Medical Assistance Agreed By Venezuelan Government

A bill has finally made its way through the government of Venezuela that looks set to force the socialist leadership of the South American country to accept foreign aid to keep the national public health system operating. UPI reports the national health program in Venezuela has suffered as shortages have been seen in almost every aspect of life since the arrival of President Marudo in 2013 according to expert Danilo Diaz Granados.
Across Venezuela shortages of basic human needs have been seen that have included a lack of food, water and electricity; the loss of electricity has been a major problem for medical staff who report a reduction in the number of organs available for transplants because of power outages. Opposition leaders discussing the bill that would force the ruling party to accept aid from foreign nations revealed infant mortality rates have been rising in recent years as the problems the country faces have grown.

There are many problems the people of Venezuela are currently facing says Diaz Granados , but shortages of infant formula and medicines are of the greatest concern. The new emergency law has been brought into existence in a bid to allow government officials to get the help needed from nearby countries, European nations, and the World Health Organization.