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Break Fashion Rules With Help From Doe Deere

Fashion is about many things. Some people think that fashion is about being yourself while others love the idea of fashion as a great art form. Most people agree that rules are fashion are rules that we can all use to best advantage. While one person may find that breaking fashion rules allows them to be able to decide on the kind of clothing they want to wear each day, another person may aim for fashion rules that are their for a specific and special occasion. All those who are interested in the subject will want to find a mentor they can copy.

One such fashion mentor that many people have come to admire over the years is fashionista Doe Deere. Deere is someone who knows fashion well and loves it very much. She has chosen to make fashion her entire life’s work. In doing so, she has helped inspire others to do the same and follow in her footsteps. Deere understands that clothing has power and that this power can be used effectively. In a recent interview for Bustle Magazine, Deere shares her secrets to an ideal fashion look with readers of the magazine and her fans. In the interview, she talks about her own personal fashion rules and how she likes to break prior rules that have been set up over time by others. Her own knowledge of fashion is quite vast. She draws on this understanding to talk about her own sense of style in the article.

For example, she points out that rules such as never mixing patterns need not be a hindrance for someone who loves such patterns. The same is true to her for someone who loves to work with all kinds of colors. Just because the rules say not to mix multiple kinds of colors does not mean that anyone should follow rules. One should not let their love of color dictate such rules. Many people have discovered that Deere is right to suggest and that that doing so can help them feel free and elegant at the same time.

Deere started her own cosmetics company, Lime Crime, because she loves such vibrant colors. She knows that the use of such colors is an ideal way to help anyone have makeup that is fun. Her company was founded after she began experimenting with all kinds of makeup and bright colors for own look.

Since that time, her company has gone to do well in the market. She has used her own insights to garner a base of fans who seek to follow in her fashion wake and find the best way to use color to help them get a look they want. Her advice helps bring people to her site who want to be able to demonstrate their own love of color and their own sense of play in everything they wear. She knows that her customers look for inspiration to express their own inner creativity and their own personal true style sense.

Beneful: The Real Gourmet Dog Food According To Dogs

As I read about the many new brands of new gourmet dog food, I decided to do some research on the subject, especially after I read that premium dog food account for half of all the dog food sold. Turns out, there’s no criteria for calling a dog food product gourmet or premium. While some new brands have blends that sound impressive, such as Game Bird, which makes pet owners think of pheasant, the only thing that premium dog food manufacturers must do for FDA compliance is to label the ingredients correctly, therefore, the only way to know if a dog food product is really premium is to read the list of ingredients. Because I care about feeding my dogs food with nutritious ingredients, I choose Purina Beneful. Many of the new brands recently in the news also have high quality mixtures, however, my dogs believe Beneful is gourmet. I can tell because they prefer Beneful to any other brand that I have tried, including premium and store brands. Gourmet is an ambiguous term anyway, what I believe is gourmet food may not taste like gourmet food to another person. It’s the same with dry dog food; manufacturers can label any product as a gourmet blend as long as they accurately list the ingredients. I feed my dogs Beneful Originals with real chicken. Surprisingly, chicken flavor Beneful Originals contains avocado, nevertheless, my pooches love it. It’s nutritionally complete for all stages of a dog’s life; my veterinarian told me that feeding my dogs based on their age is more important than worrying about whether the food was a premium blend. She also said to buy dog food manufactured in the United States, so Beneful Originals meets all of her criteria. I would recommend Beneful dry dog food to any dog owner; two of my dogs are twelve years old, and after eating Beneful for many years, there are still healthy and acting like mischievous puppies at times.

Making Makeup with Doe Deere

When you look at all the brands of makeup out in the stores it can be very overwhelming. Famous names popping up as the face of the brand or the names of celebrities as the brand. So when you think of going out there and starting up your own line of cosmetics it’s probably not what your financial planner would call a good investment. However, sometimes there is that one name and that one face that steps out from the darkness and lights up a room. Now meet Doe Deere, with her cosmetic line “Lime Crime” a huge contender in the field.

Doe started her business in 2008 with her amazing belief that color needed to be brought to the masses, and the masses would respond. She was right. Using the internet to it’s fullest potential Doe started her line ‘Lime Crime” using her favorite color and her extensive imagination. She works hand in hand with a chemist when creating her products and makes sure to test all of the new products on herself first. A strong belief in that all of her products should inspire her and move her show we are dealing with an artist and visionary.

