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Exploring Wine Distribution And Production With UKV PLC

The production and development of wine varieties can be traced centuries back and despite the fact there are many other types of soft drinks, wine has retained its value and place in the market. It is the uniqueness and quality of wine that keeps it alive even after other products were born.

Wine is a highly marketable product and depending on the variety one produces, there are vast markets that are located in different regions across the world. UKV PLC has been working in the wine industry for many years and their support has allowed producers and distributors to seamlessly get the product to the market.

Facilitating distribution
UKV PLC is known as a reliable provider of distribution channels that are designed to offer easy access to the market. The company works with brokers situated in various regions and the role of these brokers is to facilitate speedy movement of wine to the target market. UKV PLC ensures the wine delivered is offered after research is conducted to understand the section of the market that prefers such a taste. This eliminates the possibility of having to keep the wine for a long time before it gets sold off, so UKV PLC offers fast channels that are ideal for both small and established producers and distributors.

Offering unique storage facilities
Storage is another factor about wine that cannot be overlooked. The way the product is stored matters a lot and defines its finality. UKV PLC has been enabling easy storage and distribution of the product and the company is among those that have helped to build the industry by ensuring companies get the product to the market in the best state possible. Through the storage mechanisms of UKV PLC, one is assured the wine quality cannot be compromised by parameters like heating, which can be controlled using the right facilities.

Wessex Journals UK

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a highly regarded institute of higher learning that is involved with research. The educational institution is located in picturesque Ashurst Lodge in the New Forest National Park, which is located in the South of England. This is a wonderful setting for the exchange of knowledge between educators and those in various industries that are linked to the Wessex Institute of Technology. Wessex is also involved with publishing. In fact, the WIT Press publishes several highly sought after Journals.


The Wessex Journals

The Wessex Institute of Technology currently publishes several journals that are subscribed to by an International audience. The journals are in diverse categories and provide an exchange of topical information that is currently trending in various industries. The journals are available to download or in a print version. The quickest way to get a journal is to visit the Wessex publishing page and download the desired journal for immediate reading.  For full text of information, visit


Subscribing To Wessex Journals

Of course, one does not have to subscribe to the Wessex Journals. However, subscribing is the ultimate way to receive first notice of all the new journals that are available. Subscriptions run for a year and are easily renewable.

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Beyond the Darkness – Chilling New Podcast about Ghosts and Ghouls.

Get ready to explore the paranormal in a brand new podcast titles Beyond the Darkness. This show was announced today by founder and executive Chairman of PodcastOne Norman Pattiz. This is one of the newest shows in the line-up of WWE star Chris Jericho’s podcast network and will feature enchanting conversation with believers and expert researchers in the paranormal field. These individuals will challenge what you think you know about everything from ghosts and ghouls, to mysteries and miracles. The show will be hosted by Dave Schrader and Time Dennis two professionals and experts of paranormal experiences. New releases will be aired every Monday on, the PodcastOne app, and iTunes. Jericho, when asked about Beyond the Darkness stated excitement and enthusiasm about including this show in his collection. He stated, “Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis are at the top of the paranormal broadcasting otherworld, and bring with them a massive fanbase who trust and believe in them and their subject matter. I fully expect Beyond the Darkness will grow their already massive audience on The Jericho Network, and scare the crap out of them as they do it.” Read more:


Norma Pattiz is Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. In 2010, he also launched Courtside Entertainment Group, A company that is responsible for the production and distribution of quality programming. PodcastOne’s inception came about as Pattiz discovered the untapped opportunities and demand in the audio-on-demand industry. Currently the podcast network boasts over 200 of today’s most popular podcasts.


Back in 2000, and 2002 Pattiz was appointed to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. He was responsible for the conception and launch of America’s Arabic language radio and television services and Farsi language broadcasting to Iran. In 2009, Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and received the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the library of broadcasting, one of the highest honors that can be attained in the field.


Outside of his career in broadcasting, Mr. Pattiz serves as a Regent of the University of California and also serves as the Chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories.


Norman Pattiz is truly one of the greatest experts in his field, and clearly has the credentials and experience to match.

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The Business Ventures of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and the ceo of DAMAC Properties, a leading private real estate development company based in Dubai. Mr. Sajwani holds a bachelor of arts in Economics from the University of Washington. After his graduation, he was employed as a contract manager by GASCO, a subsidiary of the Adu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). In his employment agreement, he was supposed to work for two years and then GASCO would fund his MBA. Sajwani did not wait for that. He launched Draieh Management Services Co LLC (DAMAC) as a hotel and catering company in 1982.


Hussain Sajwani was keen in expanding his business. He saw the potential in the region as a result of increased number of visitors in the Emirates. He took advantage of the growing number of visitors in the area and established several hotels in the 1990s. The presence of the US military in Iraq in the 1990s also played a significant role in facilitating Mr. Hussain Sajwani to expand his catering business. He acquired tenders from the US government of supplying the army personnel with food. Since he ventured into the catering business, Mr. Sajwani has continued to strengthen his market share in the hotel industry both in the Middle East and beyond. His catering company serves over 150,000 meals every day in various markets in UAE, Africa, and Asia. Today, a number of learning institutions, construction sites, army camp and hotels in the Middle East depend on his services.

