Get The Holistic Lung Stem Cell Treatment at The Lung Insttitute

At Lung Institute, we are committed to providing solutions to chronic lung ailments. The Lung Institute is with highly qualified and proficient physicians. Our application of revolutionary and therapies for lung diseases has enabled the patient access holistic treatment that improve the quality of life. Our physicians utilize stem cells and platelet-rich plasma to ensure that there is enhanced healing of the damaged tissues. Stem transplant maximizes the autologous stems cells from the patient’s body. Stem transplant is geared towards improving the quality of life of patients by enhancing natural healing and reduction of inflammation.

At our institution, patients first undergo a comprehensive screening, study of their medical history and the current conditions to realize the best treatment results possible. The extensive testing enables our physicians to establish the possible way of treatments. Use of natural capabilities of stem cells, our doctors separate the patient’s stem cells from their blood and bone marrow. This stem cell will finally rest inside the lungs and finally bring about natural healing and inhibiting and inflammation.

The lung institute doctor, Jack Coleman Jr., will present the advantages of using stem cell at The Third International Congress in Italy. The conference aims at discussing the application of stem cells in treatment today and its ability to be employed in future. Dr. Coleman affirmed when presenting that traditional ways of treatment are limiting to stem cell therapy. At our facility, we do stem cell transfer using the autologous stems cells and the platelet-rich plasma to enhance healing of damaged tissue. Further information can be found on

The outpatient cell transplant improves the quality of life and helps them breathe quickly. Treatment starts by screening every patient properly and studying both the medical history and their current conditions so that the best possible treatment results can be obtained. Treatment involves withdrawal and separation of stem cells from the blood and bone marrow. Stem cells are re-injected into the body where they stay in the lungs to enhance healing of the ailment. Doctors at the institute provide each patient with treatment unique to their situation. There are various available forms of treatment and if you are interested, please call the patient coordinators and schedule a free consultation today.

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