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Let NutriMost Fight the Fat Battle for You

According to NY FatLoss, almost half of the American population has been on a diet at one time in their lives, and almost all of this group has gained the weight back, This yo-yo syndrome is not good for the body, and it affects the confidence of the one trying to lose weight.
The reason these diets aren’t working for everybody is because everyone is an individual., so whether you want to lose weight for looks or for better health,
NutriMost was developed to melt away visceral fat. Visceral fat is that fat that is built up around the midsection, and it is the most difficult fat to lose. Visceral fat is easy to put on, so they hardly even notice they are gaining weight.

Visceral fat is very unhealthy, too, because as more weight is put on, it actually presses on the other organs preventing their system from functioning correctly. This can become very dangerous, but NutriMost has the answer. No more starvation or absurd diets with little results. Nutrimost is specially designed to take off the belly fat first.

With NutriMost Recipes , weight can be shed in a short amount of time reducing and even halting the problems that arise because the layer of fat is pushing on the internal organs. Serious health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep and circulation problems compound the problem of being overweight.

With Nutrimost, the user begins losing weight immediately, with average weight loss about 5 lbs. a week. Gene Sheller, 71 years old, is an example of success with NutirMost. He weighed 270 lbs. when the started the program, and he lost 80 lbs in one year. He is happy to report that his vitality and energy was restored, and even his fatty liver was like new again! Gene is another successful testimony. See,

Lime Crime Instagram Makes for a Good Marketing Tool

Lime Crime, an innovative make up e-commerce company, has reached a milestone in Instagram. They have reached two million followers, but it is no surprise with its trend-setting designs and dedication to customers.

The company uses Instagram as a way to create an interactive shopping experience. This time is not the first that founder, Doe Deere, has paved the way for interactive shopping experiences. She created the “on lip” lipstick swatch, which is a way for the customer to see how the lipstick looks on a real person.

Now in a clever move, this internet based company has once again went back to its online roots for a marketing tool that worked. Real customers are able to post pictures of their looks with Lime Crime cosmetic products. These photos are posted on Instagram, but they are also posted on the company’s web site. This way potential customers have a chance to see how real people look in their products.

Lime Crime dedicates themselves to customer satisfaction and Instagram is a way to do that. Truly satisfied customers are showcased in Lime Crime inspired looks. Lime Crime’s loyal customers are called “unicorns” and it is no wonder. With the sparkling make up, rich hues, and opaque tones, this make up line was inspired to create works of art.

Doe Deere set out to create a make up company to inspire people to bring out the creativity in themselves. She believed that makeup was not just to cover up imperfections but to bring out the beauty in the person’s face. She has accomplished just that. Her official blog shows the make up line is fun, radical, and even magical. With a palette that allows the customer to play with their looks and colors, it is truly an inspiration.  Also be sure to follow Lime Crime on Twitter and use #LimeCrime to share your looks.

Two Million Following Lime Crime On Instagram

In Less than a Year
PRNewswire reports Lime Crime has already exceeded two million followers. These two million followers are happy to be following Lime Crime on Instagram. Doe Deere, the CEO and Founder, has applied creativity through the social media platforms. She provides an engaginging and unique social media experience. She offers this experience to audiences all around the world. Instagram is just one way for Lime Crime to be innovative within this ecommerce field. Lime Crime has a clear goal. This brand strives to be the top interactive shopping experience. The target audience is the makeup enthusiasts throughout the world. According to Doe Deere, there is an addition to the primary goal. This is more than pushing products. The addition is to cultivate an entire community that offers fun and engagement along with amazing makeup products. This ecommerce brand is clearly proving to be an exceptional experience for the current two million followers. This has grown to the two million followers in less that a year.

Inspiration and Showcasing through Social Media
Sharing and showcasing on this social media platform is meant to offer inspiration to fans around the globe. Fans are inspired to be absolutely fearless when they create their own fashions, makeup styles, and hair styles. It is amazing to view the stunning creations of unicorns around the globe.  Fans are encouraged to share their photos with the @limecrimemakeup account, where they will in turn be shared with the entire Lime Crime fan base.

Cruelty-Free Makeup
Lime Crime Makeup is the magical cruelty-free makeup for unicorns. Doe Deere is the owner. She launched Lime Crime in the year 2008. She has created fabulous colors and this brand encourages everyone to be creative and fearless when in comes to their own style. Radical colors and cruelty-free products are offered through this ecommerce site.  But they can also be purchased through other major retailers like Dolls Kill as well.

George Soros to Fight Against Donald Trump

The famous real estate billionaire, Donald Trump, has knocked out his Republican opponents and there seems no reason why he shouldn’t get on the GOP Presidential ticket during this year’s presidential elections.

The truth is, Trump has got many opponents in addition to Hillary Clinton (whom he labeled “a crooked Hillary”). Already, $75 million was thrown into anti-Trump campaigns. But, he prevailed.

Now, Trump got a formidable opponent- an another billionaire, one that’s even richer than he is. George Soros, the financial markets speculator on nybooks, has thrown $5 million into an overall $15-million anti-Trump PAC. Soros is seeking to mobilize immigrants, especially Latinos, to the polls. Trump is known for threatening to deport illegal immigrants and build a wall with Mexico to stop more illegals from coming.

Of course, only United States citizens can vote in elections, but this move hopes to play on legal immigrants’ sentiments and family ties to block Trump. Some states will be highly contested, so getting as many Democratic voters to show up at the polls this November may make a difference.
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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Based on the electoral map, Mrs. Clinton is likely to win, but Mr. Trump is confident that he can defeat her. After all, he knocked out such recognized politicians as Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz.