Apart from hotel business, Hussain Sajwani is also a well-established real estate developer. He is recognized as one of the private property developers in Dubai. He began by building hotels in Dubai in the mid-1990, but as demand for commercial and residential properties increased, he decided to venture in property development. In 2002, he established DAMAC Properties, which has now become a leading property development company in UAE. The company owns various prestigious properties in big cities like Dubai, Riyadh, Beirut, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi among others.


DAMAC Properties is committed to providing top quality properties. The company has collaborated with various prestigious brands like Tiger Woods Design, Bugatti, Versace, Fendi and Paramount Hotels & Resorts in developing stylish and luxurious properties in Dubai.


Apart from doing business, Hussain Sajwani engages in charitable works. Through DAMAC Properties, he supports various organization and campaigns that seek to improve people’s lives. Some of these organizations and campaigns include; UAE Red Crescent, UAE Compassion campaign, Tarahamu campaign, the Ramadhan initiative among many others.

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Healthy Life Hacks


There are a few motivation and life hacks that Wengie uses on a regular basis. Some of these can help with your fitness goals if you’re trying to live healthier. One of the things that you might want to do is exercise more. However, you might be putting off your routine because you don’t have time or you simply don’t want to exercise during the day. Set out an exercise mat anywhere you watch television so that you can exercise while still watching your favorite movie or show. It could be anything from stretching to abdominal crunches.


When you’re running, you might get lost in your own thoughts and end up a long distance away from home. When you’re mind is distracted, you can often run farther with less effort. This has its advantages, which is why many people listen to music while they are running or walking so that they can extend their fitness goals without really thinking about them. You can also listen to audio books.


Try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine whenever possible so that you do it without thinking. Take the stairs instead of an elevator, or add a few brisk steps while you’re walking instead of taking a slow pace to get from the car to the front of the store. You can also sprint up and down a set of steps taking a walk instead of driving if the destination is within walking distance can burn calories without putting in a lot of effort and planning.

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Investment and Trading Expert Jim Hunt

One of the top investment experts in the world is Jim Hunt. He has proven himself as one of the most successful investors when it comes to stock trading on Crunchbase. Over the years, Jim has accumulated a lot of knowledge about how the stock market works as well as how to make high profits on a consistent basis. With his track record of investment success, Hunt has devised a couple of distinct systems that allow many investors to make huge profits on a consistent basis. He has formulated programs such as Wealth Wave and Make Mum a Millionaire. These two programs have proven to make many investors highly successful in stock trading. Along with devising a couple of unique trading systems, Jim has also been part of an organization known as VTA Publications. VTA Publications provides investment education about trading stocks, options trading and also retirement planning. With these educational programs available, a number of investors are able to get the knowledge they need to succeed at investing thanks to VTA Publications.

The first program that Jim Hunt has devised is Make Mum a Millionaire. This program emphasizes the concept of compounding. When using this program, an investor will put up a certain amount of capital of at least one thousand pounds. Over time, they will wait for the money to grow. Within a few years, an investor can reach millionaire status by using this program at Investors who take advantage of Make Mum a Millionaire will have the benefit of investing in a number of stocks that are being bought up by the most established investors around. Therefore, a number of people using this program will be in position to significantly increase their wealth.

Another program developed by Jim is Wealth Wave. When using this program, investors will be in position to purchase falling stocks and then hold them. Over time the stocks will increase in value and then the investor will make huge profits on Wealth Wave enables investors to not only invest in falling stocks, but also allows them to find the stocks that are currently falling that will eventually go up in value in the near future. As a result, this is one of the most highly effective systems available to investors.

“I Want Hair Made Of Silk”, She Said.

By Ruth Rosentrater

Real hair, any hair type and any color will benefit from using Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioner, see: Wen hair care products makes your hair stronger and much more manageable. The beautiful scents of pomegranate, lavender or sweet almond mint is available, so gift giving will not be a problem. Every woman in your life no matter what hair type she has needs Wen. Wen had been around for over 16 years and is a trusted choice with over 40 million bottles sold. With various kits available on Sephora you can choose from the basic or deluxe kit and have regular supply shipped to your house. Your supply choices are regular or extra large. Wen makes it so convenient and hassle-free to stay beautiful throughout the year.

If you want to give the gift of silky luxurious hair, WEN hair is like silk itself which is strong, flexible and timeless. Invest in your beauty and the beauty of other women in your life. Wen is a timeless and highly regarded product within the beauty and fine salon communities. Toss the styling tools aside, use Wen to repair the damage bringing back the light and shine to you locks today. Go, read testimonials at and turn her hair into silk. View the Wen company profile on


Fabletics is a Unique Online Shopping Experience for Women

What is it about the Fabletics website that is drawing in thousands of women around the country? To start with, their introductory offer of anything on their website for $25 with free shipping. Take a look and compare many of the yoga pants or workout apparel, you could easily spend over $100 for the same items on other apparel distributors sites. Fabletics and co-founder Kate Hudson bring to you a one-of-a-kind online shopping experience that will leave you shocked.


