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Bob Reina Proved What Industry Giants Said Couldn’t Be Done

Talk Fusion is a pioneering video communications company that was created by Bob Reina in 2007. In a few short years, the company has surpassed giants like Yahoo and Aol to become the 8th ranked such company in the world. Talk Fusion’s cutting-edge software has expanded to over 80 countries with a variety of products. Live conferencing, video chat and marketing has empowered companies all over the world.

Although Reina had little more than a dream when he started Talk Fusion, he was determined to make it work. While working as a police officer, Reina came up with the bold idea of sending 10-second emails to friends. Although AOL told him it couldn’t be done, a collaboration with a friend and IT genius proved everyone wrong.

Bob Reina has come a long way from his humble days at the University of South Florida. His yearning for knowledge and marketing was instrumental in him walking away from a steady pay check and diving into the unknown. The gamble has paid off in spades. Talk Fusion now has a portfolio of $110 million and growing. The company also has a steady stream of clients who are a large part of his success.

Talk Fusion continues to grow and is primed to triple its revenue in the next few months. The direct selling platform allows clients to receive a great deal of compensation in record time. Reina’s insight and dedication has helped a number of individuals gain financial independence within a few short months.

Madison Street Capital Releases Video on Its Reorganization Services

The 2008-2009 Great Recession, as its known, was triggered by the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-2008. It causes severe financial problems to businesses all over the world. Confidence in the system among business people and consumers was very low.
The large investment banks of Wall Street went out of business, were bought out or reorganized. Such behemoth giants of finance as Bank of America carried huge amounts of “toxic” assets on their books. In response, they slashed the credit limits on their credit card companies, making it harder for consumers to spend money.

Business slowed down, which means the flow of cash dried up, which is the liquidity crisis mentioned in the Madison Street Capital video.

That refers to a shortage of money. When sales slow down, businesses cannot service their debt. That threatens the very existence of the business. Yet in the 2008 crisis this was complicated by the reluctance of banks to close businesses because they were already taking huge losses because of the poor quality mortgages on their books.

In the Youtube video Madison Street points out they excel at devising ways for businesses to cope with these problems. That is, to reorganize their businesses so they can sell their goods and services and still pay their bills. Therefore, the goal is to keep the business running, but not to do so by failing to meet their debt service obligations to lenders.

Their professionals according to bloomberg business  know how to help businesses bring in more capital and, perhaps, restructure loans to reduce payment amounts.

The financial crisis is no longer so severe, but modern businesses still face many competitive challenges. They must learn to meet their goals while still keeping expenses low. This can also include finding new ways to meet production, to increase production by improving employee productiveness. It could include targeted layoffs of the least important or essential employees.

Madison Street Capital, with Anthony Marsala as Chief Operating Officer (COO), is a mid-level investment bank providing financial advice to small and medium-sized businesses. In particular it focuses on helping these businesses to acquire the funds they need to remain in business. That may be achieved through capital restructuring. Or the business may need to seek investment or new debt financing.

Madison Street Capital have offices in Asia and Africa, and their headquarters is in Chicago. They advise clients on how to buy out or merge with other businesses or how to be bought up by another business. They also help clients through bankruptcy or valuing goodwill and other intangible balance sheet assets.

Morrison Takes on Corruption in Finance

Helane Morrison, serves on the subcommittee of the American Bar Association. With over a decade of experience in hedge fund management, she is currently dedicated to make investments more transparent for Hall Capital Management clients. She has surrounded herself with an expert team of committed legal professionals to assist her in this agenda. After the 2008 financial crisis, it is easy to understand why investment anxiety is prevalent in these times. It takes confidence in markets for economies to get going again, and this is a driving motivation for Morrison. 

Morrison’s dedication to financial transparency led her to work with investigators to unearth some very massive deceipt within hedge fund management. False security sales to 50,000 military personnel by the insurance company American Amicable was one of the most well known cases that gave Morrison a reputation for taking a hard line with corruption. She was also able to target corrupt auditors working within renowned firms such as Ernst and Young. White collar crimes such as alteration and tampering with documents routinely took place despite the knowledge of this to be a crimimal act. 

