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How Technology Helps With Law Enforcement

While people do have all different types of feelings and ideas about technology, they must admit that it does help with law enforcement. Securus technologies has demonstrated that technology is good about helping officers solve cases. Among the uses of technology is DNA matching as well as video surveillance. However, there is one weakness that has plagued law enforcement technology up until recently. The technology that has been available have only been able to catch people after the crime. For instance, people that have committed certain acts like robbery, assault, and acts of violence were only caught after they have committed these acts. Fortunately, JLG Technologies has come up with something that enables law enforcement officers to actually prevent crimes from occurring. This is a software called Investigator Pro 4.0.


Investigator Pro uses a lot of technological advancements that help law enforcement officials act before a crime is committed. Among the advantages that come with the new technology is the ability of law enforcement officials to be able to select a voice sample. This is a huge step from just using an ID or a phone number. Therefore, inmates or perpetrators will not be able to use alternating numbers to avoid getting caught.


With technology from Securus, law enforcement officers are more able to serve and protect in a more efficient manner. Securus is also putting together inventions that are designed to help inmates during their prison term. For one thing, prison is not just meant to be punishment for crimes, but also an educational rehabilitation center that is meant to redirect the inmates so that they can be more productive. When inmates are given something to work towards, they will find themselves with a greater ability to work towards a better and more productive life. Securus is one company that is working towards a better life all around.


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Lip Balm Purchase Considerations

Buying lip balm is more confusing than ever before. There are now more choices than ever before and lip balms sell in a variety of different price points. Consideration of what constitutes a quality lip balm should involve the following factors.

Lip balms form a protective barrier on the skin of your lips that protect them from dry air and the outside elements. A thick topical layer of a lip balm will help to prevent the lips from drying out and will create a situation where they can retain the limited moisture that your lips do produce. Some brands such as the Evolution of Smooth have a very rich lip balm application, as demonstrated in the brand name, which goes on thick and prevents the seepage of moisture from the lips. This formed barrier can greatly reduce the chapped or dry nature of your lips and protect your lips from damage, particularly during the dry winter months. Make sure that the balm you choose can create an effective barrier to the elements.

All natural ingredients will also make a difference in the lip balm that you use. artificial additives will tend to dry out your lips and natural and organic products can make a real difference in your lip balm. Burt’s Bees and Evolution of Smooth excel here put a focus on keeping their products natural and have excelled here. That is why they want flavorful lip balm. These products are available on both Walmart and Ulta.

Finally be aware of the flavor options. Many people like lip balms that have a tasty yet subtle flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the lips and taste buds, particularly when they reapply the lip balm many times throughout the day. Other people like fruity or menthol flavors. Avoid peppermint oil and camphor as it dries the lips though and can be counter productive as a result.

Be selective but experimental with your lip balms. Sometimes it takes some time searching around to find the right lip balm for your needs.


Richard Blair – Accomplished Registered Investment Advisor

Richard Blair is known in the financial services industry as a RIA, or Registered Investment Advisor. Essentially, he owns his own financial advisory practice which allows him to provide independent financial advice to his clients. He likes his career because he is drawn to the field of education, and in this case he is able to educate his clients on financial matters. As a financial planner and young man, he showed a natural aptitude toward the financial field. With that said, he started his own independent financial advisory firm which he has been running since 1994 which he started a year after graduating from college.

The company has a revenue of approximately $1.4 Million and employs 5 to 9 people in the Austin office. As a business consulting firm, it was established in 2012 and incorporated in Texas. The firm provides asset management/planning services to their clients. Clients are able to take advantage of the firm’s asset management services in order to hopefully see a growth in the amount of income that they are able to earn from the assets that they hold. The planning side of the business helps individuals plan for their future needs such as retirement, opening a business, or children going to college. This is very crucial as it helps people save for retirement.

He helps his clients plan for retirement which allows them to avoid many of the common pitfalls which come from being retired. Retirees face several challenges as a direct result of being unable to earn an income, and Richard’s job is to make sure that a retiree is able to retire comfortably on the funds that they have. Otherwise, a retiree might run out of funds and not be able to live the life that they are planning to live in their retirement years which would be catastrophic.

As a wealth solutions provider, Richard Blair’s company is able to help individuals in many ways. It’s often a difficult conversation for most as they simply don’t want to think about getting old, but it’s one they are glad to have when the time makes it necessary. Fortunately, Richard Blair’s advice is able to help many people retire comfortably and live their dreams out. He knows that life isn’t always about money, so he is there to guide individuals along the way toward their financial success and achieving their financial goals.

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The IAP Worldwide Group

IAP worldwide is a global leader in facility organization, logistics, specialized and technological services. The company currently has a workforce of around 2000 employees. They are spread out in its offices in 25 nations all over the world. It prides itself on being the fastest in responding to the needs of its clients, who are in both the public and private sectors. Nothing is regarded as unexpected and no matter how things go about, the company is always ready to offer a long-lasting solution. From natural disasters to battlefields in the foreign countries, one is sure to get the satisfaction they desire when they contact IAP services.

The company mainly came as a result of a vision shared by pioneering companies to offer better services when they combine their expertise and resources together on Since its beginning in1953, the company has had an eye for a better future and its programs are designed in a way that would give humanity a better world.

Corporate Responsibility
At IAP Worldwide Services, success is defined as the ability to treat everyone in the best way possible. This treatment should not only be for the members of staff and customers, but for everyone else in the society. The company recognizes that the society has been a major player in its success, and it shows gratitude in any way it could by being good to the people and participating in activities that would not harm humanity, but enhances its survival.

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Mission and Values
IAP believes in satisfying its customers in all ways possible. The needs of the clients are the main objectives that the group aims to accomplish.

Growth Strategy
Like all other major companies, IAP realizes that growth should be in integral part of its plans. The company on LinkedIn has been involved in the acquisition of other entities to ensure that it has its future well established in advance. On 5th November 2015, an article was published on Newswire’s website over its acquisition of two units from DRS technologies with an aim of enhancing its capability to satisfy its customers, while at the same time widening its target market.

This acquisition was in line with the group’s strategy of providing services that are customer focused, with innovation and lean operations as its main drivers. On 26th July 2005, another article on the same site had reported about IAP Worldwide Services’ involvement in Afghanistan’s air traffic. The company developed air traffic control system at Afghanistan’s Kabul-based air control center. The sky is not the limit for IAP worldwide, and their customer base continues to grow each day.