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Wengie YouTube Sensation

A recent article in Allure featured a story that is of interest to women as well as men. It stated that brushing one’s hair correctly causes hair growth. The story went on to state that a boar’s hair bristle brush would stimulate the scalp and cause the hair follicles to grow more rapidly. If true, this could cause a revolution for women and especially men who are prone to male pattern balding. Read the full article here. But before you rush out to buy boar’s hair bristle brushes, be aware they are pricey. Out of a sense of research, I found one selling for $230. at Nordstroms. Probably worth it.
There is one beauty expert who knows all the answers to our beauty and lifestyle questions; Wengie.
Wengie is a YouTube sensation. If you are one of the over 1 million viewers of her channel, you’ll know who Wengie is and can probably explain why she is popular. She has created her individual beauty channel on YouTube and her hard work, and creative sensibilities are shown off for her viewers. Her target audience is girls age 11-21. It’s a broad demographic and one advertisers covet. Wengie covers the broad gamut of struggles facing young people in this media-frenzied world. She is appealing in a quirky sort of way, not gorgeous but attractive, not voluptuous but thin and trim. Wengie represents the type of friend everyone from 8-80 wants to have. She is definitely not staid but not outrageous either. Wengie is Wengie.
The facts may offer clues about what lies beneath the persona of Wengie. Her given name is Wendy Ayche. Her parents were of Australian and Chinese descent, She is currently engaged, this year she turned thirty, she, previously, worked in marketing making six figures and has been putting together her channel for almost three years now. She is selective about accepting sponsors and usually holds out for the best offers. Wengie is, in fact, a third millennia successful business person. She is a brand.

Venezuela Pays $30 million to Dairy Farmers in Uruguay

Venezuela has just made a significant payment to Uruguay as compensation for food imports owed to dairy farmers in Uruguay as reported by The payment was for
$30 million, which represents only thirty percent of the $100 million
owed. However, President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela believes that this
payment is a good step towards paying the outstanding balance for food
imports from Uruguay which has arisen under a food import deal..

Venezuela has been struggling financially according to expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa as its country has not been
investing in their infrastructure including both energy and food
production. The country imports a significant amount of food from
Uruguay, of which a significate amount comes from dairy producer and
exporter Conaprole, located in Uruguay. The payment of $30 million will
go towards small dairy producers based on Adrian Jose’s computation, per Enzo Benech, a government official
in Uruguay.

In addition to these $100 million announced, Venezuela owes $267 million
to Uruguay under a multimillion dollar food import deal but has only
deposited a fifth of the total today. The $30 million payment noted above
therefore represents a good faith payment against the total balance, which
has helped to improve relations between the two neighboring countries.

Brian Bonar Brings Together The Right Ingredients For Success At Bellamy Restaurant

An article from Modern Luxury says that Brian Bonar, the founder, current President, CEO, CFO and secretary of Trucept Inc., has expertise at architectural design and space planning as well as a passion for leading high-performing teams to excellence. This passion can be seen in his transformation of Bellamy’s Restaurant in Escondido.

The Ranch at Bandy Canyon grows fresh ingredients used in creating the chef designed meals and exquisite dishes being served there. The Ranch also offers event space that will be transformed into a French dining destination. Of course, his team for this venture features an outstanding Master French Chef, Patrick Ponsaty who has been given the freedom he desires to create exquisite menus and collaborates on all aspects of the new restaurant.

Brian Bonar put the day to day tasks of the operations of Bandy Canyon in the hands of Gianina Pickens, his step-daughter. An article in Modern Luxury tells readers what to expect on the menu. A new restaurant named Ponsaty’s is to open in June and will also reflect the Chef’s culinary experience and cooking style that has helped to turn his students into world class French chefs as well.

Throughout his career, Brian Bonar has proven an exceptional ability to spot and nurture talent and he has been a dedicated fan of Chef Ponsaty. The wisdom of this investment can be understood completely when one considers not only the flavorful culinary creations but also the former establishments that offered the public a taste of what Chef Ponsaty creates.

Those establishments includes Coronada Bay Resorts, La Bastide, and Bernard’O to name a few. He is also the former chef at El Bizcocho at Rancho Barnardo Inn and under his tutelage, his student Gavin Kaysen ranked third overall in the world in the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry in Paris.

At Bellamy’s, the ambient, relaxed family atmosphere is combined with an upscale dining experience. You can also experience Chef Ponsaty’s tender calami steak served over squid ink risotto, lamb or any of the French cuisine that is prepared in a style that is distinctly his own.

Brian’s career includes providing the talent for the financial and other industries to run their businesses and improve their sales and business processes. In addition to his current positions with Trucept, Brian Bonar is also the founder of Ams Outsourcing, chairman of Greenland Corporation, chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation and Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc.

Trucep operates the Solvis nurse staffing brand in Michigan and California. Brian is sure to experience great success in his restaurant endeavors as well. Bellamy’s new interior has a mid century modern style with walnut tables, smoked mirrors, oversized booths and a newly designed bar and dining room. The best ingredient for success in this endeavor is, of course, the Chef.