These cases, paired with her concern over rampant fraud against senior citizens has made Morrison a champion for fair investment strategies. In seeking to promote protection for senior citizens, Morrison has hoped that older individuals will feel more confident to invest what are often considerable assets. It is after all, older investors who have had more time and resources to build up a valuable portfolio, but less energy to keep up with all their accounts. Most of this abuse occurs with online trading sites that have developed hairline illegal tactice to take advantage of inexperienced investors. 

Although Helane seems selflessly dedicated to lessening fraud and abuse within hedge fund and other financial management systems, she possesses the work life balance needed to stay away from extremity in her professional life. This is partially on the encouragement of Hall Capital. It recognizes the accomplishment’s of its employees, understanding that they often work on high profile and complex projects. Morrison is no different. She manages to sit on the board of many prominent organizations. Brooklyn bred, she has obtained a B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University in addition to a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law. Morrison’s talents will hopefully inspire more financial professionals to become advocates for transparency within the financial sector.

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Unfolding the DeVos Philanthropy

DeVos is amongst the richest of all the clans in Michigan, its huge accounts matched only by its giant-sized charity. Richard heads the family and is probably the one who carved a path of philanthropy for himself and his children. Giving away about 50 million US dollars for the establishment of a hospital for children is just one of the many examples that Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have set together. 

The couple is also famous for their generous funding of the schools, especially those which sport a religious edge. A charity organization, which they named after themselves, is operated privately by the couple and has made quite a name for itself by funding institutions like Potter’s House and the academy of Aviation in the region, one of the very few institutions that refuse to charge tuition from their students.

Dick DeVos, the proud son of the proud father, also holds great interest in charity works, operating a similar charity organization with his wife. Currently holding the seat of President at the company of Amway, Dick DeVos began his career at the very same company, holding a degree from Northwood and attempting, although without success, to live up to Harvard. The hitch, however, seemed not to have affected him, for Dick still managed to conduct business successfully, escalating him to his present astounding worth of about 5 billion US dollars. Click here for a complete biography of Dick DeVos. 
One of the greatest things that I find about the family of DeVos is that every single person has had separate influential contributions. Betsy (wife of Dick DeVos), for instance, has her own history of political influence in the circle of Republicans. Dick DeVos, probably influenced by his wife’s ambitions and for the love of Michigan that matches none, stood up in the Michigan elections, hoping to win the post of governor. He, however, did not succeed in this regard. 

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

Another very different and yet highly respectable aspect of DeVos is that no member of the family announces his or her works to the world. The charity goes mild on the media and the family does not make an effort to advertise the good things they do. This only speaks out for the honesty of the clan and that the ideology behind all they do is simply love. 
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Doe Deere Breaks the Rules and Wins

Doe Deere is someone that loves to break the rules. She has made a name for herself as a person that knows how to elevate her brand, Lime Crime, by actually going against this grain. This is unorthodox, but in the makeup industry it really works to her advantage to stand out as the rebel. The reality is that consumers like what Doe Deere represents. She is the person that people look to when they are interested in finding some lip gloss, eye liner or makeup that is unlike what everyone else is wearing. Doe Deere has always been unique and she has clearly presented herself as the lightning rod for controversy that women love to follow on social media.

She isn’t using any high profile celebrity names, but she still manages to give the bigger companies a real run for the money as a small company with an increasingly large customer base. Lime Crime is certainly becoming an organization that is worthy of attention, and many females are spreading the word about it.

If there was a cosmetics bible it would be safe to say that Doe Deere has never read it. She doesn’t have any celebrity endorsements. She hasn’t done much advertising in print media, and this is where a large majority of the big companies advertise. Doe Deere has also failed to present commercials, and this is another method of marketing that has become an essential part of the equation.

With Doe Deere she chose to put her time into marketing indirectly through social media. She didn’t follow the cosmetics handbook, but she realized that she didn’t have to. Doe Deere was breaking the rules, and she realized that this would be the only thing that would actually work in her favor. She wasn’t traditionalist so she could not take the tradition route in this journey and survive. Doe Deere was mindful of the fact that she was a loner in an industry that has been dominated by the same few companies for decades.

It is possible that her Unicorn makeup was audacious enough to inspire more people to go against the grain with their makeup choices. It is very possible that she was able to look out at the new line of makeup products and develop something that would stand out from the competition. That is what has allowed her unique brands of lipstick to sell well. The names are unique, and there colors are bright and totally unpredictable. She is breaking the rules, but her fans are loving it.

