The Evolution of Yum

Eos Products LLC was founded in 2006. It hit the shelves with a bang. The packaging was eye-catching,and the product was superior in boasting natural products and an SPF. They offer a lot of different products but I am just going to focus on their lip balm. See for more details.


Eos stands for the evolution of smooth, and what an evolution it is. Finally a product with ingredients that are actually helpful for skin, petroleum is replaced by Jojoba oil, and shea butter. Eos is hypoallergenic and one-hundred percent natural! Did I mention the yummy flavors?


The Important part is the flavors and there are a plethora to choose from. I am just going to stick to my can’t live with out flavors which are Strawberry Sorbet and Sweet Mint. Strawberry Sorbet is a gem from the organic smooth sphere collection. It tastes like fresh strawberries and is my kind of delicious, and as mentioned above, these delicious and adorable balls of moisture are actually all natural and this particular flavor is organic.


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Another flavor to try would be the Sweet Mint if you are into classic lip balm flavors, though it’s taste and effectiveness seems to be far superior to others on the market. It reminds me of fresh mint pulled straight from the garden. This is also an item from the organic sphere collection. Hop over this site.


If you want an amazing experience for your lips, and taste buds I suggest giving one of the many flavor varieties a try. I have not used another product in at least two years. These little spheres of wonderful are affordable, loaded with natural ingredients meant to keep your lips supple but don’t take my word for it find your own evolution of yum. Find out more on