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One OF The Best Plastic Surgeons In Texas Dr. Jennifer Walden

Many people are having Cosmetic Surgery done to themselves these days. From face lifts to nose jobs and other procedures to alter ones appearance in a positive way. Today it is now popular and acceptable to have these procedures done. There is an exceptional Plastic Surgery Doctor located in the State Of Texas. Her name is Dr. Jennifer Walden. The American Board Of Plastic Surgery has certified this doctor. She is trained in the field of Cosmetic Surgery. She once also practiced outside the State Of Texas in New York City.

Dr. Jenifer Walden has membership in the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Also she has membership in the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons, and the American College Of Surgeons. The doctor is also on the Board Of Directors of the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She has been recognized as one of the State Of Texas Super Doctors in that state.

There are two main branches of Plastic Surgery. One is called Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, and the other is called Cosmetic Surgery. Cosmetic Surgery is like wearing cosmetics. Cosmetics, skin creams, moisturizers, facial creams, and make up are all cosmetics used to improve the appearance of a person. Cosmetic Surgery is the same type of thing. It improves a persons appearance in some way. If a person happens to not like the shape of their nose, today’s Cosmetic Surgeons are able to alter that, so that the person becomes more satisfied with their appearance. A person might have a double chin or scars on their skin that they don’t want to be as noticeable. Issues as these can be solved by Cosmetic Surgery.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is also many times simply referred to as Reconstructive Surgery. Reconstructive Surgery is used to improve a persons functionality after an accident or an illness. Cosmetic Surgery is looked upon as elective surgery or non essential surgery. Reconstructive Surgery is looked upon as being essential surgery. A surgery that a person really needs to function normally. If a person is looking for an exceptional Plastic Surgeon in the State of Texas, be sure to look up Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Dr. Sergio Cortes, Expert on Zika Virus

Dr. Sergio Cortes, a specialist about the Zika virus, talked on his website sergoicortesoficial about the virus and has helped bring to light what this virus is and how to avoid the virus. The Zika virus was first noted some 40 years ago on the continent of Africa. Over the next couple of decades, the virus traveled through parts of Asia. Recently, the Zika virus appeared in Latin America. The Zika virus is carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The first case of Zika appeared in Brazil in April of 2015. The virus has spread quickly and caused great concern among the medical professionals. If the disease is detected quickly and early enough, it can be controlled easily. One thing that has medical experts worried is the link between Zika and microcephaly and Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Guillain-Barre Syndrome is a neurological disease with an autoimmune origin which can be linked to the Zika virus.

Dr. Sergio Cortes spoke about several issues and concerns about the Zika virus to help reassure the general public. These issues include Transmission, Symptoms and Diagnosis, Treatment, Recommendations for Pregnant Women, and Prevention. Transmission of this virus is by mosquito. These mosquito lays eggs in good clean water but has adapted to other types if needed. This disease is not contagious. You must be bitten by the mosquito. The person bitten by an infected mosquito is then infected. If a mosquito isn’t carrying the virus, they may bite a person who has been infected by another mosquito and then become infected as well starting a non ending chain.

The symptoms that are most common include fever, muscle pain, and a skin rash. Symptoms are not very aggressive and usually only last a week at the most. Diagnosis is only done by an examination. There are no tests to identify the virus. Treatment is geared to the symptoms so the infected person has some relief. There is not cure for the Zika virus. Doctors treat the symptoms. Symptoms may vary from person to person. Doctors may prescribe an anti-inflammatory or an analgesic remedy. Pregnant women or women planning on becoming pregnant should take precautions to not be bitten by insects. Plan on staying indoors during the worse time insects are known to bite. Use clothing that covers most of the body to avoid bites. Use repellents and even use mosquito netting at night to avoid being bitten while you are asleep.

For more information from Dr. Sergio Cortes and this article go to Dr. Cortes blog or website. You can also follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Wikipedia Articles For All

There are a lot of options for creating a Wiki page for a business you may be running. This starts with finding the right person to create the page for you. 