George Soros and his philanthropic activities

Besides being a very successful person in business and finance, Soros is known for his philanthropic gestures on His first proverbial test of the philanthropy was in 1979, but it was just a small one. After his first test of being a philanthropist, he took it seriously five years later when he launched the Open Society Foundations in his country of birth. The name Open Society Foundation (OSF) was influenced by the concepts that Karl Popper advanced as a philosopher. Karl Popper is a philosopher that he was introduced to when he was studying for his graduate studies at the London School of Economics.

The reason for George Soros venturing into philanthropy was mainly because of the concept that Karl Popper advanced. The concept was to find a way which citizens could hold their governments accountable. His ideas advocated for having vibrant and tolerant democracies. A close look at his organization, the Open Society Foundation, it is very evident that he supports these concepts that Karl Popper advanced. The Open Society Foundation on is involved and supports several organizations around the world that are directly or indirectly involved with matters that are related to politics.

Despite him starting being seriously involved with philanthropy in 1984, it is not until 1987 that he began giving out large sums of money. In 1987 alone, he spent about $3 million on philanthropic activities and kept increasing the amount each year. George Soros On politico is quoted saying that in 1992, he spent over $300 million on his Open Society Foundation. Between 1987 and 1992, his established a series of foundations mainly in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Today, his presence as a philanthropist is felt in more than 100 countries. His philanthropic activities and extraordinary wealth have made him get a massive attention from many powerful political leaders.

The Soros Fund Management had become successful by 1993, and George Soros decided to establish the Soros Foundation network which was based in New York. He named the organization Open Society Institute. The Open Society Institute has a presence in several countries around the world. However, it is primarily focused on putting more money into American based organizations. In one of his books, “Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism,” Soros has explained what open society means on Using his words, he says Open Society is one in which there is freedom, democracy, a rule of law, social justice, human rights, and social responsibility. These are the reasons he gives for his philanthropic advances.

Soros appointed Aryeh Neier to serve as president of Open Society Institute. He was entrusted with the task of championing the agendas of OSI. The reason for appointing Aryeh Neier was because of his involvement with Students for Democrats in the early 1960s. The SDS shared the same ideologies with Open Society Institution and had aspired to overthrow America’s democratic institutions and reconfigure the government. He also worked for America Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for fifteen years and 12 years he was the director of Human Rights Watch.


Thor Halvorssen Shows How Democratic Socialism Would Work

Thor Halvorssen took a trip over to Fox News to talk about how socialism works around the world. He runs the Human Rights Foundation, and he encounters a lot of problems with socialist governments, but that is because those governments run a model that is completely different from what Bernie Sanders is proposing in his run to be the next President. Thor Halvorssen had to explain the situation because the rhetoric has gotten so bad in America of late.

Everyone in America has heard the word communist thrown around, but Mr. Thor Halvorssen wants people to understand that communism is just one kind of socialism that has never worked. It requires it own party, and it has nothing to do with helping the people at all. He has roots in Scandinavia, and that is where people are getting their money’s worth when they pay taxes. Those countries are using a democratic socialist model that uses tax dollars to help pay for everything that the citizens need. This also means that everyone is going to have to pay what they should. That includes the big companies that usually get out of it every year.

People who are not sure what Bernie Sanders will do if he is elected need to look at places like Sweden and Finland are doing to help their people. That is the kind of model that Bernie Sanders wants to do to help the people. He wants to have better social services, and he wants to make sure that he is giving people a good reason to invest in the country.

Mr. Halvorssen (Twitter) wanted to make sure that people in America hear what it is like when they live under a real democratic socialist government. Socialism can still be a bad word in America, but he hopes that he can handle the myth by talking to the media as much as he can. He wants to use his position at the Human Rights Foundation to help people understand the world around them, and he knows that there are bad forms of socialism. It is simply that Bernie Sanders is not touting a bad system.

WEN by Chaz Products have Revolutionized the Hair Care Industry

Women are bombarded with advertisements and infomercials from hair product manufacturers. The QVC advertisements are usually based on women with TV-worthy and gorgeous hair. Primarily, this is usually an effort to make prospective customers develop an interest in the product. Emily Mc Clure, a beauty products enthusiast, decided to test the WEN Cleansing Conditioner in a bid to see if its infomercials painted a true picture.

Experimenting with the WEN Conditioner

Mc Clure began her experiment after leaving work with an urge to take a shower. Since her hair was already unruly or greasy, she opted to see how the WEN product would solve her hair issue. In the course of applying the hair conditioner, she took note of the amount recommended for each type of hair size. Short hair required 10-16 pumps while medium and long hair are required 16-24 and 24-32 pumps respectively.

After applying the WEN product severally for a span of seven days, she got used to it as it gave her a clean and shiny appeal. She even changed her showering routine by day six from night to morning in order to apply the product before leaving for work. In addition, her friends also noticed the change and shy look of her hair. The original information was posted on Bustle

Information about WEN by Chaz

Chaz Dean came up with the idea to develop the Wen cleansing conditioner out of a need to eliminate the use of shampoo products, which he considers dangerous to the scalp and hair. The WEN products cleanse the scalp and hair without lathering. This is unlike the shampoo products.

WEN products on sephora are able to preserve the hair color and boost blood circulation in the scalp. The cleansing conditioners by Chaz represent a combination of styling treatment, shampoo, and conditioner. For effective results users of Wen products are recommended to repeat the routine of cleansing and rinsing while using the half the number of required pumps on the first cleanse and the rest on the second wash.