when he earned himself the Global Visionary Award. This was from the India’s Vision World Academy. The reception of the award earned him increased recognition for his competency.

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