Bob Reina Proved What Industry Giants Said Couldn’t Be Done

Talk Fusion is a pioneering video communications company that was created by Bob Reina in 2007. In a few short years, the company has surpassed giants like Yahoo and Aol to become the 8th ranked such company in the world. Talk Fusion’s cutting-edge software has expanded to over 80 countries with a variety of products. Live conferencing, video chat and marketing has empowered companies all over the world.

Although Reina had little more than a dream when he started Talk Fusion, he was determined to make it work. While working as a police officer, Reina came up with the bold idea of sending 10-second emails to friends. Although AOL told him it couldn’t be done, a collaboration with a friend and IT genius proved everyone wrong.

Bob Reina has come a long way from his humble days at the University of South Florida. His yearning for knowledge and marketing was instrumental in him walking away from a steady pay check and diving into the unknown. The gamble has paid off in spades. Talk Fusion now has a portfolio of $110 million and growing. The company also has a steady stream of clients who are a large part of his success.

Talk Fusion continues to grow and is primed to triple its revenue in the next few months. The direct selling platform allows clients to receive a great deal of compensation in record time. Reina’s insight and dedication has helped a number of individuals gain financial independence within a few short months.