One of the most admirable stances of Doe Deere is her belief in throwing out the rules society has imposed on women and their makeup and fashion choices. She has even referred to her customers and followers as unicorns and she herself is referred to as “Queen Unicorn“. Together with her unicorns she is changing those rules. There are color rules we’ve all heard, like don’t wear more than one pattern, don’t mix too many colors. Look at some of Doe’s outfits and you’ll see that not only does she manage to break those rules, but she manages to do it with feminine and classic results.

As for the makeup, the rules of not accentuating more than one part of your face with makeup, or what colors to wear with what hair color are out the window in the Queen Unicorn’s world. It’s all about finding what makes you feel good, what moves you. When you look in the mirror you have to feel as if you are being authentic.

Doe Deere is not your everyday CEO, she rules her life with her creative spirit. She shares her visions with her customers and is constantly trailing the way for new colors and new ways of expression through makeup.

Jon Urbana’s Official Blog Leaves Many Impressions

Jon Urbana is incredibly prolific when it comes to managing his official blog. Perhaps it is the competitive spirit that carried him through his lacrosse career contributes to his blogging success. Jon Urbana’s Official Blog delves into topics that are not limited to sports or entrepreneurism. Anyone who has not checked out his CrunchBase profile really should. A lot of interesting material appears on the site.

Urbana loves to post photo art and the brilliance is frequently found in the simplicity. “Fresh Yellow Lemons On Wood Table” is artwork that is appropriately titled. Sliced lemons sit in the foreground of the photo and on top of a dark wood table. The way the image is framed keeps things from being boring.

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Urbana’s Vimeo channel is a solid resource for artistic videos. A very short video (five seconds) entitled “Interplanetary & The Void. by Gab Ferneiné” is featured. The video is science-fiction themed and embodies quite a bit of surrealism. Viewers who look at his LinkedIn resume will recognize characters from pop culture, but the images disappear via melting in true surrealist fashion.

The photo image of “Indian Spices” is a lot more down-to-earth. The spices are ones used in cooking and they are laid out in such a way the photo rises to an appealing level of Jon’s artistry that even caught Bloomberg’s attention when they wrote a long bio piece on Urbana and the work he does for Earth Force while he runs a lacrosse camp every summer. Hanging a picture like this in a kitchen would truly enhance the style and décor a great deal, and folks at Yahoo Answers all seem to think so too.

Going back to videos, “Washing Station” is an upbeat and inspiring short film of someone watching a very friendly dog. Urbana said he drew inspiration for this from his lacrosse playing days with the Villanova team that almost made the NCAA finals. The dog has a look on its face that is a bit sad but, once the washing session is over, the canine’s disposition changes for the better. Anyone who has a love for pets is going to really enjoy watching this brief (less than one minute) video.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

If Jon Urbana’s blog leaves readers with one thing it will be the pangs of hunger. The photo “Fresh tomatoes with basil leaves in a bowl” definitely is capable of making people want to eat. The bowl of fresh, healthy tomatoes is mouth-watering. The meal is a really healthy one as well.

Stephen Murray And His Business With CCMP Capital

As a global private equity firm, CCMP capital on wall street is able to be one of the biggest entities within the private sector. They are a company that is committed to many different ventures, but they have four main sectors that are able to provide their services to people.

Chemical ventures is the portion of the company that is dedicated to different chemical avenues. The chemical ventures that are done by the company are mainly focused on large private companies, but there are some parts of the company that also work with smaller-size government abilities within the chemical sector. As with each sector of CCMP capital, chemical ventures is handled by a different lead. Each project has experts that sit on the board of the project and people who are responsible for taking care of each part of the sectors of CCMP capital.

Stephen Murray is the former president and CEO of CCMP capital. He has worked with the company for many years and made great changes in the way that the company is able to function within each of the sectors. He works to make sure that everyone in the company feels like they are a part of something and that the company’s sectors are all playing an important role in the development of the equity firm. He ensures that all sectors of the company work well together and that they are all able to provide the success that is needed for the company to be able to thrive.

Among the other parts of the company, there are manufacturers and Chase Capital. J.P. Morgan used to be a major player in the company but has now branched off to do its own business. The company has begun focusing on the Chase Capital portion of the equity firm. The company has worked to be able to cultivate this sector and has made it a major brand within its own entities. It has worked to make it the best part of the company instead of focusing its efforts on the Morgan part of the company.

The partners that are involved with the company are business partners. Stephen Murray has worked with many people over the years and has guaranteed that these people will be able to have a piece of the pie when it comes to the way that the Stephen Murray CCMP capital company works. These partners not only play a significant financial role, but Murray ensured they would have a say in what went on with the company. The company has allowed the partners to thrive within the company and with their own business ventures outside of the CCMP model. This is one of the ways that the company hopes to work with others in the future.