After your initial purchase, you visit the Fabletics website and attain VIP status by simply filling out the Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz allows the team at Fabletics to better understand your buying needs. As soon as you are approved, your VIP membership kicks into action and you are locked into a $49.95 price point from here out. That means if you have your eye on that three-piece yoga pants set for $130 on the site, it is yours for $49.95 and the shipping is free.


As a matter of fact, once you become a VIP, your shipping is free on any size order for as long as you stay with Fabletics. Starting next month, the team at Fabletics will hand-pick one piece of sports apparel that closely matches the answers in your quiz, and you can either accept or decline the suggestion. If you do not like the item, simply shop on your own and take advantage of the discount pricing and free shipping.


If at any time you don’t want to shop for any given month, all you are required to do is simply check the “skip a month” box and you don’t buy anything. Also, if any items are chosen for you, nothing ever ships without your permission, so you don’t have to ever fear clothes are being shipping without your say.


Here are some comments satisfied customer around the web left on various review websites.


Tami says at Trust Pilot, “I have been shopping at Fabletics for months and each outfit is better than the next!”


Lisa remarked at A Foodie Stays Fit, “I have Fabletics chose my workout apparel, and it is like Christmas each time I log in to see what I am getting this month!”


Melanie replied at Krazy Coupon Lady, “I still am amazed how I get these outfits for under $50! I have already sent all my workout buddies to this site and they love the clothing too.”

Thor Halvorssen’s Enthusiasm in Fighting Oppression

Thor Halvorssen comes from the lineage of human right activists that recognizes that there should be freedom above all type of discussions. His father was arrested and tortured in the Caracas prison because of exposing the government corruption when he was working a drug informant. Thor Halvorssen’s mother was shot while taking part in anti-Higo Chavez demonstration. Halvorssen doesn’t spend his time acting like a stereotypical activist. Rather he is a people person who is determined to making the world a better place. He is above average do-gooder.

Over the years he has come be known for disagreeing with the conservatives and terms himself as a liberal. This has well been illustrated through taking a strong stance against dictators and tyranny. His effort and determination toward fighting dictatorship and tyranny can be illustrated by the fact that he is president of the New York located Human Rights Foundation (HRF) that he started in 2015. Over time he has been a position to get 12 staff members. His team is committed to making it known about the authoritarianism that happens on every part of the world.

Halvorssen started his human right activism at an early age. His first time to be involved in human right welfare was in London in 1989 to illustrate the distress coursed by the South Africa apartheid regime. He chose to start Human Right Foundation after his mother was shot in 2004 during a political protest. This foundation is aimed at fighting for freedom of the political prisoners, enhancing tolerance, as well as democracy in Latin America. The work that is handled by the Foundation is based on the ideas of the International Covenant on the Liberty rights of 1976. Through the efforts of HRF seven political prisoners have been released. Apart from that, it has made the efforts of publishing two books regarding the individual rights as well as the obligations of the state.

In addition, Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom forum in which he also serves as the CEO. This is a forum whose main aim is to bring together human right activists. Halvorssen has achieved a lot by helping others enjoy universal freedoms.

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Arthur Becker Makes A Major Investment In Soho Townhomes

Arthur Becker is a tech investor who has made a move into the real estate investment world, and he is using his considerable funds in a trade for townhomes in Soho. This NY Mag article explains how Arthur Becker changed his interests from a condo complex to the townhomes he now holds in Soho. They are not yet complete, but they will be worth quite a lot of money when they are completed.

#1: What Are The New Townhomes?

Ina  report by, Arthur traded his interest of about $20 million in a condo complex that was already under construction for three townhomes on Sullivan Street. 10 Sullivan Street is in the heart of Soho, and it has three modern townhomes that Arthur plans to use and sell. He will live in one of the townhomes, and he will sell or rent the other two.

#2: The Townhomes Are Modern Complexes For The Jetsetter

There are many people who move into New York hoping to live the modern city lifestyle they are accustomed to, and they will find it when they are living on Sullivan Street. Arthur plans to occupy one of the townhomes, and he will sell or rent the other two. Three different groups of people will live in a place that gives the homeowner access to all the best of New York, and they will feel as though they have arrived properly.

#3: Why Is The Trade A Wise Decision?

The trade was wise for Arthur as he picked up a property that is worth a little more than $29 million. He will profit around $10 million for the townhomes, and he will have a beautiful place to live that he may sell in the future if he wishes to. He is willing to take on these townhomes knowing they are some of the best places to live in the city.

Everyone who moves into the city looking for a new place to live will quite enjoy 10 Sullivan Street. They must have a look at the way Arthur has appointed the townhomes, and these properties will represent the sort of city living that is expected. Visit for more info on Arthur Becker.