There is one other rule that Doe Deere breaks, and this seems to be the thing that has nourished her success the most: she is marketing her own makeup. For so many years the CEO for cosmetic companies have led from the background. No one saw them. No one knew them, and consumers definitely did not see these corporate leaders trying on their makeup products. Doe Deere, however, connects with customers.

Fashion Rules to Break

Fashion has always been a fickle thing. It is, after all, a language that is influenced by human perception and opinion. In such and industry there are rules, but the rules can be easily broken, as made evident by Doe Deere.
1. Don’t Wear a Bold Eye with a Bold Lip
One of the bigger fashion rules, this prohibits the use of color on multiple areas of your face. Doe believes that utilizing all of your options not only makes your face stand out, it makes things a lot more fun and the entire set more appealing. That is, after all, the point of fashion.
2. Don’t Mix to Many Colors
Usually, color is limited in outfits. Things must match and follow a specific pattern to look classy and put together. But my utilizing multiple, bright colors one can stand out further. When combined with bright make-up and eyeliner, the most beautiful combinations and look can be achieved.
3. Don’t Mix Too Many Patterns
Patterns can be as tricky as colors, almost more so. Things tend to blend together is one pattern in followed, and by breaking free of this mindset, one can set themselves further apart from their competition.
4. Don’t Wear Sock with Open Toed Shoes
This is a classic, but one rule that is also easily broken. In fact, Doe makes it look easy. A bold pair of socks is a statement by itself, but what’s even better is the ability to save the summer heels for winter by combining them with bold socks.
5. Don’t Wear Black/Neutrals with Unnaturally Colored Hair
This one is just ridiculous. The neutrals make the color pop, and there is no need to limit yourself according to hair color. Wear and rack it, it’s not hard to do.
6. You Have to Dress Your Age
Again, nothing that should be expressly followed to the letter. Feeling like a princess? Dress like one. Fashion is reflective of you and who you are. Let your true self out!
7. You Have to Stick With Occasion Specific Dressing
According to Deere: “Clothes are made to be enjoyed.” It does not matter what the event or time. If you feel like wearing it, wear it. It belongs to you. Who cares what people think as long as you look good and feel good, that is all that matters.

Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime crime. She created the brand and has encouraged a unique philosophy of fashion through it. Her notions are reshaping the fitness industry and encouraging girls of all ages to express themselves and celebrate their unique individuality.
Doe is proud to be different and impressively unique. She is stunningly beautiful and her “unicorn” followers are sending a simple but clear message: express yourself. Be who you want to be and show that by what you wear. No one should ever be able to tell you how to dress.

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Premium Dog Food: Gourmet Pet Entrees Are Growing In Popularity

In the Freshpet factory, Richard Thompson slices into a piece of Chunky Chicken and Turkey that has just come off the assembly line. Thompson is the CEO of a small company that produces gourmet dog food. He is obsessive when it comes to delivering quality products to consumers. Only the freshest ingredients are used, and the food is without preservatives, which makes it especially appealing to pet owners.

The manufacturing chief of the company, Michael Hieger, also picks up a slice of the dog food and eats it–proving just how delicious the entree actually is. Hieger claims that the chicken and turkey combination has a taste that reminds him of Thanksgiving.

Freshpet, Inc. is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and at present, is the only company that produces refrigerated pet food. Freshpet is one of the fastest-growing companies in the $23.7 billion pet food industry. Other companies, like Purinastore, are also offering lines of dog food that focus on natural ingredients that are especially healthy for dogs. For example, Beneful from Purina has wet and dry dog foods that are ideal for helping boost the energy level of dogs and give them shiny coats. Beneful also offers snacks in flavors that dogs love, like bacon, beef and peanut butter.

Beneful, as well as other companies like Blue Buffalo and Freshpet, have been combining quality meats such as salmon and lamb into their dog food for quite some time. Now, traditional pet food manufacturers are stepping up their efforts in order to compete with natural companies that are striving to make pets healthier. For instance, Colgate-Palmolive has a dog food that is designed for pet weight loss. Purina even has a website that allows customers to customize the ingredients in their pet’s food.

The overall goal, for pet food manufacturers and pet owners, is to provide food that is completely beneficial for dogs. Since many pet owners are trying to eat better themselves, they want to extend healthy offering to their pets as well, and dog food companies are certainly getting the message.