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Taking Care Of Your Locks

When it comes to the hair, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that it’s as healthy as possible. If you see strands of hair in the shower or when you brush your hair, don’t be alarmed. It’s normal to lose about 100 strands of hair each day as new hair grows in its place. If you must comb wet hair, then do so with caution. Hair breaks easiest when it’s wet. A wide-toothed comb is often best if you need to get tangles out of the hair.

Every few weeks, you want to cut the dead ends from the hair with cutting about 1/4 of an inch from the hair every six weeks. This will give the hair a healthy look while avoiding split ends. Don’t wash your hair every day as it can make it dry. If you do need to wash the hair every day because of excess oil, then add a condition on the ends of the hair to keep the ends from splitting.

Wen hair is a line of products that are created by stylist Chaz Dean ideal for adding moisture back to the hair. Products include sprays and conditioners that give volume and softness as well. The items offered are made with natural ingredients, such as mint and almond oil.

You’ll find that WEN products leave the hair manageable. Conditioners combine cleansing components as well as those that help fight split ends. Many of the products also leave the hair with a pleasant smell.



Using Cleansing Conditioners for Beautiful Hair with Wen By Chaz

WEN by ChazDo you feel like no matter how much you wash your hair it never really feels like its clean? Does it always feel greasy to you? If so, well then you need to try cleansing conditioners  created by Chaz Dean. The Wen cleansing conditioners are what is going to need to be used in order to restore your hair to near perfect condition.

If you want to have healthy hair again, the cleansing conditioner will do that for you but you have to first order it. You will then use it in place of your shampoo. This means that you will not need to use shampoo but instead the cleansing conditioner.

You will climb in the shower like you normally do, but before you start washing your body, take a moment to wet your hair. Once you wet your hair, you will then need to apply a small amount Wen cleansing conditioner to the palm of your hand. Once in your hand, then apply it to your wet hair. While your hair is wet, leave the cleansing conditioner in while you continue showering. Once you are done washing and are ready to get out of the shower, you will then rinse the cleansing conditioner from your hair. At this point, you can either continue to rinse one more time or you may simply just step out of the shower.

After you have rinsed your hair completely and are done with the process, you will step out of the shower and continue with your daily beauty routine.

If you are someone who styles their hair and uses hair products daily, you will then want to use the Wen hair care products. The products in the stores are going to add more harsh chemicals to your hair which will reverse the reaction you are hoping for. If you want to use the products that are going to be good for your hair, you will then need to use products that have natural ingredients in the products which is the Wen hair care line. Their products will not harm your hair and will allow it to continue regaining beauty and shine once more.

Make sure when you want to place your order for Wen products that you order the scents that you will like the most. There will be options available to you such as cranberry, mint and apple. If you like a certain scent, make sure you order a couple of them as some are going to be limited while others are made year round.

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Magnises Gives Its Member Benefits To Improve Their Lives

Billy McFarland is a young, American entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Spling and Magnises. He created his first company at age 13, an online company that outsourced business to match clients with designers. He briefly studied computer engineering at Bucknell University.

He dropped out of college before his sophomore year and founded Spling, an online ad platform that allows users to improve the appearance of their URLs by turning them into graphic images. Spling services companies like Universal and Discovery.

McFarland launched the company, Magnises, in 2014. Magnises was aimed at creating an exclusive card that offers its exclusive members community-based and technology-oriented perks. McFarland wanted to create a member’s company that would improve the life of the members and its appeal is aimed at the millennial generation.

The exclusive black card is not a credit card. It is not actually connected to a financial institution. Instead, members can transfer funds from an existing account onto the Magnises card, which allows it to be put in place of the debit or credit card.

Magnises is available in cities like New York and Washington D.C. It helps its member unlock their cities by taking their lives to the next level through experiences and special benefits. Members have access to members-only experiences and exclusive benefits throughout the cities. It gives them a unique collection of experiences, both cultural and professional.

The members can even have access to Magnises NOW, an on-demand concierge app. It’s almost like having a personal assistant on your device. The app can help with suggestions around your city, like dining or nightlife options. It can also help make reservations and answer general questions the member may have.

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To become a member, you must submit an application. After you’ve been accepted, the membership fee is $257.55. Once a member, you can have access to special perks around your city. These benefits can include members-only pricing on sporting events and concert tickets, and all-access passes to the hottest clubs. Members can also get complimentary upgrades on traveling.

Members will join a unique group of other members who are tastemakers, influencers, and experience seekers from all over the nation. The membership can connect the members to a network of like-minded people and help them make both personal and professional connections to further expand the quality of their lives.

Some of Magnises’ benefits include already-reserved tables at opening nightclubs, members-only evenings with secret performers and mixology nights. Being a member automatically makes you a VIP. Magnises has given its members experiences like Fourth of July Penthouse Parties, Anniversary Parties, exclusive fish-bars, and experiences at the Historic Renaissance Opia Grand Ballroom. Members can also unlock different passes like a surf lodge pass and ClubPass. ClubPass gives members access to two of New York City’s best clubs, six nights a week. Members even get priority reservations and exclusive bookings at places like SideBAR, The Ainsworth, Bounce Sporting Club, Rochelle’s, The Box, Goldbar, The Gilded Lily, No. 8, Avenue, BowlMor, and Hudson Terrace.

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Shocking Growth Of Handy Home Services recently reported on the growth and profitability model that Handy used in order to gain their recent, unprecedented success with the on demand home services platform they have developed over the years. It started as an idea among roommates who lived in Massachusetts while attending college at Harvard Business School. The idea became a start up company, and that start up company is now one of the most successful home service providers available on the market. The founders, Hanrahan and Dua, tried many different strategies to achieve the results that they desired. Oddly enough, the founders were not always on the same page about what was needed to make Handy head of the market. Handy was not the only company offering home services on demand to consumers, so they had to adjust their strategies in order to stay alive in the fast paced tech savvy business world.

¬†More About Handy’s Hard Earned Success

Their success did not come without long meetings with board members where the founders would discuss certain strategies that others did not have faith in. Even as recent as early 2016, Hanrahan remembers having trouble getting in the right mindset in order to present long Power Point slideshows to financial supporters. One of the ideas the founders struggled to agree about was whether or not to have people sign up online in order to be service providers on platform. They tested this idea in two markets, and they decided it was working. Handy has been able to provide professional cleaning services, home repair services and help with odd jobs ever since they decided to test these new ideas.

To take a look at the original article from, go to this link. You might be shocked to read how far Handy has grown.