Trump’s weaknesses are his controversial statements and no previous experience in holding a political office. But, George Soros has plenty of business experience, and the Americans now seem to care the most about the economy.

On the other side, Hillary Clinton has got political experience but is known to accept money from questionable sources such as Qatari donors. No wonder Trump calls her crooked.

George Soros will surely support the more liberal candidate, which is Hillary Clinton. In fact, he’s been involved in liberal causes for years. It even came to the point where his foundations were kicked out of Russia. The Russians claimed he’s a threat to national security. He also was criticized by some European leaders, such as Victor Orban, for his encouragement of massive Middle Eastern migration to Europe.

With $25 billion under his name, 86-year-old Soros surely isn’t a conservative. He will fight against Trump.

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Lime Crime Growing Major Instagram Presence With Crazy Color


Lime Crime makeup company with founder Doe Deere at the helm, continues to attract new fans around the globe with its beauty-forward cosmetics. Radical colors, glitter and unicorns are just a few non-traditional aspects to the modern makeup line.

CEO Doe Deere is thrilled with Lime Crime’s growing popularity featuring two million plus followers now on Instagram. Her makeup junkies love posting their chosen Lime Crime palettes and showing off creative cosmetics designs with the hashtag ‘#limecrime.’

Doe Deere is internet savvy, too, and has successfully built her young business through careful strategy, a unique beauty philosophy and incredible lipsticks and eye shadows that scream, “Look at me, I’m gorgeous!”

Doe Deere thinks it’s wonderful to have fans inspire each other with their makeup selections, and that is why Instagram follower photos are also hosted on Lime Crime’s shopping website. Women and men, too, get great ideas on what they can choose, and if it means banana-colored lips, then go for it. Doe Deere wants young people to be fearless through self-expression, something her cosmetics have been developed to do. Social media allows for instant feedback, and she believes that helps develop the brand to the best it can be.

Doe Deere’s original liquid to matte lipsticks have been copied and copied but never duplicated perfectly by the competition. Lime Crime’s Velvetines feature striking shades like Alien (green), Beet It (deep berry-pink) and Bleached (peachy nude) that go on smoothly and dry with a velvet finish that lasts and lasts. Plus, the pigmentation quality is unbeatable.

Doe Deere fondly refers to her fans as unicorns, because she believes it takes a special person to put on her bold makeup colors. She has always been a trendsetter, even as a young girl born in Russia. She was creative, attracted to wild colors and patterns, and that has stayed with her through life. Doe Deere began her own makeup company, because she said she couldn’t find cosmetics that were playful and bold. She then moved to New York City, began honing her craft, and Lime Crime was born.

Doe Deere’s company name is uncommon, but then again, so is she. Lime Crime has stuck and with good reason. Today, Doe has suggested Lime Crime stands for color revolution, breaking the rules, and not being afraid to color outside the lines. By doing that, the company CEO has allowed more women and men to find their own unique standards of beauty.

What looked taboo even a few years ago, is now a piece of beauty culture. Blue lipstick is hot, trendy and hitting the red carpet. Doe Deere has been behind blue lipstick for years now. It’s about time everyone else is catching up.

Watch this interview with Doe Deere on Youtube.

Is Athleisure Wear The Next Big Deal In Clothing?

Have you noticed the sudden surge of people wearing workout/casual wear? You’re not the only one. The style is a new trend called athleisure wear. This is the rapidly growing fashion and fitness trend on that’s literally showing up everywhere. How often do you see the ladies in yoga pants nowadays? If you live in civilization, it’s a lot. For the majority of us this is a dream come true in the fashion world. It means that style, comfort and exercise are all coming together.

One of the biggest appeals about athleisure wear is the ability to do various activities without having to stop and change clothing. At the same time you will feel confident that you can do more formal things as well as casual affairs. This new fashion trend isn’t only for the women either. The men in your life are beginning to strut this style as well. Both genders have athleisure wear that both compliment the form and add comfort to your workout.
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One of the biggest influences by far is the new line called Fabletics. This new brand is being promoted by designer and co-founder, Kate Hudson. No doubt you’ve seen the ads. One of the main selling points is obviously the comfort and workout hybrid happening here. The other nice point is the ‘price point.’ This is not going to break the bankbook. There is even a deal when you sign up as a VIP member your first outfit is only $25 and the shipping in on the house.

Do you like to run? Fabletics has you covered. More of the swimming type? They have you taken care of there as well. No matter what type of athlete or non-athlete you are, this is the clothing style to suit your needs. The fact that it’s being backed by Kate Hudson is just icing on the cake for this new branch of Just Fab. No matter what your thing is that keeps you active, Fabletics has got your gear.

All that’s left is to pick an outfit or two!

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Medical Assistance Agreed By Venezuelan Government

A bill has finally made its way through the government of Venezuela that looks set to force the socialist leadership of the South American country to accept foreign aid to keep the national public health system operating. UPI reports the national health program in Venezuela has suffered as shortages have been seen in almost every aspect of life since the arrival of President Marudo in 2013 according to expert Danilo Diaz Granados.
Across Venezuela shortages of basic human needs have been seen that have included a lack of food, water and electricity; the loss of electricity has been a major problem for medical staff who report a reduction in the number of organs available for transplants because of power outages. Opposition leaders discussing the bill that would force the ruling party to accept aid from foreign nations revealed infant mortality rates have been rising in recent years as the problems the country faces have grown.

There are many problems the people of Venezuela are currently facing says Diaz Granados , but shortages of infant formula and medicines are of the greatest concern. The new emergency law has been brought into existence in a bid to allow government officials to get the help needed from nearby countries, European nations, and the World Health Organization.