There is a group of science students learning the facts of different items of science. They are creating Wiki pages in order to pass the class instead of worrying about getting papers or other common college learning ideas. Now they can create these pages and give the Science community a chance to have real pages with students that have done the research required to make them accurate. 

The same thing could be said about Wikipedia business page creation. The person writing the page has to know about what the business is about and some other factual information. This way they can create a page that is accurate and that is going to get you the business you need from one of the top pages that come up on any search. Wiki pages are an important part of your plan to be on the web and to get more business than most other ways you may want to look at it. You should hire Wiki experts who can use their talents to make your page shine.  Visit the Wikipedia writing service Get Your Wiki and see what their talented Wiki writers can do for you here >>

Creating a Wikipedia page is hard and can be very time consuming if you don’t look at things and have it figured out before you start. This is why getting someone else to do it is probably going to be a better option for most businesses. You can take time doing other things you business needs instead of researching and creating a Wikipedia page that you aren’t even sure you know how to make. Take your time and get it right the first time so you can be happy with the page you get.

George Soros Sees A Crisis As Worse As That Of 2008.

Currently, the Euro is facing many structural defects that are badly affecting the European economy. The major problem is that European authorities always put in place measures that instead of dealing with the crisis it pushes away, thus, time and again the problems always tend to come back again. This vicious circle never ends and always look like they are moving from one crisis to another. In the business economics circle, this practice is known as kicking the bucket down hill.
Europe knows as nearly six crisis to battle with the latest being the world crisis brought by the economic shifts in China. Apart from that, the Euro is under fire, especially now that Britain is trying to pull out of the European Union through a referendum. The economy of Greece has already fail, and the union was forced to right off its debts and in addition, donate money to save the country. With two members of the union unstable, the union is not strong enough. The number of illegal immigrants crossing over to Europe is also increasing day in day out, and they are stretching out the unions resources. Another problem is internal conflicts, as in the case of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. These crises seem to compliment one another to try and bring down the economy of Europe.

China seems to be a thorn to the world economy at the moment. The shift of its economic growth model has by far many uncontrollable impacts on other economies in the world. Europe is not the only one suffering from this; many third world countries are on the facing a rise in their interest rates due to Chinas move. Even China itself is suffering, the yuan is devaluing every day as time passes. Asian stocks exchange markets were forced to close down trade in Chinese stocks for a day in the first week of the year. By the next day, a total of $2.5 trillion had been lost from the market due to this closure. American stock markets are also caught in the web of the global crisis brought by China. Prices of Chinese stocks in the American market is unstable transferring the same effect to other stocks in the market.

If the European Union wants to avoid being swept away in Chinas wave of economic crisis, it has to come up with proper strategies to solve the internal crises first. They need to start by solving the crisis that poses a bigger threat if left not tackled for long. By order of priorities, Ukraine problems should be dealt with first, as this will give the European Union a united front in dealing with other crisis making it easier.
George Soros was offering this insightfrom Bloomberg  during the economic forum held in Sri Lanka in January. George Soros was relating the current economic Cris to the economic crisis of 2008.


Where Did The Waterbed Go?

Waterbeds Were So Cool had a story on the disappearance of the waterbed. Everybody loved waterbeds. These beds were so cool. Adults liked them and kids liked them too. The 1980s were filled with the sales of waterbeds. The waterbed mattress sales had reached their peak in sales in the latter part of the ’80s.

The Waterbed Lost Its Steam
What actually happened to the cool waterbed that was once so loved? It was sudden when the waterbed lost its appeal and “cool.” The entire waterbed industry faded and dried up. There are very few waterbeds being sold in the 1990s. Most home furnishing retailers do not even sell the waterbed now. It has been several years since a waterbed deal has been closed for Jon Urbana and the few other retailers that will sell them. Where did the waterbed go?

The Waterbed Was A Status Symbol in The 1980s
The waterbed was an item that people were so eager to try. Sex was a good selling point for the waterbed. There were some grand claims that were made about the waterbed. It was said to be a simple waterbed craze that proved to be a new and exciting spin on the common and boring bed. The waterbed mania swept through the nation and the high maintenance bed swept down to a very small scale within the market.